Georgia lawmaker compares women to cows and pigs

There’s gotta be something in the water, or the red dirt or some other anomaly that make some of  these “southern gentlemen” say the most batsh*t crazy things!

The Raw Story

Republican Georgia state Rep. Terry England says that his experience with cows, pigs and chickens has proven to him that women should be forced to have their babies after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

In a debate over Georgia House Bill 954, which would ban abortions after 20 weeks even if the baby is not expected to live, England recalled the time he had spent with livestock.

“Life gives us many experiences,” he explained. “I’ve had the experience of delivering calves, dead and alive — delivering pigs, dead and alive. … It breaks our hearts to see those animals not make it.”

England continued: “You know a few years ago, I had a man come to me in our store, it was when we were debating, talking about dog and hog hunting, I believe, and at that point there was some language inserted in there that dealt with chicken fighting. And the young man called me to the side and he said, ‘I want to tell you one thing.’ And y’all, this is salt of the Earth people I’m talking about, someone I would have never in a hundred years expected to tell me what he told me that day.”

“He said, ‘Mr. Terry, I want to tell you something. You tell those folks down there when they quit killing babies, they can have every chicken I’ve got.’”

House Bill 954 easily passed last week by a vote of 102-65.

Opponents have said that the so-called “fetal pain” bill would force women to carry stillborn fetuses or to have a Cesarean delivery. Doctors could also face 10 years in prison if they are involved in illegal abortions.

Watch this video from the Georgia State Assembly, uploaded March 6, 2012.

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Fischer: Women are Emotionally Unfit for Combat

Does anyone else see what I see regarding the GOP?  They are increasingly going batcrap insane.  Here’s another example of their extreme sexist (anti-woman) point of view:

Right Wing Watch

Last week, Rick Santorum explained that he was opposed to any plans by the Pentagon to place women in combat positions, asserting that the “types of emotions that are involved” would compromise combat effectiveness.

Santorum quickly “clarified,” saying that he didn’t mean that women were emotionally unsuited for serving in combat but rather that male soldiers would be protective of female soldiers and inclined to compromise the mission in order to defend them.

Not surprisingly, Bryan Fischer agrees with Santorum … and is even willing to defend the view that Santorum himself rejected: that women are inherently emotionally unfit for combat:

But not only are women emotionally unfit for combat but also physically unfit because, as Fischer explained in his column today, “the average female soldier does not even have the arm strength to throw a grenade far enough to keep herself from getting blown up.”

Jon Stewart’s Epic Takedown Of Fox News For Pushing Rapper Common’s W.H. ‘Controversy’

Jon Stewart is on top of his game with this one!


On tonight’s Daily Show, Jon Stewart took an artistic approach to dealing with Fox News’ substantial coverage of the controversy (or “controversy,” depending where you’re sitting) surrounding the White House’s inclusion of rapper and actor Common in a poetry event.

Stewart kicked things off by noting that Common is the cuddly, mainstream sort of rapper you might find in a Gap ad or hanging out with Elmo. Even loves the guy! Stewart went after Fox News hosts like Sean Hannity for going after one particular verse within Common’s body of work which references a couple of cop killings and burning a “Bush.”

Stewart pointed to the hypocrisy of Fox News pundits going after Common, but not artists like Johnny Cash, who was honored by President George W. Bush and who also has penned a violent lyric or two in his day, and Ted Nugent, who has made violent remarks about Obama and Hillary Clinton, yet is considered a “friend” by Hannity. (Our own Tommy Christopher wrote about the whole “Nugent Thing” earlier today, as a matter of fact.)

And then… there’s Stewart’s rap. Nothing we could write here could adequately describe its scope and rhyminess, so watch it for yourself, via Comedy Central:

“Not Bad for a Kenyan Muslim Communist!”

You know, the more I look at the right-wing talking points about President Obama’s role in killing Osama bin Laden, the more I realize that nothing Barack Obama does will make them acknowledge that he is in fact a good president.   They would rather give former President George W. Bush full credit than to even utter President Obama’s name.

On Thursday, the president will go to Ground Zero in New York City to meet with family members of the 9/11 victims.  Obama invited President Bush, but he declined.   I would imagine his refusing to go with Obama is not good publicity for the GOP contenders and clearly a political deceision.

Mother Jones

After nearly two years of relentlessly bashing President Obama, the tea party movement has been strangely quiet in the wake of the killing of Osama bin Laden. It seems that Obama’s powerful show of military force has done what none of his other policy moves have been able to do, which is shut them up, however briefly. And not only are they not taking to the airwaves to bash him, some are even grudgingly admitting respect for his administration’s success.

Robin Stublen, a tea party organizer in Florida who’s no fan of Obama’s, says, “I think it’s wonderful. He did exactly what a president’s supposed to do.”

Stublen says that many of his fellow activists feel the same way, and that most of the chatter he’s hearing from grassroots conservatives is pretty positive. “We realize a bad guy’s been killed,” he says. The nearly overnight change in the tea party’s focus was apparent Sunday night at the White House, where spontaneous celebrations broke out after the news of Bin Laden’s death spread. Among the many Obama campaign signs were enough Gadsden flags to give the celebration the look of a tea party rally.

Kellen Giuda is the founder of the NYC Tea Party and is already working to help defeat Obama in 2012 through a new PAC. Yet he was among the tea partiers at the White House, cheering the death of Bin Laden. He later posted online photos and video of the scene, which included the “Don’t Tread on Me” flags so ubiquitous at tea party rallies. He wrote:

Last night I, my girlfriend and a friend went down to the White House to celebrate the death of Osama Bin Laden. Being a Tea Party organizer I was happy to see some Gadsden flags and didn’t care at all when I saw some Obama campaign posters. 98% of the celebration was non-partisan and it was wonderful.

It was crazy with people climbing light poles, songs (someone brought a drum set), singing our national anthem, people climbing in all the trees right outside the White House, chants of USA, USA, USA, and just a great celebration with Americans for justice and freedom.

Even the cantankerous Judson Phillips, head of Tea Party Nation, was briefly forced to acknowledge that the Obama administration had sent Bin Laden “to Hell.” Even so, like other tea partiers, he was reluctant to give Obama much credit for the kill, writing:

Obama is taking credit for this. He did give the order. Did he really have a choice? If word leaked out that he had solid intelligence on where Bin Laden was and did not act, it would have killed any chance he had at reelection.

For much of Monday morning, there was serious radio silence from one of the most outspoken tea party groups even as the Internet was ablaze with the news about Bin Laden. The website for Tea Party Patriots, one of the largest tea party umbrella groups in the country, was still focused on the debt ceiling and $4 gasoline. Eventually, national coordinator Mark Meckler commented on the big news, telling National Journal that Obama didn’t deserve any recognition for the military operation in Pakistan. “Taking such credit would be an insult to the courageous men and women in our armed forces who voluntarily put themselves in harm’s way,” he said. “Any credit given is due to them.”

But more the more common sentiment was expressed by a commenter on the Tea Party Patriots website who wrote, “Obamma [sic] killed Osama bin Laden – pretty good for a Kenyan Muslim Communist!!!”

Still, as the euphoria over the initial news wears off, the tea partiers will no doubt find more reasons to be critical of the administration. Within hours of the late-night news, some of them were already starting the cries of “show me the body,” after learning that bin Laden’s body had been buried at sea—a sentiment fueled by Andrew Breitbart.

Stublen thinks this bit of conspiracy theorism about Bin Laden is on the margins of the movement. “You’ll have to really look to find some loons to find someone” who really disagrees with what Obama did or doesn’t believe it really happened, he says. Stublen recognizes, though, that “pitching his ass out there in the ocean” is going to create some lingering suspicions about whether Bin Laden is really dead that it could be a problem going forward. “I hope they got a lot of pictures. That’s the only way we’re going to convince people,” Stublen says. “They’re going to have to release the pictures.”

Quran-Burning Pastor’s Gun Accidentally Goes Off In Michigan

More crazy from the crazies…

TPM Muckraker

Just when you thought the sad saga of Quran-burning Florida pastor Terry Jones couldn’t get more absurd…

According to Southfield, Michigan police, Jones’ .40-caliber handgun fired accidentally as he was leaving a television studio there on Thursday night. This is presumably the same handgun he said he intended to bring to his planned anti-sharia law protest in Dearborn, Michigan on Friday, though he’s said he’s come to Dearborn “totally in peace.”

Police told The Detroit Free Press that Jones was getting into the passenger side of his car at 11:10 p.m. Thursday night, after an interview at the TV station, when the gun went off, putting a bullet into the floorboard.

“Officers heard a gunshot, approached the vehicle, asked Mr. Jones if he was OK,” Southfield Police Lt. Nick Loussia said. “He was, and they also observed he had a gun in his hand.”

Loussia said both Jones and his driver were carrying valid Florida concealed weapon licenses, and officers determined a crime had not been committed.

Jones is in Michigan to protest in front of, or near, Dearborn’s Islamic Center of America, and the community has been wrestling with free speech and public safety issues in anticipation of Jones’ actions.

“So, you are coming to protest against an imaginary threat that doesn’t exist in our community,” Jack O’Reilly Jr., the mayor of Dearborn, wrote to Jones in an open letter.

Michael Medved Calls Out Palin, Limbaugh For Alleging Obama Tries To Weaken U.S.


In today’s Wall Street Journal, conservative commentator Michael Medved goes after Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, and other conservatives for deploying exaggerated rhetoric and “distasteful” criticism of President Obama, which Medved finds to be “destructive to the conservative cause.” However, what surprisingly seems lost on Medved is that when Limbaugh and Palin truly believe Obama’s policies will harm the country, their vocal distrust of Obama’s motives hardly destroys the conservative movement, it invigorates it.

Medved argues:

“Regardless of the questionable pop psychology of this analysis, as a political strategy it qualifies as almost perfectly imbecilic. Republicans already face a formidable challenge in convincing a closely divided electorate that the president pursues wrong-headed policies. They will never succeed in arguing that those initiatives have been cunningly and purposefully designed to wound the republic.”

Yet conservative critics of Obama are sincerely concerned with the future of the country, rather than what might be the best political strategy. When Obama gave speeches abroad that millions of Americans thought downplayed American exceptionalism or when he continues to speak domestically of the need for universal healthcare and other government programs to promote a more fair and just society, these are just some of the positions that Limbaugh, Palin and others truly do believe will weaken America’s image abroad and greatness at home as a self-reliant society. Therefore, when Limbaugh and Palin loudly voice the concerns of many Americans who believe policies alternate to what Obama promotes will strengthen America, then why exactly would Medved advocate their silence, or even any restraint, on the issue?    More here…

The Myth of Obama’s Big Spending


The Daily Beast

Obama has slashed one tax dollar for every dollar he’s spent on government programs.

Does the president really suffer from what House Speaker John Boehner calls a “spending illness”? Not according to an exclusive Newsweek-Daily Beast estimate of his outlays on new legislation since taking office.

• The Newsweek Daily Beast team found that President Obama “spent” $21 billion more on GOP-friendly tax cuts than on government programs.
• He’s laid out $884 billion for six major, immediate spending increases that aren’t offset elsewhere in the budget, from the stimulus package to Cash for Clunkers.
• But he’s made $905 billion in tax cuts, including the Bush tax-cut extension in December.
• His health-care reform will tilt his spending vs. tax-cutting equilibrium toward the former in future years.

Nothing unites Republicans quite like the unshakable belief that Barack Obama has become the Carrie Bradshaw of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, unable to stop himself from frittering away ridiculous sums of money on frivolous things. But what Republicans never mention when railing against Obama’s alleged fiscal recklessness is how much money he has spent, and what exactly he’s spent it on.

To rectify the situation, Newsweek and The Daily Beast have come up with an exclusive estimate of the amount the president has spent on new legislation since taking office in January 2009. This isn’t the sum total of all government outlays; that number would include spending on mandatory entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare, which no president can control, as well as spending on income-support programs such as food stamps and Medicaid, which automatically increases as citizens get poorer (i.e., during a recession). Instead, we focused on the times when Obama decided to spend money that wouldn’t have been spent if the government had simply been humming along on autopilot.    


Rush Limbaugh Thinks Obama Is “An Increasingly Lawless President”

It just amazes me how Limbaugh and his ilk twist words around so that their very gullible listeners hear what they want to hear and that is, that Barack Obama is an other (not like them), or a crook, or a usurper.

Now Limbaugh actually goes on to tell his listeners that because of the high court ruling in Florida on the Affordable Health Care Act, which stated in part that because the individual mandate is unconstitutional, and because the entire act rests upon individual mandates, the result is that the entire Act is unconstitutional.

When I last read the constitution, I recall that everyone including the Obama administration had a right to “due process”.  In other words, if you disagree with a lower court’s decision, you then appeal the decision to a higher court.  In this instance, that court would be the United States Supreme Court.

Limbaugh tells his listeners,  in part:

“So, is Obama going to uphold the law and comply with the Constitution or not? Whatever a court does down the road is beside the point. The ruling of the day is the law is unconstitutional. It has been voided. The regime must legally deal with this. And, if they ask for a stay, then they are acknowledging the ruling and admitting that they understand it. It doesn’t matter that it might be overturned later. The law of the land is that it’s unconstitutional…”

It’s ironic how he says nothing about “due process”.   These people are simply outrageous…


We are in an “extremely serious constitutional crisis” according to Rush Limbaugh. With yesterday’s ruling by a federal court in Florida that the entire Health Care law should be thrown out, the White House has to figure out its next move. If President Obama doesn’t uphold the ruling, it will be another move by, what Limbaugh calls “an increasingly lawless president.”

Limbaugh compared the situation to Watergate and asked how people would have reacted if Nixon had ignored the Judiciary. He proposed that “the Liberals would have gone nuts about it.”

“So, is Obama going to uphold the law and comply with the Constitution or not? Whatever a court does down the road is beside the point. The ruling of the day is the law is unconstitutional. It has been voided. The regime must legally deal with this. And, if they ask for a stay, then they are acknowledging the ruling and admitting that they understand it. It doesn’t matter that it might be overturned later. The law of the land is that it’s unconstitutional. We have three branches. The Legislative, Executive, and Judiciary. The Executive can’t tell the Legislative or the Judiciary what to do. This bunch thinks they can.”

After making his “lawless” comment, Limbaugh imitated Liberal callers (the “new castrati”) asking if he really meant it. Yes, he said. Yes he does.

Check out the audio below:

Is Santorum right on slavery comparison?

Below are some great comments from Politco’s The Arena section about Santorum’s comments…

Politico   (Backstory)

Former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.), who’s contemplating a run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012, is questioning how President Barack Obama – as an African-American – can support abortion rights.

In an interview with CNS News, Santorum argued that a fetus is a person and said he considers it “almost remarkable for a black man to say ‘now we are going to decide who are people and who are not people.’”

Nancy KeenanPresident, NARAL Pro-Choice America :

Mr. Santorum’s comments are offensive and outrageous. Sadly, they echo the themes we see a growing number of anti-choice lawmakers and groups using to advance their agenda on a number of fronts. In Colorado, voters have twice rejected ballot measures that would have established legal status for fertilized eggs from the moment of conception. In Georgia and other states, anti-choice groups are using civil rights language, even equating abortion with our country’s painful history of slavery, in a cynical attempt to support additional restrictions on a woman’s right to choose.


Sherrilyn Ifill Professor of Law, U. Md. :

I hardly think that Sen. Rick Santorum – the man who suggested that penalties should be imposed on residents who didn’t leave New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina struck – can surprise anyone with an addition to his by now mile-long parade of insulting and offensive statements. This one is just the latest.

Of course he won’t be elected president, but he will see an increase in support from some factions within the far right of the Republican Party. And this is the problem: any offensive statement directed at President Obama seems to boost standing with the GOP base. This may explain why our civility project is doomed to failure.


Richard M. Skinner Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science, Rollins College :

Santorum’s comments actually help his presidential campaign. They fit nicely with the belief of many anti-abortion activists that their cause is the modern equivalent of abolitionism. I’m sure many African-Americans will find them offensive, but few vote in Republican primaries. By capturing media attention through engendering controversy, Santorum has reminded voters that he actually exists.

This will be irrelevant should either Sarah Palin or Mike Huckabee choose to run, since they would attract the bulk of socially conservative voters. But if neither seek the presidency, Santorum could become a contender for this bloc of support, if not a realistic prospect for the nomination.


Curt A. Levey Executive Dir., Committee for Justice :

The most remarkable thing about Rick Santorum’s comparison of abortion and slavery is the mainstream media’s initial reaction treating it as a gaffe. That reaction reflects the intellectual smugness that has made “mainstream media” a bad word in much of America.

The analogy between the slavery debate in the 19th century and the abortion debate in modern times is a solid one, given that both centered on 1) who to include in the definition of “human” and 2) whether the ultimate moral decision should be legislated or left to individuals. Despite the similarities, well-meaning people are free to reject the abortion-slavery analogy given that there is no longer any disagreement that slavery was a moral outrage.

However, to refuse to see the similarities and, instead, view the analogy as ignorant is to contemptuously dismiss the half of America that considers abortion to be the taking of a human life and a moral outrage. You don’t have to share the moral judgment of pro-life Americans, but to dismiss their values as unworthy of serious consideration is the very definition of smugness.


Christine Pelosi Attorney, author and Democratic activist :

As a woman, I find it almost remarkable that Rick Santorum can publicly intrude on a woman’s private decision to exercise reproductive freedom.

As an American, I find it offensive that Santorum engaged in racial profiling and believe he should apologize. As I just posted in explaining the double digit generation gap favoring Democrats, young people are tired of being divided along race, immigration and sexual orientation and will consider Santorum’s racial profiling unbecoming of a national figure.

Voters who believe there are many ways to support your values without telling others what they should think based upon their race will reject Santorum’s effort to invoke slaveholders in order to oppose reproductive freedom.