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Sen. Coburn: Pray That A Senator ‘Can’t Make The Vote Tonight’

So what exactly IS Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) saying here?  

The senate will vote for cloture on the health care bill late tonight or early Monday morning. 

From the sound of it, I wonder if “praying” that a Senator cannot make the vote tonight means “praying that some harm come to a senator?”  Thats probably a stretch, but even Sen. Dick Durbin, who interrupted  while Sharrod Brown had the floor, to issue a challenge to Sen. Coburn:

Think Progress: 

Durbin:  I have been trying to reach Sen. Coburn. … This statement troubles me, and I’m trying to reach him come back to the floor and explain exactly what he meant about a senator being unable to make the vote tonight. … I’m reaching out to Sen. Coburn. I’ll be on the floor for the next 45 minutes, and I hope that he will join me there.

Oh BTW…here is Coburn’s profile via The Rachel Maddow Show.