Politico Top 10 Quotes of the Week

Week in one-liners: Biden, Boehner, Kyl

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The top quotes in politics…

“Go f— yourself.” — House Speaker John Boehner to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

“For me, this is the lowest — one of the lowest points as a member of the United States Senate.” — Sen. Barbara Mikulski venting about fiscal cliff negotiations.

“It was kind of a B-flat.” — Sen. Jon Kyl describing the tone inside a GOP fiscal cliff meeting.

“I said, ‘This is Joe Biden and I’m your buddy.” — Vice President Joe Biden recounting a meeting with Senate Democrats.

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“At the end of the day, we got whooped.” — Rep. Steve LaTourette on the fiscal cliff deal.

“I would do almost anything Tina Fey asks me to do.” — House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi looking forward to her cameo on “30 Rock.”

“I am proud to say that Al Gore finds my principles reprehensible.” — Glenn Beck on being rejected as a bidder for Current TV.

Politico · Politico Top 10 Quotes of the Week

The week in one-liners: Boehner, Palin, Rummy



The top quotes in politics this week:

“It’s going to get harder. So, we might as well do it now. Pull off the band-aid. Eat our peas.”— President Obama saying it’s time to pass the debt deal.

“Dealing with them the last couple months has been like dealing with Jell-O.” — House Speaker John Boehner on working with the White House.

“I love Jell-O personally.” — Press Secretary Jay Carney joking around with reporters.

“I’m ready to answer the call.” — Fox’s Bill O’Reilly offering to broker the debt talks.

“I’m running.” — Alan Grayson declaring his next congressional run.

“I believe that I can win a national election.” — Sarah Palin teasing a 2012 run in an interview with Newsweek.

“She’s got a good family, she’s got a good husband, she’s got awesome support, she’s got God on her side, and I think people are envious of that.” — Bristol Palin talking about her mother.

“I don’t sign pledges — other than the Pledge of Allegiance and a pledge to my wife.” — Jon Huntsman refusing to sign the “Cut, Cap and Balance” pledge.

“It takes those of us with two titanium hips and a titanium shoulder a bit longer to get through TSA…” — Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld tweeting about his airport pat-down.

“I thought that the topic was perfectly legitimate and I certainly would do it again,” Fox’s Chris Wallace defending the substance of the “flake” question he asked Michele Bachmann.

Politico Top 10 Quotes of the Week

Politico’s: The week in one-liners


The week’s top political quotes…

“John obviously needs to work on his typing skills.” – President Obama making fun of House Speaker John Boehner’s tweet during a Twitter town hall.

“No, I didn’t hear about it. Anything with Twitter, and my mind shuts off.” – Warren Buffett explaining why he didn’t tune in for Obama’s town hall.

“Never underestimate Thaddeus.” – Rep. Thaddeus McCotter’s mom talking up her son who’s running for president.

“I’ve probably been in more fights than the rest of these candidates combined.” – Tim Pawlenty bragging about his tough side.

“And, I hate to say it, but she’s got a little sex appeal too.” –Pawlenty’s adviser Vin Weber making a comment about Michele Bachmann that he later called a mistake.

“Well listen I’m 55 years old, I’ve given birth to five kids and I’ve raised 23 foster kids so that sounds like good news to me.” – Michele Bachmann responding to the “sex appeal” remark.

“I think it will be a really easy decision for me to make.” – Donald Trump musing about jumping back into the presidential race.

“He’s a rotten prick.” –New Jersey Senate President Stephen Sweeney talking about Gov. Chris Christie.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time at CNN.” – Eliot Spitzer addressing the cancellation of his show in a statement.

Politico Top 10 Quotes of the Week

Politico’s: The week in one-liners: Blago, Palin, Wallace



The week’s top political quotes…

“I’m huggable and lovable.” — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie describing his soft side.

“By the way, this is a titanium spine,” — Rep. Michele Bachmann touting her toughness.

“Are you a flake?” — Fox News host Chris Wallace asking  Michele Bachmann a controversial question.

“I thought he was a kind of a dick yesterday.” — MSNBC senior political analyst Mark Halperin making a comment about President Obama that led to his suspension.

“My hands are shaking, my knees are weak. I can’t seem to stand on my own two feet.” — Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich quoting Elvis before being found guilty of corruption charges.

“I sure hope that no one breaks into my office this time.” — Former Sen. George McGovern discussing his law firm’s move into the Watergate.

“The last thing this race needs is another candidate who is meticulous about his hair.” — NBC’s Brian Williams denying rumors that he’s running for president.

“Bristol, what we say on the fishing boat stays on the fishing boat!” — Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin telling her daughter to keep quiet about her 2012 plans in a text.

“I’m not going to make news on that today. Good try though.” — President Obama deflecting a question about same sex marriage laws.

Politico Top 10 Quotes of the Week

Politico’s The week in one-liners: Christie, Obama, Beck

The top quotes in politics this week:

“It’s none of your business.” — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie not wanting to discuss where he sends his kids to school.

“I can’t stop eating them.” — First lady Michelle Obama chatting about her favorite food, French fries.

“Street food is so fresh and so good and so cheap.” — Jon Huntsman on what he likes to eat.

“Wouldn’t you love to be in a brand new, magic vehicle invented by Martians, which uses no energy, lasts forever and is terrific?” — Newt Gingrich making fun of President Barack Obama’s energy policy.

“I could kiss you in the mouth.” — Glenn Beck expressing his approval of Rick Santorum.

“Watching The Twilight episodes on Netflix. Still love ’em!! Reminds me of life sometimes.” — Cindy McCain reflecting on television in a tweet.

“I had no choice. I was born that way. In Hawaii.” — President Obama referencing a Lady Gaga song at an LGBT fundraiser in New York.

Politico Top 10 Quotes of the Week

Politico’s The week in one-liners: Romney, Cain, FLOTUS

 The top quotes in politics this week:

“If it was me, I would resign.” – President Obama weighing in on the Weiner scandal.

“Vanilla is the best selling ice cream in the country for a reason.”— Tim Pawlenty explaining that being predictable isn’t a bad thing.

“Deep dish.” — Herman Cain describing his pizza preference during the GOP debate.

“Oh, spicy.” — Mitt Romney explaining how he likes his barbecue wings prepared.

“I don’t watch either. Sorry.” — Rick Santorum admitting that he doesn’t watch Conan or Leno’s late-night shows.

“Shovel-ready was not as — uh — shovel-ready as we expected.” — Obama making a joke about the stimulus.

“I’m also unemployed.” — Mitt Romney telling jobless people that he can relate.

“I like Ari Gold more than I like you.” – Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel joking around with his brother.

“The picture on TMZ is not him…remarkable resemblance though.” — A Gingrich campaign spokesman  tweeting that a shirtless photo making the rounds isn’t of his boss.

“I am terrified.” – Michelle Obama getting nervous for her guest appearance on “iCarly.”

Politico Top 10 Quotes of the Week

Politico’s: The week in one-liners: Spitzer, Newt and Reid



The top quotes in politics this week:

“And there you have it. At 4:25 Eastern Standard Time, this story officially became sad.” — Comedian Jon Stewart, reacting to his friend Anthony Weiner’s press conference on Monday.

“I’ve been there.” — Former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer talking about Anthony Weiner’s situation.

“Notice, nobody’s defended Anthony. Like Spitzer, he had no friends.” — New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg weighing in.

“By the way, I no longer follow Congressman Weiner on Twitter at the request of my mother. She said it made her uncomfortable.”— Meghan McCain, writing on The Daily Beast about Weiner.

“Call somebody else.” — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid when asked if he had advice for Weiner.

“We make decisions as a couple.” — Newt Gingrich addressing the notion that his wife, Callista, is in control of his schedule.

“We still think we might get Lindsay Lohan.” – Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum, joking about the fact that Miley Cyrus dissed him.

“I didn’t mess up about Paul Revere.” — Sarah Palin, defending her version of Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride.

“I’d like to hire Hillary Clinton.” — Fox News’s Roger Ailes, expressing his interest in employing the secretary of state.

“I wouldn’t rule it out.” — Alec Baldwin’s spokesman, hinting that the actor just might run for mayor of New York in 2013.

Politico · Politico Top 10 Quotes of the Week

Politico’s: The Week In One Liners

The week’s top ten quotes in U.S. politics: 

“My name is Barack Obama of the Moneygall Obamas. And I’ve come to find the apostrophe we lost along the way.” – President Barack Obama, yukking it up in his “hometown” in Ireland. 

“This looks pretty tasty.” – Obama, again in Ireland, hoisting a Guinness. 

“I will not be a Brett Favre.” – Former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson, making assurances that he will make a decision soon about pursuing a U.S. Senate seat.  

“You don’t cancel shows that have very good ratings.” – Donald Trump, explaining, in part, why he’s not running for president. 

“Congressman, you are causing problems.” – Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Elizabeth Warren to Rep. Patrick McHenry as a committee hearing grew heated. 

“I was extremely disappointed when Mike Huckabee announced that he will not be making a presidential run in this election.” – Chuck Norris, reacting to news about his old pal. 

“Absolutely not.” – First lady Michelle Obama, responding to a question from a high school student in the UK who asked “when you first met the president did you think he would go on to do such great things?” 

“He could definitely kick his a–.” – Meghan McCain, making a prediction about how her dad could beat up Glenn Beck, who had poked fun at Meghan’s looks. 

“There’s no education in the second kick of a mule.” – Sen. John McCain, explaining why he won’t run for president again. 

“Let me get some water. This is what comes from talking too much. We already know that talking too much leads to all kinds of problems.” – Sec. of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, revealing the secrets of diplomacy as she began to cough during remarks.

Politico · Politico Top 10 Quotes of the Week



The week’s top ten quotes in American politics: 

“Being a bully is not a leadership strategy.” – Presidential hopeful Herman Cain, reacting to news that Donald Trump would not pursue the presidency.  

“Really, I’m just very shy.” – Cindy McCain, pushing back at charges that she’s a “Stepford wife.” 

“You don’t go to a Georgia fan to get commentary on the University of Florida, because it’s not objective commentary.” – Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, dinging critics of the Court’s decisions. 

“They fired timidly at first, then the sheep not wanting to be dropped from the establishment’s cocktail party invite list unloaded their entire clip, firing without taking aim their distortions and falsehoods.” – Newt Gingrich spokesman Rick Tyler, fighting back against the media coverage of his boss.  

“Who?” – Sen. John McCain, pretending to not know Rick Santorum when asked for a reaction to Santorum’s criticism of the Arizona senator on the subject of torture.  

“Donald Trump was sitting nearby. Everybody was laughing at Donald Trump and it was the most beautiful thing in the world. To have the bully of the world or whatever – it was fantastic. It was really great. I wanted to go up to him and go, ‘Didn’t you think any of that was funny?’ But you don’t want to engage with somebody that’s so grotesque.” – Actor Zach Galifianakis, describing his time at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. 

“Another guy guv admits 2 cheating on his wife. Maybe we need more women governors. Guys: keep ur pants zipd” – Gov. Jennifer Granholm, reacting to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s family woes this week. 

“If a man would take back a woman after such a betrayal, is he tough enough to lead the country?” – The Wall Street Journal’s James Taranto, questioning Mitch Daniel’s fitness for office given his complicated personal life. 

“Miss, I’ve been taking the subway longer than you’ve been born…You have no idea what the subway system used to be like.” – Mayor Michael Bloomberg, responding to a question about the number of panhandlers in the subways.  

“When you can slide a full pitcher of beer down the bar 15 feet or more and have it land in front of the customer, you don’t worry about whether your bartending skills have gotten rusty.” – Rep. Bruce Braley, proving that he’s still got it.

Politico Top 10 Quotes of the Week

Politico’s The Week In One-Liners


The week’s top ten quotes in U.S. politics: 

“I knew that I was never going to compete on the pretty-girl-on-cable front.” – MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, explaining how she sees herself differently from some other cable hosts. 

“I hold a grudge. I have the longest memory. I always kick back. I believe in that.” – Donald Trump, explaining one of his life philosophies to Rolling Stone. 

“Now, my personal trainer is up here. There he is. If anybody wants to know who’s responsible for these arms, it’s that guy.” – First lady Michelle Obama, giving a shout-out to her trainer at an event for the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition. 

“Aaron, dude, my friend, seriously you need to go to Five Guys with me for a Little Bacon cheeseburger. Or perhaps the bacon dog extra mayo” – Rep. Jason Chaffetz, ribbing his colleague Rep. Aaron Schock on Twitter for his shirtless photo on the cover of Men’s Health. 

“You’re kidding.” – Vice President Joe Biden, reacting to news that Osama bin Laden’s sons think their father’s killing was illegal. 

“I don’t even know what that term means.” – Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, reacting to the idea that he might be a “hipster.” 

“I’ve seen enough dead people.” – Sen. John McCain, explaining why he doesn’t care to see the pictures of a dead bin Laden. 

“I’m tired of looking and feeling fat. Maybe talking about it publicly will keep me on track as I try to be more disciplined.” – Sen. Claire McCaskill, tweeting both her frustration and aspirations. 

“I’m not anti-rap. In fact, like Bret Baier, I know the lyrics to ‘Rapper’s Delight,’ too.” – Sarah Palin, talking about the controversy over rapper Common’s Thursday visit to the White House. 

“Great moment on @SouthwestAir flight this AM, flight attendant got stuck on emergency row instructions & she gave me the mic to help her out” – Tim Pawlenty, getting giddy on Twitter about his 15 minutes of in-flight fame.