March Madness? Road Rage Over Obama Sticker

I shouldn’t be surprised about this story.  A few months after President Obama was in office, my daughter-in-law removed the Obama stickers off of her car, my car and my son’s car.  (We live in the south.)  She was fearful that the sticker might prompt an angry anti-Obama conservative to harm us in some way.  The teabagger rage had not yet started but we had two negative factors going for us that might have incited rage from someone.  We had the Obama stickers on our cars, plus we were people of color.

Folks in the south were not too pleased that Obama had been elected President, and some folks were not too pleased with the percentage of Blacks that voted for him.  We are originally  from the Northeast  and while such things like that might occur in certain neighborhoods, overall, New Yorkers are tolerant of such things.  Plus Obama carried New York State.

I have worn a couple of my Obama “Hope” tee-shirts to the supermarket or on the walking trail down here in my home town.  I got the requisite “Is that bitch crazy?” look from other Blacks.  I got the “eye roll” and look of disgust from other folks.  Overall, I felt it wise that I only wear the tees in family friendly settings. 

Although my son and I thought my daughter-in-law was a bit paranoid, it turned out she had keen insight.  Well thats not entirely true, but she works in a police setting and she overhears talk about President Obama all the time, so she got a sense of the mood of the folks in the deep south and decided we no longer needed to flaunt our pride.  We agreed. Although what does it say about our great country when one group demands First Amendment rights (free speech)…while stifling their adversaries (current events of past week.)

Today, there was a man who had just picked up his ten year-old daughter in a town in Tennessee.  He had an Obama sticker on the right side of the car…here’s what happened:

Think Progress:

After picking up his 10-year old daughter from school yesterday afternoon, Nashville resident Mark Duren was driving home when he was suddenly and intentionally rammed from behind by Harry Weisiger. Enraged at the sight of Duren’s Obama bumper sticker, Weisiger gave Duren “the bird” and then hit him from behind, leading to a violent series of events. Nashville’s WKRN first reported the story.“He pointed at the back of my car,” Duren said, “the bumper, flipped me off, one finger salute.”

But it didn’t end there.

Duren told News 2 that Weisiger honked his horn at him for awhile, as Duren stopped at a stop sign.

Once he started driving again, down Blair Boulevard, towards his home, he said, “I looked in the rear view mirror again, and this same SUV was speeding, flying up behind me, bumped me.”

Duren said he applied his brake and the SUV smashed into the back of his car.

He then put his car in park to take care of the accident, but Weisiger started pushing the car using his SUV.

Duren said, “He pushed my car up towards the sidewalk, almost onto the sidewalk.”

Thom Hartmann interviewed the victim: