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A “Bitter and Jealous” Mitt Romney Claims Putin Has Outperformed President Obama


I don’t know if anyone can definitively say that Mitt Romney is “bitter” or “jealous” over his 2012 loss to President Barack Obama, but I think it’s safe to say that some of his (and his staff’son the record  post election statements do in fact project a sore loser aspect…


In an interview with NBC News, Mitt Romney showed that he can’t stop being bitter about losing the 2012 election to the president by claiming that Vladimir Putin has out performed President Obama.

See video here

Romney said, “Well, I think Putin has outperformed our president time and time again on the world stage. We are, as I’ve said before, geopolitical adversaries, not enemies, but adversaries, geopolitically, and Putin lines up with Assad, and gave Assad the cover that he needed and won a diplomatic battle with regards to Syria. He likewise keeps Edward Snowden as a bit of a stick in the eye at America, and I think most observers of the international political suggest that Russia has elevated itself in stature, and America has been diminished.”

Romney is literally oozing bitterness and jealousy. It was also clear from the video clip that Romney considers the successful diplomacy in Syria a failure. His clip confirms what many Americans suspected in 2012. If Romney would have won the election, his foreign policy would have been more and expanded war. The fact that he thinks that the president’s diplomatic efforts have failed suggests that he supports the military intervention alternative.

Mitt won’t let it go. He lost, and the election wasn’t even close. Contrary to Republican mythology, Romney never led. The polls weren’t skewed, and the GOP never had a chance of defeating President Obama in 2012. Obamacare wouldn’t have saved them. Benghazi wasn’t their path to victory, and neither was the IRS “scandal.”

Mitt Romney was one of the worst nominees in modern presidential campaign history. At a time of historic income inequality, he was a Wall Street/Big Business villain straight out of central casting. Romney was secretive, vague, and a compulsive liar on the campaign trail. He is a man who was clearly never meant to be president. This obvious fact is understood by everyone not named Mitt Romney.

Romney is quickly inching into that Sarah Palin territory, where he just needs pack up his bitter sideshow and get off our televisions. The campaign’s over. You lost, Mitt. Please take your binder full of excuses and go away.

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Romney staff refusing to let frostbitten children leave PA rally

So much for Mitt Romney’s “family values”.  His staff had no empathy toward people who were freezing out there…

America Blog

This is happening right now at Mitt Romney’s rally in Pennsylvania.  Apparently it’s freezing, and Romney’s staff is refusing to let rally-goers leave. People are begging reporters for help.

Absolutely incredible.

From the NYT’s Michael Barbaro:

From USA Today’s Jackie Kucinich:

My God.

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Cantor won’t defend Romney’s deceptive Jeep ad


Rep. Eric Cantor certainly isn’t rushing to defend Mitt Romney’s infamous and misleading Jeep attack ad.

The Virginia lawmaker and House GOP number 2 said Sunday on NBC’s Meet the Press that he’d “not seen the ad,” which has been running in Ohio and which drew a sharp rebuke from the CEO of Chrysler for its false suggestion that the company is shipping American jobs to China.

“I think the point of that ad is that we need a president who is actually going to focus on increasing the competitiveness of America,” Cantor said.

But asked directly by host David Gregory whether he thought the ad was “deceptive,” Cantor was evasive. “I’ve not seen the ad, I’ve just heard it now,” he said. “Apparently they’re not running it in Virginia.”

Cantor’s comments were quickly tweeted out by Obama campaign press secretary Lis Smith, who noted:

Even @EricCantor passes on defending @MittRomney’s deceptive auto ads.

In one version of the ad, an announcer declares:

Barack Obama says he saved the auto industry. But for who? Ohio or China? There now comes word that Chrysler plans to start making Jeeps in – you guessed it – China. Mitt Romney. He’ll stand up for the auto industry. In Ohio, not China.

In fact, Chrysler is mulling opening a production plant in China to serve the Chinese market. American jobs would not be affected, as the company’s CEO Sergio Marchionne made clear this week in an unusual note to employees.

The Obama campaign has hit also hit back hard, releasing its own ad calling the Romney charge “dishonest.” And even Fox News’s Chris Wallace on Sunday called the ad “misleading.”

Still, another Romney surrogate took a different approach from Cantor.  Asked Sunday by Candy Crowley of CNN why the Romney campaign had not taken the ad down, Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio declared: ”the ad is accurate.”

Hurricaine Sandy 10/2012 · Mitt Romney · Mitt Romney Campaign

Surprise!! Romney ‘Relief Rally’ STAGED!! Pre-Purchased $5,000 in Walmart Goods for Bogus Photo Op!

This is reminiscent of that Paul Ryan staged event at the soup kitchen a few weeks ago.

It appears to me that these guys are actually showing their disdain and callousness toward unfortunate Americans and I think it’s abhorrent…

Democratic Underground via Think Progress

As the East Coast and parts of Ohio struggled to regroup in the devastating wake of “Superstorm” Sandy, the Romney campaign hastily transformed a scheduled victory rally in Dayton, Ohio into a non-political “storm relief event” on Tuesday. According to BuzzFeed, the campaign encouraged supporters to bring hurricane relief supplies and “deliver the bags of canned goods, packages of diapers, and cases of water bottles to the candidate, who would be perched behind a table along with a slew of volunteers and his Ohio right-hand man, Senator Rob Portman.”

Just to be safe, campaign aides reportedly spent $5,000 at a local Wal-Mart on supplies that could be put on display. When supporters arrived at the rally-turned-relief event, they were treated to the 10-minute video about Romney’s life, which was first unveiled at the RNC. The event ended with supporters lined up to hand over supplies and meet Romney. But according to BuzzFeed, this donation process was also staged:

Empty-handed supporters pled for entrance, with one woman asking, “What if we dropped off our donations up front?”

The volunteer gestured toward a pile of groceries conveniently stacked near the candidate. “Just grab something,” he said.

Two teenage boys retrieved a jar of peanut butter each, and got in line. When it was their turn, they handed their “donations” to Romney. He took them, smiled, and offered an earnest “Thank you.”

The Red Cross, meanwhile, said they were grateful for the supplies but encouraged people to donate money or blood as a more efficient way to help the relief effort.

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Romney’s Spin On Disaster Relief Is Coming Your Way

Mitt Romney - under water - relief disaster    :

What will Romney” The Shapeshifter” think of next?

Mario Piperni

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy and the loss of life and billions of dollars worth of damage, Mitt Romney’s statement from last June calling for the privatization of disaster relief services, should spell the end of his presidential dream. But it won’t, even though for-profit disaster relief would be a nightmare of epic proportions. It won’t end Romney’s chances of winning in the same way that getting caught on video dismissing 47 percent of the population as lazy free-loaders didn’t hurt Romney much. Nor did his refusal to release anything other than two years of tax returns create much of a stir.

How about the fact that a man who is running for the office of president of the United States has Swiss bank accounts and tax havens in Bermuda and the Cayman Islands – all for the purpose of avoiding income tax. Was that a game changer? Nope. Nor was his op-ed piece in the NY Times calling for the government to let GM and the automobile industry go bankrupt a big enough error in judgment to dismiss him as suitable for the Oval Office.

Why not?

The fact is that in saner times any of the above would have killed off any possibility of a presidential candidate winning. But not so with Romney. With the help of an influential and morally-bankrupt conservative media that shields this shyster with layers and layers of spin, Romney is still in the running.


Let’s see how Romney spins his way out of his FEMA comments. I’m not sure what he’ll say but whatever it is, it’ll satisfy conservatives. They’re an easy bunch to please when the only true conviction so many of them hold is ensuring that the black guy is a one-term president.


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Obama widens lead over Romney in Ohio, Pa., Fla.

This race is far from over but so far it’s looking good for the POTUS.  Yet complacency is not an option.



Courtesy Morning Joe

Quinnipiac University/New York Times/CBS Poll

Both presidential candidates are campaigning in Ohio Wednesday, but it’s President Obama who now holds a 10 point lead (53% to 43%) over Mitt Romney in the Buckeye State, according to the latest Quinnipiac/New York Times/CBS News poll.

The new poll represents a three point improvement for the president in Ohio and a one percentage point decline for Romney compared to last month’s results.

The president also holds a nine percentage point lead over Romney in Florida (53% to 44%), the poll found. Compared to last month, this represents a four point improvement for Obama in the Sunshine State and a two point decline for Romney.

Obama carried both states in 2008, but both are considered swing states, and Florida, in particular, is known to swing red. Both states have Republican governors, and former President George W. Bush carried Ohio and Florida in 2004.

Florida represents a heavy 29 electoral votes, the most of any swing state, and Ohio holds a significant 18 electoral votes.

“He’s not driving a consistent message,” Mark Halperin, a senior political analyst for Time and MSNBC contributor, explained on Morning Joe Wednesday.

Romney is also behind in Pennsylvania by 12 points, the poll found. Pennsylvania, a state Obama also carried in 2008, is worth 20 electoral votes. Bush won the state in 2004.

The political director for the Romney campaign disputed another recent poll in Ohio showing Obama ahead of Romney.

“I kind of hope the Obama campaign is basing their campaign on what the public polls say. We don’t. We have confidence in our data and our metrics,”  Rich Beeson told reporters, according to NBC News.

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Mitt Romney’s base instincts

Mitt Romney's base instincts
Mitt Romney’s base instincts

What can I say about  Mitt Romney except, “…sloppy campaign, Mr. Fix it.”

Salon – Joan Walsh

His advisors admit he’s not after swing voters any more, he’s hyping fear and culture war to turn out the far right

All eyes are on Politico’s expose of Romney campaign infighting – mainly a lot of anonymous handwringers complaining about Stuart Stevens – but this piece in BuzzFeed deserves more attention: In “Romney’s New Strategy Turns Right,” campaign advisors tell McKay Coppins, “This is going to be a base election, and we need them to come out to vote.”

It’s going to be a base election for Romney, all right – “base” as in low and crass, and “base” as in designed to turn out the base.

That’s been obvious to me for a while – I said so last week on PoliticsNation – but it ought to get more attention now that the Romney folks are tipping their hand. Again. Weeks ago, of course,  anonymous members of Team Romney told the New York Times  they were “convinced [Romney] needs a more combative footing against President Obama in order to appeal to white, working-class voters,” and so he “has added a harder edge … injecting volatile cultural themes into the race.” Romney’s dishonest welfare ads, insisting that President Obama “gutted” the work requirement, was just one example of the campaign’s ugly new racial appeal, the Times showed.

At the same time, the GOP convention in Tampa at least tried to showcase a more diverse party, with Gov. Susana Marinez, Sen. Marco Rubio and Condoleezza Rice among the most prominent speakers. After Clint Eastwood’s cranky old man act mocked Obama, Romney himself took a more respectful approach in his speech, even attempting an appeal to disappointed Obama voters.

The BuzzFeed article shows that the campaign abandoned that approach almost immediately, maybe after seeing Romney got absolutely no convention bounce. Since then, Romney abandoned his standard stump speech, which focused on the economy, for a harder-edged pitch larded with references to God and patriotism and sharp attacks on Obama:

In heavily-Evangelical Sioux County, Iowa, Romney’s introductory speakers — including conservative Rep. Steve King — sermonized at length about keeping Christian values, and vouched for his love of Jesus Christ. In Virginia Beach, he spoke to a flag-waving crowd of veterans and military families — appearing alongside televangelist Pat Robertson — and built his remarks around patriotism, defense spending, and keeping God on the national currency.

Romney’s shrill foreign policy stands over the last week accomplish similar political goals: riling up anti-Obama Islamophobes, many of whom believe that the president himself is a Muslim.


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CNN’s Don Lemon: Mitt Romney’s Libya Response Was ‘Rush To Judgement And Then Lying To Cover It Up’

Don Lemon

The Huffington Post

CNN’s Don Lemon tore into Mitt Romney over the weekend, skewering the candidate’s response to the deadly attack in Libya.

The Romney campaign has been fiercely criticized for hitting out at the White House’s response to the attack, which killed four American diplomats.  Lemon echoed the criticism of pundits and politicians on “CNN Newsroom,” when he blasted Romney’s response as “a rush to judgment and then lying to cover it up.”

He took issue with the timing as well as the accuracy of Romney’s remarks. “Clinton’s statement in no way apologizes or sympathizes with the attackers,” Lemon declared. “Anyone who tells you it did is lying. If you believe that it did, you are misguided.”

He said that after Romney doubled down on his statement, his surrogates went on TV and proceeded to blame the media for “their own mistake.” Lemon played a clip of his recent interview with Romney surrogate Richard Williamson. The guest had laughed off one of Lemon’s questions, which he called “silly.”

“There are no silly questions, Mr. Ambassador,” the CNN anchor said later. He said that Romney “dealt a major blow to his campaign,” while giving President Obama “a gift.”

“How could a man in a campaign who throws around the word “patriot” so often, get this one so wrong?” Lemon asked.

He teased the segment before it aired on Sunday night, writing, “When a candidate or his surrogates lie, they must be called out!” and “I hope the #Romney campaign is watching.”

See video here…

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Romney heckled in Virginia for ‘politicizing’ U.S. ambassador’s death

Mitt Romney speaks in Virginia

So, what happened to the American value called free speech in this instance Mr. Romney?

The Raw Story

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney on Thursday was confronted by an angry heckler who accused him of “politicizing” the death of the top U.S. diplomat in Libya to gain an advantage over President Barack Obama.

On Tuesday, U.S. ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens and at least three members of his staff had been killed during protests over a film that mocked that the Prophet Muhammad and was promoted by Terry Jones, a U.S. pastor who had previously sparked deadly riots threatening to burn Qurans.

Romney on Wednesday had used the death of Stevens to score political points by accusing Obama of “sympathizing” with the enemy after the U.S. embassy in Libya released a statement condemning the anti-Muslim film.


“It’s disgraceful that the Obama administration’s first response was not to condemn attacks on our diplomatic missions, but to sympathize with those who waged the attacks,” Romney said.

That initial statement from the former Massachusetts governor and his press conference later in the day were both panned as “irresponsible” and “craven.”

Although Romney toned down his criticism of the president the next day at a campaign stop in Fairfax, Virginia, one heckler refused to forgive the candidate.

“Why are you politicizing Libya?” the man screamed. “Why are you politicizing Libya?”

At that point, Romney supporters in the crowd began to chant “U-S-A!” and “Mitt! Mitt!”

The Associated Press reported that supporters also attempted to cover the man’s face with a Romney-Ryan campaign sign, but he ripped it up and left the event.

In an interview with CBS News on Wednesday, Obama explained that Romney “seems to have a tendency to shoot first and aim later.”

“And as president, one of the things I’ve learned is you can’t do that. That, you know, it’s important for you to make sure that the statements that you make are backed up by the facts. And that you’ve thought through the ramifications before you make ‘em.”

Watch this video from ABC News, broadcast Sept. 13, 2012.