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Just a Friday “Human” Interest Story…

Cat nurses a newborn pit bull. (Cleveland Animal Protective League/AP)

How is it that animals have so much more compassion than many of the humans who inhabit this planet?

Yahoo News – Cat nurses week-old abandoned puppy

A pit bull rejected by its mother is being taken care of by an unlikely surrogate: A mama cat.

When Noland was merely 1 day old, he was taken to the Cleveland Animal Protective League without his mother.

“Obviously a 1-day-old puppy, even in the best of circumstances, [the chance of survival] is pretty iffy,” Sharon Harvey, president and CEO of the CAPL, told Yahoo News by phone. “We want to give him every chance we could.”

The staff decided Noland’s best chances were to join a litter of nursing kittens. The question: Would the cat accept a puppy into her brood of four? Amazingly, mom-cat Lurlene welcomed the outsider.

The image says it all: The pit bull is being nursed back to health by a very tolerant feline.

“They’re a happy family now,” said Harvey.

For anyone in love with the orphaned pup who might want to take him home, he’s not quite ready for adoption.“Noland is going to be with us for quite a while,” Harvey told NewsNet5. “We need to be really sure with him. We’ve got to focus on giving him the care he needs right now.”

In addition to spending eight to nine hours a day with the newborn kittens, the now-week-old pit bull, already growing bigger than the kittens, is being bottle-fed and taken home by staffers who watch over him at night.

The little guy has a ways to go before he’s in the clear. But a team of staffers—including a cat—have stepped in to help. Harvey remains hopeful—and touched by the simple gesture of a cat saving a dog.

“It’s really crazy what animals can do to give us hope,” she said. “Talk about acceptance.”

The nutrition and nurturing Lurlene provides Noland are giving him a chance at life.

“We definitely want Noland to have the happy ending that he deserves,” Harvey said.

Human Interest

Six embarrassing walking-while-texting fails…

Occasionally multi-tasking can be hazardous to your well being.  Texting while walking is one such hazard.

Some humor and a few of WTF!?’s for you on this beautiful Thursday morning…

The Week

It’s against the law to drive and text in most states. These not-so-careful people make a case for banning cell phones from the sidewalk, too

We’ve all done the walk-and-text, an awkward dance that involves fiercely mashing your phone while looking up every so often to make sure you don’t collide with the nearest lamppost. But some unfortunate citizens are so absorbed in their little screens, or so oblivious to their surroundings, that their multitasking attempts result in calamity and/or hilarity. Here, 6 walking-while-texting fails:

1. The man who nearly ran into a bear
Vaz Terdandenyan of LaCrescenta, Calif., was walking down the street, texting away, when he came within a snout’s distance of a black bear on the loose. “Luckily, the man managed to look up from his LOLs and JK’s and emojicons just in time to OMG and run away,” says Neetzan Zimmerman at Gawker. The bear was eventually captured by wildlife authorities and returned to his natural habitat.

2. The woman who walked off a pier

Bonnie Miller was enjoying a nice stroll on a pier in Benton Harbor, Mich., while she sent a few texts, when she suddenly found herself in the river that links up with Lake Michigan. The pier was a good six feet above the water, so her husband dived in to help her. A helpful stranger also came to Miller’s rescue. They were all eventually joined by the police, the fire department, and the U.S. Coast Guard, which finally hauled the trio up onto the pier.

3. The woman who fell onto the train tracks
A Washington, D.C., woman was riding an escalator down to the subway, texting, when she reached the bottom and kept walking, still texting, until she fell off the platform onto the tracks. Jonathan Dende, a 23-year-old visiting the capital from Pennsylvania, jumped down to help her, not realizing that they were both only feet away from the 750-volt electrified third rail. But they both managed to get back on the platform before the train arrived. Dende commiserated with the woman, telling her “he fell down some stairs while texting once,” says Sherri Ly at But it turns out “he made the story up” just to make her feel better.

4. The woman who fell into the mall fountain
In easily the most famous walking-while-texting fiasco, Cathy Cruz Marrerro of Reading, Mass., was walking through the mall one day, texting, when she abruptly slipped headlong into a fountain. “I could see the pennies and nickels at the bottom of the fountain and then I was in it,” she told the Reading Eagle. Dubbed the “Fountain Lady,” Marrero said she was considering suing mall security for failing to help her. They can be heard laughing on the footage of the security video, which was quickly disseminated across the internet.

5. The woman who fell down the stairs
A news crew in Canada was filming a report that caught a woman walking in the background, texting, heedless of the short flight of steps in her path. Ouch!

6. The teenager who fell down a manhole
Alexa Longueira of Staten Island, N.Y., was walking down the street, texting, when “in classic Looney Toons style, she disappeared into an open man hole cover,” says Warren Riddle atSwitched. The 15-year-old fell into the hole just moments after workers had gone to fetch some cones to mark it off. She reportedly plunged five feet before “landing in a pile of muck.” Luckily she emerged relatively unscathed.

Human Interest

A Snowy Tale of My Lost Cat, Prissy…

It’s about 12:45 am here in Atlanta, GA.   Approximately three hours ago, it started snowing and within those three hours, we’ve already accumulated about 3 inches of snow.  It’s still snowing heavily as I type.

My cat was missing for a while.  My grandson let her out at about 9:30 pm.   By 10:30 pm when we checked to make sure the cats were inside, “Prissy” our grey Tabby was no where to be found.

I don’t know if cats rely on scents and their markers during regular weather, but the family figured she had lost her scent and couldn’t find her way home in the snow.  I told my daughter-in-law to start her car (with her remote car starter) and see if the sound would lure her back home.  After the car started I opened the garage door and called her.  No Prissy. 

Just as I had begun to close the garage door and as panic set in that she may be lost in the blizzard, Prissy came scamping in right before the garage door shut completely.  Prissy was home!

Human Interest

Homeless YouTube sensation Ted Williams offered Hollywood movie role

I gotta say, Ted Williams appears to have hit the proverbial “jackpot” thanks to his unique voice.  The formerly homeless man has several job offers in the works, he was reunited with his 92-year-old mother yesterday, after twenty years and most of all, he’s off the streets.

Of course time will tell if these life changing moments will be permanent.  I, personally am wishing him the best…

The New York Post

Global sensation Ted Williams, the homeless man with the pitch-perfect voice, has been offered a role in a Jack Nicholson movie, Entertainment Tonight reported Thursday.

The 53-year-old Ohio man has been flooded with job offers after showcasing his pitch-perfect voice in a YouTube video recorded by a Columbus Dispatch reporter.

He is currently weighing up an offer as an announcer for NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers and was offered a commercial stint recording an ad for Kraft Macaroni & Cheese that will air on ESPN during the Fight Hunger Bowl on Sunday.

Now he may be making his way into Hollywood.

“As a matter of fact, Jack Nicholson had contacted one of my in-laws who happens to be in Columbus Ohio,” Williams told entertainment news program ET.

“They’re supposed to be making a movie in which Jack is playing opposite a disc jockey, which he would like me to portray in the movie.”

The news comes after Williams reunited with his mother Julia Williams in New York Thursday for the first time in 20 years.

Williams said, “Mommy, mommy” as he rushed to his mother in an emotional meeting at a Manhattan conference room, the Columbus Dispatch reported.

“My prodigal son has finally come home,” his mother said.       More…

Video here: