FL Gov Rick Scott Pleaded the Fifth a Shocking Number of Times During Medicare Fraud Trial


I’m a couple of days late with this news…

Forward Progressive – By Allen Clifton

It’s been a while since I wrote about one of our nation’s sleaziest governors, Florida Governor Rick Scott. I honestly have no idea how this guy got elected governor. You’d think the fact that he was CEO of a company that was found guilty of defrauding Medicare out of hundreds of millions of dollars would be enough to disqualify him from being elected to such a high office.

But apparently not, because the good people of Florida elected him in 2010. Not only that, but he stands a pretty good at chance at being reelected this November.

Florida, I’m begging you, please don’t reelect this guy.

If his incompetence isn’t potentially banning every computer in the state of Florida, then it’s his blatant (and illegal) attempts to disenfranchise many Florida voters. Or how about denying Floridians paid sick days? No matter how you analyze Rick Scott, he’s easily one of the most incompetent and unethical governors in this country today.

Well, a recent fact-check by Politifact found that Rick Scott pleaded “the Fifth” a shocking 75 times during his Medicare fraud case.

Seventy-five times! 

And he wasn’t even facing prison time. Because why would he, right? He was just the CEO of a company which defrauded the government, of course prison time wouldn’t be on the table.

Now if he had been caught with a moderately sized bag of weed, that would have been an entirely different story.

While I understand that it’s every American’s right to “plead the Fifth” in certain instances when on trial, for a former CEO of a company that’s on trial for massive Medicare fraud to do it 75 times is astounding. That alone tells you that Scott clearly had something to hide.

Oh, and for the record, his former company was found guilty of defrauding Medicare. They were ordered to pay over $600 million in penalties.

Yes, ladies and gentleman, Florida Governor Rick Scott – the man who was CEO of a company which was found guilty of massively defrauding the federal government.

I live in Texas and Rick Perry is definitely a scumbag, but he’s still not on the level of Rick Scott. In my opinion, Scott has proven himself to be one of the most corrupt and unethical politicians in this country.

Obamacare’s Revenge: The ACA Powers Charlie Crist To a 7 Point Lead Over Rick Scott

charlie crist


Former governor Charlie Crist has been one of the few Democrats running on Obamacare, and it is paying off. Crist has built a seven point lead over incumbent Republican Gov. Rick Scott in Florida.

A PPP poll of Florida found that Gov. Rick Scott’s refusal to expand Medicaid is hurting him with voters in the state. Democrat Charlie Crist has openly campaigned on the virtues of the ACA, and voters are responding positively. Crist leads Rick Scott 49%-42%.

Respondents were asked if they thought that Florida should have accepted the federal Obamacare funding to expand Medicaid and by a margin of 58%-33% they said that Scott should have taken the money. Those polled said that they were more likely to support Crist because he supports expanding Medicaid by a spread of 42%-33% with 24% saying that it made no difference to them. On the other hand, Scott’s refusal to expand Medicaid made 42% of those polled less likely to vote for him. Only 31% said Scott’s refusal of the ACA money made them more likely to vote for him.

It looks like the tide is turning on the ACA. Democratic candidates can have success with voters by supporting the ACA. Crist’s good numbers blow a hole in the Republican theory that Obamacare will drag down every single Democrat. Last month, Crist urged Democrats to stop running scared. Crist has been arguing that Republicans have no alternative to offer, so Democrats need to be challenging them on healthcare.

Charlie Crist is showing Democrats how they can successfully run on Obamacare. Crist’s poll results also reflect the changing perception of the healthcare law. As more Americans get covered, and realize that Republicans lied to them, the popularity of the ACA continues to grow.

Rick Scott is one of many Republicans who rejected Obamacare for strictly political reasons, but the Republican plan to run against the ACA may be blowing up in their faces. We could be witnessing Obamacare’s revenge, and Gov. Scott might be one of many unemployed Republicans the day after Election Day thanks to the success of the ACA.

Rick Scott Claims Responsibility For Economic Recovery; Experts Debunk

rick scott economic recovery
MIAMI, FL – SEPTEMBER 19: Florida Governor Rick Scott speaks during a town hall meeting with the Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD) at the Spelios Center | Getty

Is there something in our water supply that only affect right-wing nutters?

The Huffington Post

Florida Gov. Rick Scott is broadening the central message of his re-election campaign: Beyond claiming responsibility for Florida’s recovery from the Great Recession, he now blames the downturn on his predecessor and likely 2014 opponent, Charlie Crist, and former Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink.

Sink and Crist scoff at Scott’s claims, which don’t pass muster with economic experts, either.

“Poppycock” was Sink’s response; David Denslow, retired University of Florida economist, called Scott’s contentions “without empirical foundation.”

Scott has made his campaign message clear, before the race gets underway, in repeated speeches and daily news releases: He contends that onerous state taxes and regulations in place before he took office caused Florida’s job losses, and his own pro-business governing formula of lower taxes and cutting regulations has pushed Florida’s recovery ahead of the nation’s.

Economic data don’t back that up.

Economists say national economic policies and the business cycle have far more influence on the state’s economic condition than local or state tax or regulatory policies. They also say Florida doesn’t appear to be recovering faster than the rest of the country.

The state is recovering, but it still trails national averages in growth of personal and per-capita income and growth of its domestic product. Drops in the unemployment rate have occurred largely because workers have stopped looking for work, according to the state Legislature’s Office of Economic and Demographic Research.


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Perry ‘proudly’ refuses health care to 1.2 million low-income Texans

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R). Photo: Christopher Halloran / Shutterstock.com.

Between Governor Rick Scott of Florida and Governor Rick Perry of Texas, their governing is quite questionable to any reasonable person.

The Raw Story

In a statement published Monday morning, Texas Governor Rick Perry (R) “proudly” declared that he will decline to implement key tenets of the Affordable Care Act — a move that will see his state forgo an estimated $164 billion dollars in federal aid and leave over 1.2 million low-income Texans, who would have finally been eligible for health care, helpless and uninsured.

“This is a fiscally stupid decision on the part of Rick Perry,” Texas Democratic Party spokesperson Rebecca Acuña told Raw Story. “Texas would be one of the states that gets the most money from the federal government and the Medicaid expansion would have provided health care to more than a million Texans. It’s… It’s very sad that Rick Perry is willing to play politics with the health of Texans, and that’s exactly what this decision is.”

WATCH: Perry says Medicaid expansion like ‘adding 1,000 people to the Titanic’

With his announcement, Perry becomes the sixth governor to refuse implementing a key aspect of the Affordable Care Act: the Medicaid expansion and the state-based health care exchanges. Republican governors in Florida, South Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana and Wisconsin have made similar decisions, but Texas is by far the biggest.

Perry would seem to be inviting a political free-for-all thanks to the relative size and power of the Texas hospital industry, which absorbed more than $4.6 billion in unpaid emergency medical costs in 2010. While not seeing it as a cure-all, Texas hospitals largely praised the Affordable Care Act for dramatically expanding health care options for poor people, who are ultimately paid for by others who carry their own insurance. Nearly 25 percent of Texans — 6.5 million people — do not have health insurance, including more than 1.2 million children, and the state’s health care system ranks last in the nation overall.

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Deadly Tuberculosis Outbreak In Florida Covered Up By GOP Governor Rick Scott

I have to ask: What were Florida voters thinking when they elected that Bat-Boy look-alike to the Governorship?  Everything about his demeanor, history of Medicaid Fraud and his actions since becoming Governor of Florida has been an unmitigated disaster.

Addicting Info

When the Center for Disease Control issues a warning about a large outbreak of Tuberculosis(TB), the rational person would prepare to address the issue. Perhaps notify the local hospitals or shelters. If the area had a top-notch treatment center, notifying them would likely be at the top of ones to-do list as governor I would suspect.

Instead, Governor Rick Scott of Florida ordered the shutdown of the states only TB treatment facility, the A G Holley State Hospital in Lantana, Florida. Part of a larger Department of Health budget cut signed just nine days before the state was notified of the problem, the shutdown was accelerated after the notice was given, and the facility shut down 6 months ahead of schedule back in June. The reason given; austerity, in order to fund the tax cuts for the rich.

Of course, the cost to treat a TB patient early is typically $500, however if prolonged, drug resistant TB strains which do develop can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. And once those appear, the diseases contagious nature make it sure to spread rapidly, especially in areas effected by the layoffsfor water treatment plants. So much for austerity.

And, as the Palm Beach Post reported, it appeared that the Governor had been actively hiding the CDC report from lawmakers just before they ordered the closing of the state’s sole TB treatment center. Despite the confirmed deaths by TB and thousands exposed to the disease, the Governor felt that saving a few hundred dollars per patient was worth the looming crisis in the state. Now it appears that containment of the disease is no longer an option, and with TB being incredibly contagious, called “Consumption” for those who recall the works of Charles Dickens, the danger to the state looms large.

The truly despicable piece of this story, however, is that the information was actively hid by the Governors office. Under Florida’s Sunshine Laws, reports such as the CDC warning are to be kept in the public domain for ease of access. Instead, it took months for the Palm Beach Post to break the story, and by then the damage had been done, the treatment facility closed, and thousands of Florida citizens have been exposed to the deadly disease. Governor Scott’s Objectivist driven ideology has landed his state into a severe crisis, one in which his corporate masters can never hope to address.

But hey, he’s working hard to make sure that 92-year-old WWII veterans can’t vote, it must have slipped his mind.

For our readers in Florida, if you begin to show any of the signs of Tuberculosis do not wait. Get yourself tested and treated immediately.

*Correction* An error in the timeline of cancellation where the bill to authorize the shutdown was signed after the CDC notice. It should have said nine days before the notice was delivered.

Anita Perry: We know pain of unemployed because our banker son quit his job. She Blames Obama!

Can you believe this crap?  Is this a joke?


The fading candidate’s wife makes two questionable campaign-trail statements in two days

Anita Perry, Rick Perry’s wife, is, it seems, a positive influence on the right-wing Texas governor. Her guidance is seen in his support for HPV vaccines and fundraising for victims of domestic violence. But she’s also, it turns out, awful at speaking off-the-cuff in the middle of a high-stakes presidential campaign.

Being a candidate’s spouse is really a horrible gig. Most candidates’ spouses are non-politicians forced suddenly to act like politicians. Dumb things will be said. But the grandiose victimology on display in Anita Perry’s talk before a South Carolina college yesterday is still pretty egregious. You may have seen it:


“We’ve been brutalized and eaten up and chewed up in the press,” she said.

“It is a comfort to know that I am in this place where I can feel the presence of God. We are being brutalized by our opponents, and our own party,” she said. “So much of that is, I think they look at him because of his faith.”

Rick Perry, running for the Republican nomination for president, is falling in the polls because he loves God too much. Yes, that’s it exactly. And the press won’t stop “brutalizing” her poor husband, solely because he is the world’s best Christian. (She’s also using “brutalize” incorrectly — unless those press attacks have utterly dehumanized poor Rick — but basically everyone does, so we’ll let that go.)

Rick Perry bravely stood by his wife’s comments.

But the “brutalized” routine was not half as silly as what Anita Perry said today at a diner. Apparently, the Perrys know all too well the pain of unemployed Americans, because their own son has lost his job. Not just that, but he was made jobless by the Obama administration’s onerous regulations! The conservative nightmare scenario played out right in their own family!

“My son had to resign his job because of federal regulations that Washington has put on us,” Mrs. Perry said while campaigning for her husband in South Carolina, after a voter shared the story of losing his job.

She is speaking of Griffin Perry. Griffin Perry, who worked at Deutsche Bank until recently, when he had to quit in order to work on his father’s presidential campaign.

“He resigned his job two weeks ago because he can’t go out and campaign with his father because of SEC regulations,” she continued, referring to the Securities and Exchange Commission. “He has a wife… he’s trying to start a business. So I can empathize.”

“My son lost his job because of this administration,” she said a few minutes later.

She can relate to the downtrodden because Barack Obama forced her son the banker to quit his job in order to help his father run for president. Griffin Perry is the 53 percent.

Maybe Perry should take his wife off the campaign trail for a while? I am positive she’d appreciate it.


Rick Scott Pays $360 a Year for State Health Insurance

Governor  Voldemort is at it again…

Mother Jones

Florida’s anti-Obamacare governor and his tea party allies in the Legislature pay less for state-funded health insurance than janitors, cops, or teachers.

Last year, political neophyte Rick Scott spent $73 million of his own money to bring the tea party’s anti-government, pro-privatization agenda to the Florida governor’s office. Today, the former executive pays just $30 a month for health care—and lets taxpayers cover the rest.

The governor, a proud bearer of the Republican Party’s deregulation standard, has spent his first half-year in office decrying government waste: He’s laid off thousands of Sunshine State employees, slashed their benefits, turned down (most of) the federal government’s health care dollars, and put extra financial pressure on Florida retirees and Medicaid recipients. But Scott and his dependents pay one-fifth what a janitor in the state Capitol pays for health insurance…and less than 3 percent of what a retired state trooper pays for life-saving coverage.

When asked about the double standard, a spokesman for Scott declined to comment, calling his family’s cheap state coverage “private matters.

But the matter has huge implications for citizens of the state. Scott sits atop an upside-down benefits system that heavily subsidizes health care costs for the best-off state employees while forcing loyal rank-and-file workers to spend more of their shrinking paychecks for basic coverage. According to Gary Fineout, the longtime Tallahassee reporter who broke the story:

Scott is among nearly 32,000 people in state government who pay relatively low health insurance premiums. It’s a perk that is available to high-ranking state officials, including those in top management at all state agencies. Nearly all 160 state legislators are also enrolled in the program that costs just $8.34 a month for individual coverage and $30 a month for family coverage.


So who pays to give Scott and his cronies their cut-rate coverage? Taxpayers do. It’s not clear how many of the state’s 32,000 top-ranking VIPs cover themselves, and how many get their entire families on the state plan. Depending on that breakdown, Floridians are paying between $1.3 and $4.8 million every month to extend this perk to their political elites. That could amount to as much as $57.6 million a year—12 times what the state spent on public broadcasting before Scott decided to defund the radio and TV stations, calling them “a special interest.

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Florida Gov. Rick Scott Hosts Anti-Abortion Law Celebration


Gov. Rick Scott (R-FL) knows how to throw a party. The conservative governor on Saturday hosted pro-life activists and Florida lawmakers at the governor’s mansion to celebrate a handful of new anti-abortion laws, the Miami Herald reports.

But the laws actually went into effect about a month ago, so why host the ceremonial bill-signing event now?

“A lot of people put a lot of effort into these things,” Scott said, speaking to why the event was held over the weekend. “I think they want to have an event to memorialize it. For these bills, a lot of these people have worked on these bills for years and years, and it’s a way for them to celebrate the accomplishments.”

Scott’s spokesman told TPM in an email that it is “common to hold ceremonial bill signings to highlight the hard work of the legislators involved with making them a reality.”

“I am honored today to sign four bills that strengthen Florida’s pro-life laws,” Scott added. “During my campaign and since I have been governor, I have made it very clear that I am, and always have been, pro-life.”

The Miami Herald breaks down the four bill Scott and others celebrated:

One requires women to receive an ultrasound before undergoing an abortion and be offered the opportunity to have it described to her. Another tightens requirements for parental notification when a minor seeks an abortion. A third prohibits insurance policies created through the federal health care law from covering abortions, and the fourth redirects proceeds from Choose Life license plates from counties to Choose Life, Inc., which counsels pregnant women. Lawmakers also passed a bill proposing a Constitutional amendment, which doesn’t require the governor’s signature, that would prohibit using tax dollars to pay for abortions.

Read the rest here.

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Florida Gov. Rick Scott signs law cutting unemployment insurance

Rick Scott not only looks like the Harry Potter antagonist Voldemort, he’s apparently just as diabolical:

Daily Kos

According to the National Employment Law Project, as of 2008 Florida had average weekly unemployment benefit amounts not just lower than the national average, but lower than the Southern average and just 32% of its jobless workers received benefits, below the national average of 37%. So naturally the thing to do would be to weaken Florida’s unemployment insurance system, which is just what Gov. Rick Scott and the state legislature have done.

Monday, Scott signed a bill cutting the number of weeks unemployed people receive benefits, tying it to the unemployment rate, and making it more difficult to qualify for benefits in the first place.

Beginning Jan. 1, 2012, the number of available state benefit weeks is reduced from 26 to 23 and the number of available state benefit weeks is tied to the unemployment rate on a sliding scale. If unemployment rate is 5 percent or lower, for example, the number of available weeks is 12. If the unemployment rate is 10.5 percent or higher, the number of available weeks is 23.

Basically, this is about cutting taxes for employers:

Republicans in both Houses argued the bill was critical to protecting Florida’s business climate. The measure also supports Scott’s budget plan to reduce unemployment taxes for employers by $630.8 million.

That’s just one of several corporate tax cuts Scott and Republicans in the legislature have pushed. No word on who’s supposed to patronize Florida businesses given the state’s 10.6% unemployment rate coupled with tightening unemployment insurance.

Rick Scott attends secret Koch brothers meeting in Colorado

Kiss the ring of your masters

Palm Beach Post

Florida Gov. Rick Scott attended a secret, invitation-only meeting outside Vail, Colo., hosted by conservative billionaire GOP donors David and Charles Koch, the governor’s staff confirmed today.

The meeting wasn’t on Scott’s official schedule and his spokesman Lane Wright initially refused to confirm or deny whether the first-term governor would make an appearance, saying he would not “speculate as to what he has done, or will do on his personal time.”

But, after The St. Petersburg Times reported Tuesday Scott did attend the meeting, Wright confirmed that the governor was there but would not say whether Scott was in Colorado on Sunday or Monday.

“I told anybody who asked me,” Scott, in Washington, D.C., told the Times, without revealing too much about what took place.

“It was very interesting,” he told the Times. “They wanted to know basically… what am I doing in Florida.”

Scott, the self-proclaimed “jobs governor,” joined at least three other conservative Republican heads-of-state at the semi-annual meeting.

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