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The Great #Benghazi Sales Job

| The Daily Beast

The Daily Beast

The marketing of the #SelectCommittee, as only Republicans and Democrats can sell it.

The very serious #BENGHAZI investigation will not be forgotten like the investigations of Watergate (what was the outcome of that one, again?) or Iran-Contra, thanks to House Speaker John Boehner’s social-media prowess.

On Friday afternoon, Boehner tweeted an image of the all-star Benghazi select committee cast, coming soon to a cable news network near you.



“Meet your majority members for the #SelectCommittee on #Benghazi,” the tweet (which currently boasts 386 retweets) read. The chair of the committee, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC), is pictured in the center of the advertisement, and flanked on each side by pictures of the other Republicans named to the committee by Boehner. Democrats have not yet appointed any members to the committee, but Boehner assured in another Friday tweet that the investigation will be both “serious” and “nonpartisan.”

Boehner later tweeted out a #FF to the committee members, followed by a glossy photo of the committee’s first meeting. Sticking to his #personal #brand, all of Boehner’s tweets included #SelectCommittee and #Benghazi hashtags.


“This is just being effective communicating through social media,” one Republican staffer told The Daily Beast. “Social media is weird and calls for such graphics.”

Instead of being concerned about Twitter, the staffer said, people should be more concerned “about the deaths of four Americans, [and] the administration obstructing the House’s oversight.” Boehner’s graphic includes a picture of each committee member and some advice: “Follow @SpeakerBoehner”—but it doesn’t say anything about those four Americans killed.

While Boehner has been busy #Branding, both Democrats and Republicans have been trying to one-up each other to see who can be more tasteless about the already tasteless and now YEARS LONG debate over Benghazi.

On Tuesday, the National Republican Congressional Committee (the campaign arm of the House GOP) posted an item to their blog, titled “You Can Become a Benghazi Watchdog Right Now.” The post asks “Will you automatically add your name today to join us and become a Benghazi Watchdog?” After filling in your name, email and ZIP Code, you are redirected to a contribution page, which suggests donations ranging from $25 to $500.

The following day, Rep. Gowdy told Politico that he has “never sought to raise a single penny on the backs of four murdered Americans.”

The Democratic Congressional Committee responded on Thursday to the blog post by releasing an ad, which charged the House GOP with “disgracefully fundraising off tragedy.” The dramatic ad includes clips of MSNBC hosts shrieking about the NRCC post and Rep. Eric Cantor skirting around a question about it.

Over at the Washington Free Beacon, the absurdity of the fundraising-off-Benghazi debate is highlighted nicely with a post on Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s own donation-seeking website, which on Friday published a blog entitled “Benghazi.“

Because why should Republicans be the only ones who exploit—excuse me, conduct extremely serious deliberations—on #Benghazi?

GOP Dirty Tricks

Trick Websites Dupe Democrats Into Donating To Republicans



Think Progress

The National Republican Congressional Committee has set up a number of websites that look like they could be a Democratic candidate’s campaign page, unless you read the fine print. They may even violate a Federal Election Commission regulation, Campaign Legal Center expert Paul S. Ryan explained to ThinkProgress.

The NRCC has set up these pages for various congressional opponents, including Amanda Renteria (CA), Martha Roberston (NY), Kyrsten Sinema (AZ), Ann Kirkpatrick (AZ), Alex Sink (FL), and John Tierney (MA). Each follow a similar format; they list the candidate’s name “for Congress” to ask for donations:


According to Ryan, the websites appear to violate a Federal Election Commission regulation prohibiting political committees and parties from using a candidate’s name in special projects. The FEC considers websites, including microsites, a special project falling under this rule. The only exception is when the site makes it unambiguously clear it is opposed to the candidate. In Ryan’s opinion, the page set up under Tierney’s name “does not unambiguously show opposition to Tierney.” However, he noted, the FEC is “not a nimble organization” and it can take two years to complete an investigation, well past election day.

Ray Bellamy of Florida says he was tricked by the page and accidentally made a donation to the NRCC. “It looked legitimate and had a smiling face of Sink and all the trappings of a legitimate site,” Bellamy told the Tampa Bay Times. The look-alike page uses the same colors as Florida candidate Alex Sink’s campaign, with the URL Once entering information, the person is redirected to an NRCC thank-you page.

When a crop of mock sites cropped up last month, the NRCC defended its actions as perfectly legal. In the meantime, the NRCC has agreed to return Bellamy’s donation.

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This won’t come as a surprise to most Maddow watchers, but in my opinion, this video exposes the underbelly of Conservative “fundraising” to repeal “Obamacare”…

Daily USA News

Senator Amy Klobuchar, who convened a Joint Economic Committee hearing today to consider the costs of not raising the debt ceiling, talks with Rachel Maddow about conservatives using a war on Obamacare as a means of bilking money from gullible conservative patsies and the dangers of Republicans playing political games with the economic wellbeing of the United States. (Rachel Maddow) msnbc


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The impeachment store

Your generous donation will keep pressure on the U.S. Senate to end ObamaCare.

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You can ensure Obamacare is defunded. Find out how.

The Movement Strikes Back

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Thom Hartmann: Why it’s not crazy to think Anonymous stopped Karl Rove From Stealing the Election P2

This is the only political article that I’ll post today.   I believe it’s important to ponder the historical evidence of the contents of this video and draw your own conclusions.  I also believe it might be a good conversation piece around the dinner table today.

Once again, Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you enjoy learning the following information as much as I did…

Did Anonymous Save the Election from Karl Rove? (Part 1)

GOP Dirty Tricks · WSJ

Pollster Confronted With Misrepresenting Occupy Wall Street Poll, Admits Radical Redistribution Is Not ‘Their Highest Goal’

Doug Schoen is not the only one trying to discredit Occupy Wall Street

Think Progress

Yesterday, ThinkProgress revealed that pollster Doug Schoen grossly misrepresented his own polling data to smear Occupy Wall Street protesters. For example, he wrote that “radical redistribution of wealth” was one of the policies that “binds a large majority of the protesters together.” His actual poll found just 4 percent supported such a policy.

This afternoon on Fox, anchor Megyn Kelly confronted him about twisting the polling data:

KELLY: About this radical redistribution of wealth. Your data says only 4% said that they favor that. So how do you say, how do you apply that label to the entire group. You only surveyed 200. So what, 8 people support that and we are supposed to tar the whole movement with it.

Schoen fumbled through a response, admitting along the way that “radical redistribution of wealth… may not be their highest goal.” He’s right. In fact, of all the goals listed, it tied for last.

Watch it:

Schoen tried to save face by twisting his numbers in a new way: “21 percent of the people surveyed were for progressive values, single payer health care, dismantaling capitalism or redistributing wealth. So I think they are pretty hard core leftists.”

It’s true that his poll found a shocking 9 percent of protesters wanted to “engage and mobilize progressive.” But the other three goals Schoen listed were supported by just 4% of people who took the pool. To put that it perspective, his poll found that more protesters supported a flat tax (5 percent), a conservative policy not typically associated with “hard core leftists.”

Bottom line: Schoen misrepresented his data and his efforts to defend his actions are only making things worse.

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Mission accomplished: Tea party Republicans took the economy hostage and killed job growth

Mission accomplished, indeed.  Now it’s up to Obama and his economic team to wrestle us out of this mess in the next 12 months.

Daily Kos

It may have taken a few months for Republican economic policies to take effect, but when they finally did, SPLAT:

Jobs Growth

Thousands of jobs created per month in 2011 (data source)

Gee, it feels like Bush all over again. Thanks for nothing, tea party!

Update: I added timeline labels to the chart. You can see the original chart here

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GOP Demonstrate true meaning of “Job-Killing”…

Republicans fine with increasing unemployment…and they don’t deny that it’s what they’re doing!

The Rachel Maddow Show

Rachel Maddow explains this as clearly as anyone I know:

Part 1

Part 2

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Rachel Maddow: GOP Goal for 2012 – Spend MORE Money than in 2010 To Eradicate The Democratic Party

This may sound like one of Glenn Beck’s conspiracy theories in reverse, but I urge everyone to spend a few minutes and look at Rachel Maddow, Ph.D.’s presentation about the GOP goal.  

As usual, The Rachel Maddow Show brings the truth to light.  Yet, it’s rather unnerving.

This should not be taken lightly.  My question is, why are the Democrats so damned complacent?  Oh never mind, that’s an age old question!

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Here’s John Boehner’s “scheduling conflict”

We all know there was no “scheduling conflict” when the GOP leaders opted out of an invitation, scheduled for today, from the POTUS to sit down and have a talk about pressing issues that need to be legislated.  What a bunch of idiots!

Daily Kos – by Jed Lewison

You know how John Boehner and the Republicans were too busy to meet with President Obama and Democrats to talk about tax cuts?

Well, here’s what caused their “scheduling conflict” — a press conference…at which Boehner demanded, among other things, that Democrats agree to extend all Bush tax cuts on income over $250,000.

I guess Boehner figured why bother sitting down with President Obama and the Democrats (who still met to discuss tax cuts today) when he could just as easily throw bombs form the sidelines?