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Glenn Beck: Measles Outbreak Is ‘Hoax’ To Make Us ‘Obey Government’


TPM LiveWire

“The measles hoax,” Beck began, “is it possible we have been lied to about the measles, this outbreak?”

Beck said that the reports are designed to instill a “herd mentality,” so that parents would “grab their children and obey the government.”

Beck then embarked on a complete misreading of the origins of the recent cases of measles, traced to Disneyland in December, by blaming it on Filipino immigrants that infected Amish communities in Ohio in April.

The Center for Disease Control And Prevention has established this as a separate outbreak from the current cases spreading from California.

Within this mistaken explanation, Beck got more facts wrong: there was no “Filipino family” that traveled to the U.S. that infected Amish people. Rather, unvaccinated Amish missionaries traveled to the Philippines and brought the disease back to Ohio last year.

But Beck and his co-host were satisfied with blaming the current outbreak on “immigrants.”

“You don’t wanna blame it on immigrants,” Beck’s co-host said sarcastically, “because we want them to flow into America freely.”

“So it’s gotta be about vaccinations,” he continued. “That’s what they had to make it about and they have. They’ve done that pretty effectively.”

h/t RightWingWatch

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Glenn Beck: ‘I Personally Am Calling for the Impeachment of the President of the United States’

Apparently, Glenn Beck is looking for attention again.


For the very first time, Glenn Beck called for President Obama to be impeached. Why? Because Beck believes that aiding al-Qaeda affiliated rebels in Syria by targeting the government is “the height of insanity” and illegality, and anyone seriously proposing that has to go.

Beck made it clear exactly who he wants gone and why.

“I personally am calling to impeach the President of the United States. This is impeachable. He is arming known terrorists, and people like John McCain should be impeached as well.”

He asked if arming a sworn enemy of the United States isn’t an impeachable offense, what he hell is? He made it clear this isn’t about politics, saying he wants people like McCain and Lindsay Graham to go too for lining up behind Obama on this.

Beck sighed, “We did not get into bed with Hitler to defeat Japan.”

Watch the video below, via BlazeTV:

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Glenn Beck Calls for Obama’s Impeachment Over Boston Terrorist Attack

obama frown

I wonder if wing-nuts know that their hatred for President Obama is isolated to them alone?

This quote from the article below says it all:

Glenn Beck and others on the right who are peddling their conspiracies and hate, are the antithesis of everything this country stands for.  (Emphasis are mine.)


Glenn Beck has accused the White House covering up suspects in the Boston terrorist attack, and is calling for President Obama to be impeached.

Here is the audio via Media Matters

Beck is claiming that Saudi national, who law enforcement already ruled out as a suspect is a suspect. He then blamed the media for covering this up, and called for the impeachment of President Obama.

Beck said, “When I found out yesterday, who that guy is and what we have on him, and how our media was rooting for an American to be the killer. And how our president, this administration, the Department of Homeland Security, and everything else. How they have covered this up. How they have aided and abetted this guy is obscene, and it’s criminal. It’s out of control, and when America knows the full story on this, if she doesn’t stand up, and quite honestly, I think demand impeachment and the mass firing if not shutting down of agencies, we don’t stand a chance.”

The Saudi national that Beck declared a suspect was cleared by law enforcement two days ago. The man isn’t a suspect. He’s a witness. Of course, this is all part of Beck’s grand conspiracy theory which leads to the impeachment of President Obama. The right has been whining for days that the left is politicizing the events in Boston, but a call for the president’s impeachment based on a conspiracy theory borders on a level betrayal that is almost treasonous.

Using Beck’s logic, George W. Bush should have been impeached for 9/11. His administration had the appropriate intelligence and didn’t prevent the attacks.

This is something especially disgusting about the way that Glenn Beck and many others are trying to twist this story to fit their Islamic terrorism narrative. The truth is that we don’t know the motivations for this attack, but the Glenn Beck’s of our country are already using it to whip up Islamic hate.

The idea that the president should be impeached for what is happening in Boston is a new low, even for the most vicious of the Obama haters. You don’t have to be a supporter of President Obama to understand how wrong it is to be spreading hate and division at this moment.

The behavior of some on the right is disgusting. They are a national disgrace, who are completely incapable of coming together and joining the rest of the country during a time of tragedy.

Glenn Beck and others on the right who are peddling their conspiracies and hate, are the antithesis of everything this country stands for.

They are un-American, and a source of shame for us all.


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The Tea Party’s Next Bogeyman: Obama’s Common Core Conspiracy

Barack Obama

Mother Jones

The educational community is divided on new national curriculum standards. But conservative activists see something more sinister.

Last week, conservative talk show host and media mogul Glenn Beck decided to let his listeners in on what he dubbed “the biggest story in American history.” It’s called System X. “If you don’t stop it,” he warned, “American history is over as you know it.”

As Beck explained it, a little-known Department of Education program, supported by rich philanthropists, business interests, and the United Nations, was turning public schools into the world’s next great data-mining frontier. Using carrots offered up in the 2009 stimulus bill, the federal government and its contractors could compile hundreds of points of data on your kids and use it for who knows what. The result: “System X: a government run by a single party in control of labor, media, education, and banking; joined by big business to further their mutual collective goals.”

The gateway to this dystopian future, which Beck predicted would lead to some portions of the United States embracing Nazism, was President Barack Obama’s controversial push for a new national curriculum known as Common Core. The conspirators are far-ranging. Rupert Murdoch is in on it. So is the American Legislative Exchange Council, Bill and Melinda Gates, and Jeb Bush.

Beck’s not the only person fighting Common Core. Lawmakers in 18 states have considered legislation to block the implementation of the curriculum standards. Five—Alaska, Minnesota, Nebraska, Texas, and Virginia—have successfully rejected or partially rejected Common Core. Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell reiterated his opposition to Common Core in late March, just one week after Texas Gov. Rick Perry went on Beck’s program to denounce it.

On the most basic level, the fight over Common Core is same fight parents and policymakers have been waging over public education for the last century, centering on two basic questions: What is the appropriate level of federal involvement in local schooling? And if we did settle on an umbrella curriculum, what should it actually look like? Education reformer Diane Ravitch, for one, opposes Common Core on the grounds that, while there should be a set of national education tenets, she believes “such standards should be voluntary, not imposed by the federal government.” 

But in the hands of activists like Beck, Common Core has taken on a more ominous tone. The long-standing fever swamp fears of enforced secularism and multiculturalism, like those promoted by now-Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) in the 1990s, have been given a digital makeover.

The core itself is what it sounds like—a broad curriculum standard. States that choose to accept Common Core gain access to a pot of billions of federal dollars. Social conservatives have never liked that kind of incentive game, especially when it’s connected to a Democratic president. (GOP Rep. Rob Bishop, whose Utah district is ground zero for the anti-Common Core movement, called the Common Core a “hook” from which the state could never extricate itself.)

According to its critics, the most nefarious consequence of Common Core is a data collection program that’s part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (the stimulus). The idea is to better track student demographic and achievement data to figure out what’s working and what’s not, and respond accordingly. Some of the biggest names in American politics and business support the idea. In 2011, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation teamed up with the Carnegie Foundation and an educational subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. to develop a database of student data that states can access for free until 2015. (After that it will charge an annual fee.) At a speech at the White House last November, Shawn T. Bay, CEO of the education data company eScholar, called Common Core “the glue that actually ties everything together” in the Department of Education’s Big Data push.

A writer at the anti-core site Truth in Education synthesized the movement’s fears thusly:

There will be a massive data tracking system on each child with over 400 points of information collected. This information can be shared among organizations and companies and parents don’t have to be informed about what data is being collecting. They will collect information such as: your child’s academic records, health care history, disciplinary record, family income range, family voting status, and religious affiliation, to name a few. Big brother will be watching your child from preschool till college (P20 Longitudinal Data System). You, the parent, are UNABLE to opt your child out of this tracking system.

According to anti-Common Core activists, the government won’t only collect student data from test scores and paperwork—they’ll also use actual lab experiments. Beck cited a Februarydraft report released by the Department of Education on the future of learning technology. Among other things, the report highlighted studies that had used tools such as a “wireless skin conductance sensor,” “functional magnetic resonance imaging,” and a “posture analysis seat” to measure how students learn. As Beck put it, “This is like some really spooky, sci-fi, Gattacakind of thing.” But the Department of Education draft report didn’t actually recommend that these tools be incorporated into the classroom.

Critics also take issue with what’s in the standards—particularly the math portion. Writing about the math standards in The Atlantic last November, retired educator Barry Garelick fearedthat kids would become “‘little mathematicians’ who don’t know how to do actual math.”

But as Kathleen Porter-Magee and Sol Stern point out at the conservative National Review Online, much of the criticism about the contents of  Common Core has been based on misinformation, if not “deliberate misunderstanding.” Although conservative critics like Michelle Malkin allege that Common Core brushes aside classics such as To Kill a Mockingbird, it in fact holds up Harper Lee’s novel as an “examplar” of what students should be taught.

For now, most GOP lawmakers’ concerns about the Common Core focus on the curriculum and the idea of federal control, not Big Data. But the Obama administration is wary of Common Core taking on a life of its own in the conservative fever swamps. Last February, when South Carolina Republican Gov. Nikki Haley suggested she might block the implementation of Common Core in her state, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan released a statement punching back.

Citing the endorsements of Republican governors like Mitch Daniels of Indiana, Bill Haslam of Tennessee, and Chris Christie of New Jersey, Duncan dismissed Haley’s concerns as little more than tinfoil-hat trolling: “The idea that the Common Core standards are nationally-imposed is a conspiracy theory in search of a conspiracy.”

Then again, when has that ever stopped Glenn Beck?

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Glenn Beck’s #OWS Meltdown: ‘Violent Left Is Coming to Our Streets to Smash, to Tear Down, to Kill, to Bankrupt, to Destroy’

Crooks & Liars

If anyone from the MSM believes that the influence Fox News wields in the media is negligible this video should prove as a reminder that they are wrong. Glenn Beck is a case in point. His show on CNN made barely a blip on of the RWNM’s radar, but as soon as he began his Vicks vapor rub routine on Fox News, he became a media sensation and tea party hero. But as soon as he was booted of the network by Ailes because his mission had been accomplished, we rarely hear much about the rodeo clown these days. But it doesn’t mean he’s still not melting down and issuing warnings of the coming left wing Armageddon.

Beck: Capitalists, if you think that you can play footsie with these people, you are wrong. They will come for you and drag you into the streets and kill you. They will do it. They’re not messing around. Those in the media – and I am included in this – they will drag us out into the streets and kill us. If you’re wealthy, they will kill you for what you have. You cannot tolerate this kind of stuff. You certainly do not encourage it.”

Wow, that’s out there even for him. I was hoping to see one of his Dr. Gene Scott charts in the mix. Oh, well. Anyway, please keep donating to our Solidarity Pizza fund to support the Occupy Wall Street movement. It will also go a long way in ensuring more insane meltdowns by the wingnuts and Wall Street apologists which is just fun to watch: Beck’s warning to Nancy Pelosi was priceless. Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Glenn Beck Moved Israel Rally Location Fearing Horde Of ‘40,000 Muslims


Glenn Beck the clown, is at it again…

Think Progress

Yesterday, Glenn Beck announced he is moving hismuch-discussed upcoming rally in Jerusalem away from the base of the Temple Mount, one of the most sacred and fraught places in the world, over security concerns. Speaking on his radio show yesterday, Beck said that while he was reluctant to change the location because “it was selected for me” (i.e. by God), the notoriously paranoid and security-conscious talker said his security consultants were insistent the spot is too dangerous.

The threat? Beck was specific — 40,000 Muslims apparently looking for any reason to start “World War III.” Beck said he got word that there would be a Muslim multitude on top of the Temple Mount for a religious holiday and got worried. “When we heard about the 40,000 Muslims that were going to be on the Temple Mount, we knew there was trouble,” Beck said, explaining that even an errant light beam from his stage set up could “start a riot.” “Your back is in their direction, and these people play for keeps,” Beck said his security consultants told him.

Watch it:

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Glenn Beck suggests Americans need to get a gun to deal with Obama and Sunstein

All of today’s posts will deal soley on sorting out the “crazies”.  It’s been a helluva week for the “crazies”.

More to come…

Crooks & Liars

[H/t Media Matters.]

Apparently Glenn Beck is planning on going out the door at Fox News with a deep, lingering slime trail behind him. He reached a new low on his show yesterday:

BECK: By the way, the U.N. is also working on a small-arms treaty — which purports to fight terrorism, but if implemented, Second Amendment proponents like me believe that it will only enforce rougher licensing requirements, create more red tape, and possibly an international gun registry. As if terrorists give a flying crap about registering their gun or their machete before they kill you.

This will do nothing but make it harder for you to get a gun. Why would you get a gun? [Points to picture of President Obama and adviser Cass Sunstein.] To prepare for tough times. That’s why.

He then went on to explain that Sunstein and Obama were apparently destroying America’s energy infrastructure by regulating coal-fired power plants out of existence — while referencing Dan Froomkin’s HuffPo piece on Sunstein … a piece that actually is all about how Sunstein has hardly been a slash-and-burn environmental regulator.

Naturally, Beck will laugh this off as just a coincidental timing thing. But given his track record, that deniability is simply no longer plausible.

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Beck And O’Reilly Predict The End Is Near For MSNBC After Breitbart/Bashir Interview

I saw that Andrew Britbart/Martin Bashir interview earlier this week on MSNBC.  Personally, I don’t like Bashir, but I think he “handled” spin meiester Breitbart quite well.


The relationship between Glenn Beck and Andrew Breitbart, at least according to some recent statements by the latter, doesn’t appear to be all rainbows and unicorns lately. But if some Sherrod-related wounds may still need nursing, Beck showed no sign of animosity tonight. Defending Breitbart’s appearance on Martin Bashir’s MSNBC show yesterday, Beck called him a “absolutely fearless,” decrying Bashir’s attempt to paint him as racist.

Bashir, you will recall, asked Breitbart about a photo of President Barack Obama as a monkey that was passed around among some Republican circles in California, to which Breitbart replied, “it’s deplorable, but what do I have to do with it?” Beck could barely wait to defend Breitbart and praise his response to Bashir’s question. “Breitbart is absolutely fearless,” Beck said, telling O’Reilly, “he’s a little bit like you– he walks right into the lion’s den.”

O’Reilly appeared a little skeptical of even trying to talk to the left– “you don’t really convert many people over there”– but expressed similar outrage that Bashir would ask about something so thoroughly unrelated. “This goes to trying to humiliate conservatives,” he noted, with the two concluding that this is yet another sign that MSNBC is in its final days. “This is why I think… this whole thing is just not going to stand,” Beck noted, asking, “MSNBC, how long are they statying in business like that?”

The segment via Fox News below:


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Follow The Leader: Beck’s Rhetoric Has Infected Fox News

Media Matters has done some thorough research on this issue…

Media Matters

In the wake of Glenn Beck announcing he will end his Fox News show, Media Matters demonstrates how throughout Beck’s tenure at Fox News the false, incendiary, and even violent rhetoric he pushed on his television and radio shows spread throughout the network. Where Beck leads Fox follows … but who will they follow now?

Suggesting Obama Has A Problem With “The White Culture”

Spreading Violent Rhetoric

Smearing Acorn

Smearing Then-Green Jobs Adviser Van Jones

Smearing OIRA Administrator Cass Sunstein

Smearing Assistant To The President For Science And Technology John Holdren

Smearing Then-White House Communications Director Anita Dunn

Smearing George Soros

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The Fading Power of Beck’s Alarms

Glenn Beck Day 75
Image by Andrew Ressa via Flickr

One way to demonstrate that Glenn Beck is into the conspiracy business just for the money and nothing else is to take a look at some of the solutions to said conspiracies that he has offered over the years. 

Oh, wait!  He never offers solutions to his conspiracy theories.  He never offers his listeners an alternative way out of his apocalyptic scenarios.  That is, except to tell his audience to buy gold and food rationing kits for the inevitable apocalypse.

Day after day, week after week, Beck delivers what his audience wants to hear, that Obama is evil, his administration is evil and all global government is evil.  One wonders why Fox News has never contemplated (until now) taking him off the air for some of the truly insane rants he has delivered over the past few years?   Perhaps because it fits into their agenda to topple the Obama administration by any means necessary.

However, some of the more saner minds in the GOP are speaking out about Beck’s convoluted rants and how it’s hurting the GOP’s image.  (Maybe they’ll also take a hard look at birthers, tenthers, teabaggers and the like.)

The New York Times

Almost every time I flipped on television last week, there was a deeply angry guy on a running tirade about the conspiracies afoot, the enemies around all corners, and how he alone seemed to understand what was under way.

While it’s true that Charlie Sheen sucked up a lot of airtime last week, I’d been watching Glenn Beck, the Fox News host who invoked Hezbollah, socialists, the price of gas, Shariah law, George Soros, Planned Parenthood, and, yes, Charlie Sheen, as he predicted a coming apocalypse.

Mr. Beck, a conservative Jeremiah and talk-radio phenomenon, burst into television prominence in 2009 by taking the forsaken 5 p.m. slot on Fox News and turning it into a juggernaut. A conjurer of conspiracies who spotted sedition everywhere he looked, Mr. Beck struck a big chord and ended up on the cover of Time magazine and The New York Times Magazine, and held rallies all over the country that were mobbed with acolytes. He achieved unheard-of ratings, swamped the competition and at times seemed to threaten the dominion of Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity at Fox.

But a funny thing happened on the way from the revolution. Since last August, when he summoned more than 100,000 followers to the Washington mall for the “Restoring Honor” rally, Mr. Beck has lost over a third of his audience on Fox — a greater percentage drop than other hosts at Fox. True, he fell from the great heights of the health care debate in January 2010, but there has been worrisome erosion — more than one million viewers — especially in the younger demographic.   Continue reading here…