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First, Fox News Attacks Obama For Scheduling His Speech On Wednesday, Then Attacks Him For Changing It To Thursday

The basic premise here is that Fox News will attack the President under any circumstance.  It’s what their demographic expects.

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In case anyone needs proof that Fox News will attack President Obama no matter what he does, check out how the “fair and balanced” network handled the scheduling of his upcoming address to Congress about jobs. First, a fair amount of time was spent attacking President Obama for scheduling the address on Wednesday, September 7, because that’s the day of a Republican presidential candidate debate. In the middle of the Hannity show, it was announced that the date had been switched to Thursday, September 8. Did anyone on Fox show any gratitude or appreciation for the change? Heck no! They kept right on attacking him for the original schedule but now added that he had “caved.”

Sean Hannity led off his show complaining about the scheduling of the address. As he spoke, a graphic saying, “SPEECH PROBLEM” appeared on the screen. He repeated his complaints several times.

Later, after the news broke that the date had been changed, Hannity still complained about the original scheduling only now he added, “Now he’s backed down and he looks weak.”

In concert with Hannity, a banner on the screen read, “Obama caves to Boehner.”

Later, during the Great American Panel segment, the graphic read, “OBAMA CAVES.”

“Liberal” Greta Van Susteren picked right up where Hannity left off. She began her program with a “Fox News Alert” saying, “President Obama cries ‘Uncle’ and Speaker Boehner wins this round.” She made a point of noting that now Obama’s speech will conflict with a big football game. And then she went on to ask Donald Trump what he thought.

Memo to President Obama: Fox News and the Republicans don’t care how much you try to get along with them and do the right thing. They want power, not bipartisanship, and no detail is too small – from the kind of mustard you put on a hamburger, to where you go on vacation, to what day you schedule a speech – to seize as an opportunity to eat away at and ultimately destroy your presidency. The longer you fail to address this cancer, the worse it will get.

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Rupert Murdoch phone hacking scandal becomes U.S. political issue

It appears to me that we’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg in the News International/News Corp scandal.  With the Obama administration’s FBI and Department of Justice poised to investigate the American side of any possible breaking of the law by Murdoch’s publications here, one can only imagine the blow-back from Fox News’ conservative commentators during this protracted election season.  Or, will they hold back on the usual vitriol tossed at Obama and his administration?  I certain it will be the former.


The spiraling crisis at News Corp.’s London tabloids, which on Friday claimed its first American scalp, is threatening increasingly to spill over into American politics.

The scandal has handed talking points to Democrats and a political cudgel to President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign, which is bracing for what’s become the usual battle with Fox News, whose evening lineup features some of the most powerful voices of conservative opposition, but whose corporate cousin is now being investigated by the Obama administration.

For News Corp., Friday seemed to mark a watershed moment in its position as a dominant – and often intimidating – media conglomerate.

Attorney General Eric Holder confirmed the “ongoing investigation” into allegations that reporters for its defunct News of the World hacked into the telephone of September 11 victims in the United States. And a day after chairman Rupert Murdoch downplayed the scandal in an interview with his own newspaper, the Wall Street Journal, two of his top lieutenants, Rebekah Brooks and Les Hinton – the paper’s publisher and a naturalized American citizen — were forced to resign, as the company pivoted from defiance to contrition.

Mainstream American politicians of both parties have generally avoided open combat with Murdoch, with Bill and then Hillary Clinton famously seeking to court him and reach an accommodation. Even Obama, who has warred openly with Fox at times, has more recently pulled back, even after seven-figure contributions to groups tied to the Republican Party were reported last year.

But Murdoch, wounded, suddenly appears mortal, and his enemies are emboldened.

Fox News chairman and CEO Roger Ailes “is going to be hamstrung,” said Murdoch biographer and AdWeek editor Michael Wolff. Ailes “operates independently, but in this context he will not be able to operate independently: This is going to be in the hands of lawyers and higher PR officials, and it will not be about what’s good for Fox, it’ll be what’s good for News Corp. and for an ultimate settlement.”

A Fox spokesperson dismissed Wolff as a “gadfly” and didn’t respond to a question about the News Corp.’s scandal’s impact on the network. A New York Post spokesman referred questions to a News Corp. spokeswoman, who didn’t respond to an inquiry on the topic.

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Fox Business’ Eric Bolling: Obama inviting ‘hoodlums’ to the ‘hizzouse’

I should not be shocked or dismayed at anything that the Fox News Network says about the POTUS.  However I am in fact quite disgusted with Fox News’ constant “scary Black man meme“.

Did these people forget that George W. Bush invited Osama Bin Laden’s son, Omar Bin Laden to White House ?  Not to mention a male hooker and even some Taliban members, right before 9/11.

Raw Story

Referring to a meeting in the Oval Office between President Barack Obama and Gabonese President Ali Bongo Ondimba, Fox Business’ Eric Bolling said, “It’s not first time he’s had a hoodlum in the hizzouse” while displaying a picture of the rapper Common.

“Our president’s sitting with one of Africa’s most wanted,” Bolling, the host of Follow the Money, said later in the segment. “It’s not the first time he’s had a hood in the big crib.”

Also during the segment, Human Events editor Jason Mattera added that “we shouldn’t be surprised that Barack Obama is going to get chummy with a reprehensible dictator” because he has a “pattern of yucking it up” with dictators and “likes to defecate on American allies.”

In May, Bolling was accused of racism for tweeting, “Obama chugging 40′s in IRE while tornadoes ravage MO.”

Watch video, clipped by Mediaite, below:

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Follow The Leader: Beck’s Rhetoric Has Infected Fox News

Media Matters has done some thorough research on this issue…

Media Matters

In the wake of Glenn Beck announcing he will end his Fox News show, Media Matters demonstrates how throughout Beck’s tenure at Fox News the false, incendiary, and even violent rhetoric he pushed on his television and radio shows spread throughout the network. Where Beck leads Fox follows … but who will they follow now?

Suggesting Obama Has A Problem With “The White Culture”

Spreading Violent Rhetoric

Smearing Acorn

Smearing Then-Green Jobs Adviser Van Jones

Smearing OIRA Administrator Cass Sunstein

Smearing Assistant To The President For Science And Technology John Holdren

Smearing Then-White House Communications Director Anita Dunn

Smearing George Soros

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Fox News’ Presidential Candidates Got More Than 85 Hours Of Airtime, Worth Nearly $55 Million

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There are five serious potential presidential candidates for 2012 on Fox News’ payroll: Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, John Bolton and Rick Santorum. Each gets plenty of face time on the air to promote their candidacy views courtesy of Fox. Rather than paying for all this publicity, each of these potentials gets paid. Media Matters did the math to calculate how much this air time would have cost to purchase and came up with $54.7 million in free advertising in 2010. But conferring conservative street cred via repeated presentations as a significant pundit? Priceless.

According to Media Matters’ calculations, Mike Huckabee got $3.65 million in airtime as a contributor, $27.35 million as a host; Sarah Palin got $.42 million as a host and $7.17 million as a contributor; Gingrich got $7.42 million as a contributor; Rick Santorum got $4.98 million and John Bolton $3.72 million.

Put that together with their actual earnings from Fox and you’ve got quite a little GOP candidate staging ground and grooming operation going.

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