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Monday Blog Roundup – 2/3/2014

“Friday Night Tykes,” a reality show…on Esquire. Walter Iooss/Esquire Network

‘Friday Night Tykes’ coaches suspended

Short Film of the Week Super Bowl Style

Ryan Accuses Obama of ‘Lawless Presidency’

Many parents would sway kids from football

Obama: ‘I Regret’ Promise On Individual Health Plans

The Presidential Election Will Be Hillary’s Coronation

The Great Recession: Causes and Consequences, 2/03/14

City Room: New York Today: Get Out the Snow Shovel. Again.

Court to review religious law once hailed by Democrats but now used to battle Obamacare

Groundhog Decade: We’re Stuck In A Movie Where It’s Always The Hottest Decade On Record

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Monday Blog Roundup – 1-20-2014

Rogers: Snowden had backup

The Sunday shows in 90 seconds

Cantor in a pickle on voting rights

Holder to appear before Senate panel

Chechen Militants Threaten Olympic Terror

10 things you need to know today: January 20, 2014

What would Martin Luther King Jr. think of America today?

Report: Christie can’t bear to watch Bruce Springsteen parody

Congressman Thinks South Sudanese Fighters Could Be Using ‘Spears’

Hoboken mayor met for hours with feds on Sunday after airing Christie shakedown allegations

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Monday Blog Roundup – 12-30-2013

Most embarrassing tweets of 2013

ObamaCare enrollment tops 1 million

Why We’ll Never Stop Arguing About Benghazi

Dolan: Pope Francis Has ‘Shattered The Caricature Of The Church’ (VIDEO)

S.E. Cupp Tells Liberals Not To Get Excited About Pope’s Economic Message

Scott Brown: Unemployment benefits are ‘welfare’ that should be phased out slowly

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson: Girls should carry a Bible and marry ‘when they are 15’

Russia Trolley Attack: Bomb Blast Kills 14 In Same Town As Deadly Train Station Explosion

ABC’s Jonathan Karl Literally Can’t Believe What Ted Cruz is Telling Him About Being Above Politics

Virginia Gun Owners Not Pleased With ‘No Guns Permitted’ Sign Outside Toby Keith’s New Restaurant

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Tuesday Blog Roundup – 12-17-2013

The fear of a black Santa continues

Judge orders NSA to stop phone spying

Paul Ryan On Immigration: ‘No Amnesty’

Christie scandal almost too absurd to believe

Obama suffers most from year of turmoil, poll finds

Snowden to Brazil: Swap you spying help for asylum

Jeh Johnson confirmed as secretary of homeland security

Senate Conservatives Fund accuses Boehner of discrimination. Against conservatives.

Arizona Woman Gets Punched for Saying ‘Happy Holidays’ Instead of ‘Merry Christmas’

Media Matters staff: Fox’s Sean Hannity: “The Pope Sounds Like He Is Against Capitalism”

Homophobic RNC Committee Member Accuses Gay Colleagues Of Manipulating Health Benefits

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Evening Blog Roundup – 12-3-2013

Constitutional experts man a highway overpass. (AP)


Benghazification Begins

The blurred line between caricature and reality

Boehner Hires Top Tier Immigration Policy Aide

Arafat did not die of poisoning, French tests conclude

Cisco Says NSA Costing Them Major Business Abroad

The Best Obamacare News That Nobody Is Talking About

Here’s Your Very Latest Foolproof Reason to Impeach Obama

As do-nothing Congress dithers, a million set to lose unemployment insurance

Poll: Tea Partiers More Likely Than Other GOPers To View Snowden Positively

John Boehner On 113th Congress Being Least Productive Ever: ‘We’ve Done Our Work’


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Saturday Blog Roundup 11-30-2013

Black Friday Questions.

Church Of England Proposes Gay Marriage ‘Blessings’

Mitt Romney’s Son Helped Rescue Four People After Car Crash

After years on the sidelines, New York’s liberals retaking control

Obama to issue a new statement of U.S. national security strategy

Syrian chemical arms ‘to be destroyed on US Navy ship’ – BBC News

Dems should not hesitate to further streamline the Senate rulebook

President Obama Visits Immigration Advocates Fasting For Reform

Conservatives live in a different reality from us, ‘history book’ edition

Former KKK Leader And His Mother Indicted After Alabama Cross Burning


Blog Roundup

Wednesday Blog Roundup 11-20-2013

Harry Reid is set to go nuclear

President Romney? Voters say yes in new poll

Florida congressman charged with cocaine possession

Supreme Court decides not to block Texas’ abortion law

Koch Brothers’ Group Uses Health Care Law to Attack Democrats

Virginia Political Figure Stabbed as Son Takes Own Life, Police Say

If You’re a Millennial, Black, or Latino, Good Luck Voting Quickly in 2016

Bobby Jindal is right: Republicans aren’t ready to win back the White House.

McDonald’s Advice To Underpaid Employees: Sell Your Christmas Presents For Cash

Republicans Have Pushed Him Too Far and Now Harry Reid Is Ready to Go Nuclear


Blog Roundup

Wednesday Blog Roundup – 11-06-2013

5 things we learned from Election Night

Analysis: Post-shutdown, pragmatism is in

Illinois House and Senate pass gay marriage!

Interest in Obamacare rises despite snags: poll

Terry McAuliffe Wins Virginia Governor Race

De Blasio Is Elected New York City Mayor in Landslide

BREAKING: Hawaii House Committees Advance Marriage Equality Legislation

Washington Times Ends Rand Paul’s Weekly Column After Plagiarism Charges

Doctors: Force-Feedings at Guantanamo Have Been Used to Break Political Protests, Not Save Lives

Denise Robbins: Media Ignore Study Finding Ocean Warming 15 Times Faster Than In Past 10,000 Years

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Friday Blog Roundup – 10-18-2013

U.S. House Speaker John Boehner
House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) speaks to reporters after a Republican caucus meeting at the U.S. Capitol in Washington on Oct. 15, 2013.

The GOP’s Alamo

Anatomy of a shutdown

The Tea Party’s International Counterparts

Cruz again huddles with his House GOP flock

One chart shows how badly the GOP hurt itself

Eye Opener: Convicts forge their way to freedom

Fake crises are distracting us from really serious ones

House Committee Calls Hearing Over Obamacare Rollout

Obama To Announce Homeland Security Nominee Today

Oregon Cuts Its Unsinsured Population By 10 Percent Over The Past Two Weeks


Blog Roundup

Thursday Blog Roundup – 10/10/2013

Meet the 10 most dangerous terrorists

Announcing Fed Nomination, Obama Praises Yellen

T-Mobile getting rid of international data, texting fees 

Oliver Willis: Inevitable: Fox News Hires Dr. Ben Carson

Paul Ryan adds Medicare and Medicaid to the ransom note

Obama chats up prominent figures from conservative media

John Boehner’s Claims On The Medical Device Tax Explored

Ted Cruz Conducts Own Poll To Show Things Aren’t So Bad For GOP

For Boehner, surrender may be only way out of shutdown and debt-ceiling mess

Obama invites all House Republicans to White House meeting, nearly all decline