Black History – (Updated 2-17-2017)

Shaun King: Why Black History Month should never begin with slavery 

In Africa, traces of migration routes, art and civilization take us all the way through the Nubian kingdoms that began 7,000 years ago. More

Black Then (Discovering our history)

Info Please

Black History Month is observed every February in the United States. Learn about the history of Black History Month, read biographies of famous African Americans, try our quizzes and crosswords, find stats and facts about African Americans, and more.

History & Timelines

Learn about famous firsts by black Americans, read the history of black history, and find information about milestones in black history.

Contemporary Issues & Facts

Find out about recent developments in civil rights cases, milestones in affirmative action, population statistics regarding African Americans, and more.

Biographies & Special Features

Brush up on the Harlem Renaissance and Negro League Baseball, read biographies of famous African Americans, such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Muhammad Ali, and more.


Learn about the history, traditions, and significance of Kwanzaa, Juneteenth, and Martin Luther King Jr Day.


Find information about the best colleges for African Americans, historically black colleges, milestones in education, and more.


Learn about awards exclusively for African Americans, including the NAACP Image Awards, the Spingarn Medal, and the Coretta Scott King Award, and see a full list of winners.

Quizzes & Crosswords

Test your knowledge about black history and famous African Americans by trying our quizzes and crosswords.

2 thoughts on “Black History – (Updated 2-17-2017)

  1. Actually, I would have agreed with that pessimistic sentiment a few years ago. But when Obama was RE-ELECTED I knew the majority of white Americans had made a strategic move toward what was actually in their best interests in stead of what looked like them. McCain and Romney were not going to offer any real support to the struggling middle and lower class in this country, and people recognized that.

    The few crazies left, holding tightly to their confederate flags, are actually the noticeable minority. But the solution is WE MUST REGISTER AND VOTE!!!

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  2. I would like to say to the world this is going to be our only black president that we have now. Because we will not get another black president again so American enjoy him now ok.

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