About the Editor



… an African-American mother…

… an  unapologetic President Obama supporter.

… a native New Yorker.  However, I now live in a town  about 20 miles outside of Atlanta.  After living in the south for over 10 years, I’m still an avid Yankee, Knicks and Mets fan.  The Atlanta Braves, Falcons and Hawks are okay as long as a NY team is not playing opposite them.

… passionate about politics.  I’m certain that passion peeks out from time to time in some of my posts, like this one.

… a believer in freedom of choice for women, although, as a mother MY choice was to have my children.  Every woman should be able to make her own personal choice without interference from outside influences.

… a progressive and/or liberal, but I resent the negative term “socialist” or “communist”.  I believe those descriptions of progressives by some, are not only historically inaccurate, but are used to denigrate progressives/liberals.  I choose NOT to be defined by others.  I am who I am.

… an admirer of the late, former NY State Governor, Mario Cuomo who once said this:

We believe in a government that is characterized by fairness and reasonableness, a reasonableness that goes beyond labels, that doesn’t distort or promise to do things that we know we can’t do.  We believe in encouraging the talented.  We believe in a government strong enough to use words like “love” and “compassion” and smart enough to convert our noblest aspirations into practical realities.  We believe in only the government we need, but we insist on all the government we need.We believe — We believe as Democrats, that a society as blessed as ours, the most affluent democracy in the world’s history, one that can spend trillions on instruments of destruction, ought to be able to help the middle class in its struggle, ought to be able to find work for all who can do it, room at the table, shelter for the homeless, care for the elderly and infirm, and hope for the destitute. And we proclaim as loudly as we can the utter insanity of nuclear proliferation and the need for a nuclear freeze, if only to affirm the simple truth that peace is better than war because life is better than death.We believe in a single — We believe in a single fundamental idea that describes better than most textbooks and any speech that I could write what a proper government should be: the idea of family, mutuality, the sharing of benefits and burdens for the good of all, feeling one another’s pain, sharing one another’s blessings — reasonably, honestly, fairly, without respect to race, or sex, or geography, or political affiliation.We believe we must be the family of America, recognizing that at the heart of the matter we are bound one to another, that the problems of a retired school teacher in Duluth are our problems; that the future of the child — that the future of the child in Buffalo is our future; that the struggle of a disabled man in Boston to survive and live decently is our struggle; that the hunger of a woman in Little Rock is our hunger; that the failure anywhere to provide what reasonably we might, to avoid pain, is our failure.

The set of principles laid out in Mario Cuomo’s speech, so many years ago, describes all that I believe in, politically.

I’ve been hosting this blog for six years.  (ks)

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  1. I am honored that you have decided to follow my humble attempts. I have just re-read your about page as it has been some time and I now find two things of particular note:

    “I choose NOT to be defined by others. I am who I am”

    Me too. I wish there was a Party who espoused all of my beliefs but I suspect that it wouldn’t be political in nature. I always say I am a Liberal but not any definition of that word that has so far been penned.

    Mario Cuomo: I must admit that when I last looked at this page; I may not have taken the time to really consider this quote. It is a very impressive expression of what I believe also. I wish I had written it. It seems such a simple concept. Take care of those who can’t first. Assure that those who can are compensated fairly for their work.
    Then you can split the rest up between the personal wealth of the already wealthy and the growth of their corporations. You have to let the wealthy who finance the businesses that pay for it all to keep a big pile of money; you know; not to live on; that doesn’t take that much; but to play with. It is what they live for. Big numbers and small risk. Wheeling and dealing. Making a play. Winning a game….well;….well shut me up!

    Hey; my wife just told me that the Freemasons now have a “Masonic Youth Group”. I don’t know how new this is but I can’t stop laughing at the notion of the “Masonic Youth”, “Hitler Youth”, “Pol Pot’s Mad Children”, “Mao’s Red Guard” etc.

    Sorry. I know I digress. probably ramble too. Talk to you soon Ms. K. Thanks again.

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  2. Hey! Hey! Ms. K;
    How you doing this fine day?

    I read the post about the Pres.
    The Canadians like him better;
    Than all the Republican Right-Wing Freaks
    and Theocrats put together.

    The Racists call him N-N-Not American
    They say he was born abroad.
    But I say No Way he’s a chick;
    I’m sure I’d see the fraud.

    The Republicans want their god;
    To tell us how to live.
    But he tells Them to take-take-take
    And Us to just give-give-give

    I say Church and State;
    Should never have relations.
    Like brother/sister intercourse;
    The results; abominations

    But there I go again;
    My mind running off on a spree.
    When I started simply to share this link;
    Of a letter to Boehner;
    From ME!



      1. Why, thank you Ms. K. I am honored to know that you like my humble attempts.

        I love to write though my opinions are not appreciated by everyone; not even by everyone in the Democratic Party; or even all progressives; or even all Social-democrats; damn it just gets worse and worse doesn’t it? LOL

        I love your site as well.

        Do you know of a way to have that letter hand delivered to Boehner; and The President (tougher I know)? Seriously; I wouldn’t know how to go about it.


  3. Moe…girl please. You were one of my first reader/subscribers… LOL I will never put you on any other level but EQUAL FOOTING, young lady. ❤ I visited your blog today. It's been a while but I'll be there again and again. 😉

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    1. Hey WTPL, thanks a lot and I appreciate your support of my blog. I was just telling my oldest son that I went from approximately 990,000 visitors in 3 years to 3.1 million in 3 weeks. It was phenomenal. Now the trick is to keep the ones that visit regularly interested. Anyway I really appreciate your support.



  4. I wish I lived in a time when all supported our president, no matter who it was. I wanted to support Obama and did for some time but he has not been (nor has he had the chance to) the “reach across the aisle” guy he promised. He is as guilty of division as his opposition which is unfortunate he stooped to that level. Who would want to be in congress or run for presidency these days?! I don’t know if there is any fixing this, save for another huge “come together” moment that lasts a long time. (depression/war/etc)
    The 2 party system is broken. The post from the Canadian regarding Obama was very agreeable in some instances but he was very one sided (left) with most comments and even took shots at Republicans. He’s right in some “facts”, but also part of the problem too! Obama hasn’t been great or poor in my opinion…he hasn’t been able to do much, or hasn’t chosen to do much (besides Obamacare) in his presidencies. I was hopeful when he took office that he could bridge the divide between us all but the fact that he’s handcuffed, like any president who doesn’t have the votes behind him to push progress, made him fizzle out and I think he’ll go down as a middle of the road leader at best. I typically vote republican but think they are pathetic in some of their grandstanding and stupid tactics to make Obama look bad. Of course, the same can be said about democrats in the Bush years, and republicans in the Clinton years…etc, etc. I’d love for our elected leaders to come up with solutions and work together to help fix the ROOT of problems, not just posture for their next election all the time. I’d read your blog often if it were more down the middle, which is very difficult to be these days.
    Good luck,


  5. Kay – imagine my surprise when a link to YOU showed up on my FB timeline – it was posted by a friend who’s also the former Mayor of our town. You’re the big time now girl!! Big time!

    How are you doing, old blogfriend?

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    1. Hey Moe! For some reason a post that I piggy-backed from TFC to Twitter has gone viral. I’ve had more visitors in the last two days which have broken all sorts of records over here. Thanks for contacting me. Please send me the link to your blog. I totally forgot the title. Good to see u too!!


      1. Enjoy it Kay! You’re good (as I told the Mayor0 and SHOULD have even more readers – some of them will stay around for sure.

        About four years ago, I had a big flurry of visitors when a link to me appeared on Bartcop (remember him?). A very heady experience!

        I’m not blogging much recently, but I’m still there at Whatever Works – http://maureenholland.wordpress.com/


  6. K,
    Do NOT go anywhere near Dreadmonger.com
    What is once seen, cannot be unseen. He’s porn scum.
    You really should think about removing his posts.


    1. Hi Dr. Rex. I have to respectfully decline. Not because I don’t appreciate your support and this fine gesture, it’s simply because I’m not into internet awards. It’s an idiosyncrasy of mine. I try to keep the site in a “minimalist” mode. Thank you so much for supporting this site Dr. Rex. ❤


    1. Hi Petral. I’ve got these nominations a couple of times in the past and each time I’m very appreciative but as much as I’ve read the instructions, I’m clueless. To some it may seem that I’m indifferent to those nominations, but quite the contrary. I will make an attempt to re-read the instructions and follow them to the letter.

      Again, thank you…and thank you to past nominators of this blog. I’ll work at getting it right this time.


  7. I have truly enjoyed your blog since discovering it… but the recent re-do? I absolutely hate it! Cleaner? Smarter? More contemporary? Perhaps, but I find it more difficult to glean what’s new. Just my two cents.

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  8. I’m fine kiddo . . . arthritis, check!, back stuff? not yet, but it’s only a matter of time since my brother walks around with his hand on his back say ‘ooohhhh . . . ‘.


  9. Hey Kay, out of nowhere I was thinking of you today(!) so I came over to see how things are . . . and you’ve done some major redecorating I see. Sharp, modern, sparse .. . I like it.

    That said, how are you woman? Still younger than me?


    1. Moe!!!! With the exception of some major arthritic issues in my knee and some back issues…I’m fine! How the heck are you? Good to hear from you young lady! Don’t be a stranger! BTW, you might be a year or or two older, but physically I’m feeling twenty years older than you Sweetie 😉


    1. How did I overlook your post Kholli? I apologize for the delayed response. Thank you Kholli for your comment. BTW…I love smart people too…and average folks and even the folks who seem to be “one fry short of a Happy Meal”. 🙂


  10. OMG I loooove this blog!! I was born and raised in the bible belt and and let me tell you, Kstreet, I feel more and more like it is choking the life out of me*. I am soooooo sick of being surrounded by religicrats who honestly-and-totally-not-facetiously-at-all believe that Obama is the spawn of satan. My friends, family, and even my boyfriend (well, not him so much anymore, thanks to his *awesome and brilliant girlfriend*) all think Fox news is like the word of God himself or something. If there’s one thing I love about the internetz, it’s the reassurance I get that maybe *I* am not the crazy one.

    But wait- I had a point I wanted to make. What
    the heck was it….? Oh, I know! About the culture wars, because someone mentioned it in the comments I think. Sometime in the late 70s or early 80s some religious leaders and
    conservatives got together and decided that America needed to be returned to its “godly” roots. Someone in the group concocted some kind of manifesto that they all signed. For the life of me I can’t remember the title of the document but as soon as I get off my soapbox I’m gonna go find it and I’ll email i to you or whatever if you’re interested and, of course, unless you’re already familiar with it. But for whatever reason, they decided that abortion and gay marriage would be really effective rallying points for their parties. And ever since then, religious leaders as well as conservative leaders have been upping the anti and turning up the heat on both these issues. So in my notsohumble opinion, the culture wars would not even exist if not for the religious right. It is they who declared war. The rest of us are just defending ourselves and gays and other women. The religous right has created, with their us-versus-them-mentality, a false dichotomy– god vs heathen, good vs evil, “freedom” vs socialism. It’s really quite annoying. They are trying to destroy this country. I don’t consider myself to be an alarmist and I sure ain’t a drama queen, but given the evidence that is all around us, I honestly believe that that is what they want. A country is chaos is ripe for the picking, no?

    And that’s all I have to say about that.

    It’s rather depressing to read the vitriol against you by some of the commenters. They sound a lot like some of my illustrous family members.

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  11. K, Remember all that stuff I, and a lot of residents (especially African American residents) are dealing with in Maple Heights? Well, I just had to give you this post I saw (I have permission to use it) Certain residents, including myself, are trying to get access to Maple Heights public information and documents with no luck except for the finance director. The finance director gets my respect 100%. He has for the most part, been forthcoming with information asked, and if he doesn’t have access to that information, he will tell where to obtain it. First class guy.

    Anyway, back to the article I saw.

    Saw this on the CSC (seems there’s a lot of posts about Maple Heights on that blog):

    “What’s that famous “Godfathers” line? Oh yeah, Michael Corleone: “Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in.”

    Okay, okay … nothing bad on my end, however …

    What the hell is wrong with these guys in Maple Heights. Rumor has it that certain government officials have been given orders not to talk to or release any, or is it any really important information to certain residents in Maple Heights (who shall remain nameless).

    Look, Ohio has a public records law. What you Maple Heights public officials are doing, … honestly looks like a cover-up. You shouldn’t be going around deciding who and who you are not going to release public information to. You can’t be that dense. Now a whole bunch of people want to know what you have to hide, and now I want to know what you have to hide?

    If there’s nothing, release the damn information that you are legally required to release.

    And here’s a question: Can a public official become an “accessory after the fact”, and can “obstruction” be charged against a public employee?

    Update 8/23/2012:

    It is official. Requests by a person, who shall remain nameless, for public information/documents were sent to a Ms. Waller, Ms. Gambosi, Mr. Montello, Ms. Vopat, and a Charles Crews Jr. As of this date, the individuals named have not given the information requested.

    It appears that Mr. Montello or/and Mayor Lansky (two public employees who work for the taxpayers in Maple Heights, and not the other way around) may have put the “lock” on the release of certain public information (that they call inquiries). And since when did public employees get the impression they don’t have to answer questions from taxpayers/residents (again, who pay their salary)? The words “arrogance” and “insubordination” come to mind. Yep, something doesn’t smell right.”


    1. Great article Elaine! What chance is there that the MH Officials will see the article? I still say you guys need to bring in the national NAACP…not the local one.

      Keep up the good fight and publicity is the best thing you all can get under the circumstances.

      Bravo to you and those involved in this with you Elaine.


      1. There may be some chance that MH officials will see it.

        Thanks for your support.

        I did receive a rather nasty email from the law director, regarding one of my requests to Ms. Vopat, Director of Human Services. Ms Vopat, if you remember, was the one who had all those polka groups for the MH “2012 Music in the Park” series and the “2012 Mayor’s Splash Parties”.

        Here’s the reply from the law director:

        “Dear Ms. Stone,

        I have reviewed your inquiry dated July 29,2012 to Linda Vopat, Director of the Department of Human Services for the City of Maple Heights.

        I have determined that your inquiry does not qualify as a public record request under the O.R.C. 149.43. As such, no response will be forthcoming.

        Thank you for your attention in this matter.

        John J. Montello

        Law Director

        City of Maple Heights”


        All my requests (including my request to him and Vopat – which are exactly the same) can be seen at


        This man is (in my opinion) one arrogant SOB. He is the one who declared my district’s council seat vacant even before my current councilwoman’s term had expired.

        He’s the one that decided that no special election would be held to elect another council person for my district. [The November 2011 district 5 (my district) elected councilman (Richard Taylor) died before being sworn into office.]

        A member of council, or the mayor, or one of the mayor’s supporters, went to Mr. Crews, who is married to the MH School Board President, and associated with the UAW, and asked him to apply for district 5’s council seat. Note: A local UAW endorsed Mayor Lansky in his run for mayor last year. The mayor and the school board have a close relationship because of our 5 new schools that cost the property owners 50 million dollars (they got the other roughly 50 million from a grant (?)

        Folks were losing their homes in record numbers while Mayor Lansky and superintendent Keenan (who makes more than the governor of the state of Ohio) went to taxpayers and asked us to vote for that 50 million dollar bond/levy for those new schools. The mayor brought in some famous football player [the mayor loves football) to sell that bond idea to MH taxpayers, and we fell for it.

        That was in 2008, and we are still losing homes to foreclosure (we are one of the worst – in terms of home foreclosures- in our county, and probably several counties). Not only this, but our homes (because of these foreclosures, etc) dropped about $20,000 in assessed value.

        The government leadership (in my opinion) in my city is horrible, and, in my opinion, they have done nothing to really stop these home foreclosures. Instead, some contractors look to be making a lot of money demolishing homes.

        The MH superintendent said the new schools project is now completed.

        Oh, and those 5 new schools … 3 elementary schools were built on the predominantly white side of town, while they demolished the elementary school on the predominantly black side of town – stating they found asbestos. That property is now dirt and surrounded by chain link fences (an eyesore).

        Remember … MHTS is about 73% African American.


      2. Oh, council did indeed pick Mr. Crews to be my council person. Mr. Crews has made it plain, that he only “supports people that support him”.

        When I asked him for public records on June 29th, I received no reply. I asked him for those records on July 29th. Getting no response, I emaile the council president, who then sent my email to him. He claimed all my requests must have gone into his spam folder. (Now bear in mind, I’ve emailed him before, and he has responded)

        Note: I made requests to him because I wasn’t able to get responses from two other departments.

        Under Ohio’s Public Record’s Act, I can ask anyone to request the public record for me, and I don’t have to give my name or any reason for the request.

        I also make my requests in writing (by fax, or email, or regular mail), and I request the response to be by email, or fax, or regular mail). I will not phone a request, as I wouldn’t be able to provide proof of that request.

        Here’s his response August 11th after the council president sent him my email to her:

        “Hello Ms. Stone,

        First let me apologize,as I explained to Jackie, all of your emails went directly to my spam box,which I erase once I get them. I am puzzled though to the reason you did not call once I did not reply to your emails, my phone is always on day or night to all residence. I will change my spam settings so I can receive your emails in the future. If you could, can you send the information you are requesting in a pdf instead of jpg picture as the picture was hard to make out. Also I would like to know who you talked to in the Cuyahoga county law department that directed you to this request. Do they know that you can make a request of your own through city hall as Jackie suggested? Again I apologize for the misunderstanding and hope to hear from you soon.

        District 5 Councilman

        Maple Hts.,Ohio

        Charles Crews Jr.”

        On August 13th, I wrote him:

        Dear Mr. Crews,

        The reason why I request information in writing and why I want a reply in writing is to have the request on record.

        According to the person I spoke to in the Cuyahoga County law department and even at the state level, you are the council person who represents my district and me, and you are paid by us to represent us/me. If I’m not able to obtain public records (and information that is considered public) from various departments within city hall, etc, then I should request it from you. Another reason, if there’s a cost involved, why should I bear the burden of cost when you can obtain it for free?

        As to the information I requested from you, because the item was scanned, I had only two options, word format or picture format. You should be able to view it with “paint” or picasa photo viewer ( http://picasa.en.softonic.com/ ) I also suggested you talk to Richard Trojanski, since he was also able to obtain what I have for 2009 and 2011.

        To be clear: I am requesting information on all City of Maple Heights government employees (need employee status, employee name, city of residence, job title, hourly rate, salary, sex, ethnic code, employment date) for 2010 and 2012.

        Furthermore, this administration and the city departments that I’ve requested information from (which includes a request to Ms. Waller in human resources, and Ms. Gambosi in economic development), have refused to provide the information that I’ve requested. Mr. Dean has been helpful with providing information on the enormous cost of paying salaries and benefits (which includes pensions, some which are in the red), the amount of debt we now have, and other information; however, once I discovered that there were affirmative action agreements regarding Maple Heights police/fire/schools/contractors and asked the law director about them (which he said he knows nothing about), all my requests to these various departments have gone unanswered.”

        and on Aug 15th he emailed:

        “First of all I will talk to Councilman Trojanski to see what exactly he provided for you. Next I will talk to Ms. Waller and Gambosi and see why you weren’t provided the information you requested. Finally, a public request for information is something that provides a paper trail for you and also the city. As I have no problem providing you with the information you have requested, services and programs have been set up for you to use at a small expense to help you and also help the city pay for that information it provides,if I or anyone would try to bypass these measures then it would cost the city even more financial stress. Again, I would like a name and number of who you talked to at the county and state levels that provided you with your direction for your request.

        I will try to have the everything you requested by friday if all possible. Thank you for your patient!!

        District 5 Councilman

        Maple Hts.,Ohio

        Charles Crews Jr.”

        K, .. I want you to remember, … this person (Crews) was sought after and hand-picked by council to represent my district (me).


  12. K, I had to tell you the latest about Maple Heights. I found that there was an affirmative action agreement signed by Maple Heights years ago. The agreement was to desegregate the schools and the police and fire departments.

    I emailed the Maple Heights law director asking him to send me copies of all affirmative action agreements entered into by the City of Maple Heights.

    Now K … this is the same law director that found a 1924 case law to declare my district’s council seat vacant before my current councilwoman’s term had expired. He stated that he could declare any council seat vacant for any reason.

    I won’t get into the specifics, but he basically disenfranchised the people in my district. Anyway, I digress …The law director was able to find a 1924 case law, but could not locate any affirmative action agreements. I emailed my reply stating that I was going to fax the DOJ along with his comments and let them investigate.

    Fast forward to 10:04pm today … I was at Wendy’s restaurant when 4 cop cars pulled into the lot, got out and surrounded my car. They didn’t say anything. I wasn’t going to allow them to intimidate me, so I picked up my smartphone and called my mother to tell her what they were doing. When they saw me on the phone, they walked away, got back into their police cars and drove away. So I guess the intimidation is starting.

    By the way, … I found the affirmative action agreements to desegregate the schools, police and fire departments; and I found one of the men who negotiated that agreement with the city of Maple Heights. He told me when he went up against the city to desegregate the schools, etc, they threatened his life (and that was back in the 70’s). I’ll let you know what happens next.


    1. Elaine, I must say you are a determined young woman and that’s a great value to possess. Kudos to you for finding the AA agreements. Please contact the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and tell them about the harassment against you. Someone in a professional capacity must be aware of the harassment.

      Keep me informed…and start letting the right people…people who can assist and protect you…tell them what’s going on.


  13. Re: Maple Hts, OH

    A formal request for a public meeting to discuss the city’s finances has been met with resistance from the city’s mayor and council president.

    In fact, from what I hear … the mayor called the homeowner’s boss to complain that the homeowner was harassing a public employee. [The homeowner (a tax payer) had simply requested a public meeting, and mailed the request to the elected council president.]

    This kind of intimidation by elected public officials is not news to Maple Heights residents.

    Any suggestions?


  14. My neighbor and I were simply debating this type of subject, hes normally on the lookout for to demonstrate me incorrect. Your view on that may be nice and how Simply put i feel. I merely now mailed him this excellent website online to suggest him your very own view. After trying over your online site I guide marked and would be coming again to read your new posts!


  15. Update: … Maple Heights mayor, finance director, etc state that we have no or very little money (they’ve laid off workers, etc , and yanked money meant for the poor seniors by the railroad), … yet, for several weeks I’ve been seeing new police cars and cruisers. When I called the finance director this morning, I was told that these vehicles were purchased in 2008 (what?).

    Anyway, this afternoon, a police officer, in a parked police vehicle (brand new) was on the street next to mine … [Now believe me when I tell you that I have never seen a parked police car on the street next to mine, and I’ve been living in Maple Heights for over 20 years].

    I’m thinking, … okay, … because I questioned the finance director about how we were able to afford buying new police cars, … what? … You’re now going to try and intimidate me Mr. Mayor?

    I’m sure folks are running around city hall screaming about that “uppity Black Bitch” questioning how the money is spent … absolutely know they went straight to the mayor … the same mayor who tried to smear his female African American opponent in last year’s Maple Heights mayoral election.

    I’m also going to find out who was laid off? … and how many of the laid off were African Americans.


  16. “(when I asked her about the contact person for the one business group she solicited for donations).” …………….
    I meant to say ..for the one Black business group that she listed that gave a donation. There are 11 sponsors.


  17. I know she’s uncomfortable … probably went running to the mayor (with the “all white” administration). She also asked me if I was calling her a liar (when I asked her about the contact person for the one business group she solicited for donations).


  18. Oops Elaine I got it wrong. “Soul’d Out” has a Black drummer. They play Motown music from the 60’s and 70’s. Got it! LOL It’s also good that you’re asking Linda Volpat, really intense questions. I would wager that she’s actually uncomfortable in answering a few of them.


    1. Marcella Boyd Cox of E.F. Boyd Funeral home called me Sunday night. She said Linda Volpat, head of the Human Services Department, and who solicits donations for “Music in the Park”, solicited a donation from E.F.Boyd Funeral Home (a Black owned funeral home). Ms. Cox said she told Linda (after seeing the overwhelming number of white groups), that she would donate only if it was used to book a Black musical group. Ms. Cox did not choose “Soul’d OUT”, but said she understood that this Black group were great performers. She also stated she would be in the audience when they performed in July [Good for her]


  19. “When I asked her (Linda Volpat) what %age of last year’s audience was African, … she said about 25% .. and also said that was an increase from previous years” … sorry, I meant to say African American.


  20. The 1 and only Black group is called “Soul’d OUT, and I’m sure she solicited this group to try to appease the 70% African American community in Maple Hts. By the way, .. When I asked her (Linda Volpat) what %age of last year’s audience was African, … she said about 25% .. and also said that was an increase from previous years. I told her there was systemic racism in Maple Heights. She said she was “highly insulted”.

    Oh, and by the way, if you look at prior years, the musical groups definitely did not appeal to a diverse audience … they continue not to appeal to a diverse audience. A former councilwoman said that they bus in seniors from local nursing homes to listen to these groups, … and added that many of the people who attend these events are from other cities.

    Linda picks these musical groups and solicits donations (to pay these musical groups) from organizations and businesses. I asked her who was the contact person for each of these businesses she asks for donations? She said she doesn’t put a contact person on the letter she mails to these organizations and businesses.

    I saw one Black business that was a sponsor. They were matched with the one Black group. When I called that business to ask them about their sponsorship of the only Black group (Soul’d OUT), they had no idea what I was talking about … so I asked Linda to give me the name of the contact person. She said, she got a check from them .. and she thinks the person’s name was Elaine. I’ll be calling them.

    I’d like to know how she chooses these groups. I’d also love to see the solicitation letter she sends out to these organizations and businesses. Does she match donations with certain groups (cause I’m assuming these donations vary in amount)?


    1. Marcella Boyd Cox of E.F. Boyd Funeral home called me Sunday night. She said Linda Volpat, head of the Human Services Department, and who solicits donations for “Music in the Park”, solicited a donation from E.F.Boyd Funeral Home (a Black owned funeral home). Ms. Cox said she told Linda (after seeing the overwhelming number of white groups), that she would donate only if it was used to book a Black musical group. Ms. Cox did not choose “Soul’d OUT”, but said she understood that this Black group were great performers. She also stated she would be in the audience when they performed in July [Good for her]


  21. I’ve never run across a blog that aspires to such high standards of discourse. It’s great stopping by, … reading the comments, and watching great video commentary .

    Elaine I just saw this and would like to say thank you very much. What a nice compliment.


  22. Ok kids! No self-deprecating comments allowed! 🙂

    LTL and Elaine you guys are as smart as they come. Elaine the research results that you have amassed regarding the municipality in which you live has got to be extensive and exhausting and it takes a special kind of person to do all of that.

    LTL…you know better. So you thought I was typing to you, BUT you figured it out.

    :::Starting to feel like Dorothy in The Wiz::: 🙂


    1. Hi K,

      I just got a phone call from “a friend” who said I should stop writing about what’s happening in Maple Heights because something bad might happen to me. She also added … “leave them alone … if they’re not bothering you, you don’t bother them.”

      Maybe this is why African Americans are scared to speak out in Maple Heights … don’t know; however, what I do know … if African Americans don’t speak out, bad things will continue to happen, and we will always be on the short-end of the stick.


      1. I’ve never run across a blog that aspires to such high standards of discourse. It’s great stopping by, … reading the comments, and watching great video commentary ..

        To tell you the truth, … even though 9 times out of 10, I disagree with right-wing Republicans, … because of this blog, I do take the time now to read what they have to say.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Sorry I’m so unsophisticated about these things. What do you mean “cut and paste what you have already written over … here with your name as contributor”? What have I already written that you are referring to?


      2. Hopefully, you saw my reply comment. … I think I’m understanding how your comment section works. I just happened to sweep my mouse pointer over your comment heading and the word “REPLY” appeared. Took me awhile … but I’m getting it … I’ve spent so much time at blogger, … it’s hard to break out of that format.


  23. Hi K,
    African Americans in Maple Heights are so used to being second or third class citizens, they seem to just accept what they think is their fate.

    If we had a strong, African American charismatic leader that would help.

    I have a small Maple Heights email contact list; however, I don’t get much response from questions I’ve thrown out to people on the list (even though many of them have stated they read my emails).

    I’ve lived in Maple Hts over 20+ years and never really paid much attention to politics until the mayor started his smear campaign against his African American opponent. That’s when I started paying attention.

    I don’t have children, so I never really looked into the school system, … but now I’m even looking at the new schools that were built. … contractors that were used … levies that were pushed to fund the $50mill … etc etc

    This mayor still states we have 26,000 people in Maple Hts. According to the 2010 census, our population has declined to around 23,000 due to foreclosures, etc. The tax base has definitely declined. When last I looked, our mayor made more than the mayor in Shaker Hts whose population is around 28,000. When someone wanted to address the Maple Hts mayor’s salary last year (the “Marcus B” email scandal) … the mayor instead of addressing the question of his salary, … started throwing accusations against his mayoral opponent.

    Ohio Gov Kasich’s budget cuts (to municipalities) were approved last June … yet, here in Maple Heights all we heard were nasty remarks and smears against the incumbent mayor’s African American female opponent (Maple Hts mayoral 2011 race).

    I’ve looked at prior Maple Heights budgets and audits, and it seems we’ve been dealing with deficits, etc for quite awhile … I’ve also looked at who our Maple Hts gov’t employees are, where they live, what jobs they hold, and how much money they make …. I started questioning … Who is really reaping the benefits of our tax monies? Are the African Americans in Maple Hts being thrown crumbs, while others make out like fat cats?

    Anyway, I thank you for your blog suggestions. I really appreciate your taking the time. The blogs that are using WordPress are impressive looking. Hopefully I can get some folks interested in creating a more professional looking blog for the Maple Heights African American Gazette, and taking more of an interest in their community.


    1. Well if there’s anything I can do to help get the word out, Elaine, please let me know. I’d be happy to help. I truly believe your story needs to be heard by a wide ranging audience. I just had a thought: If you would like to be a guest author, I’d be happy for you to post your work here, perhaps in a series format. Let me know.


      1. Hi K,

        Just thought I’d let you know what the Maple Heights Human Services Department has in store for the 70% African American population this summer:

        2012 MUSIC IN THE PARK

        Frank Moraveik Orchestra Polka
        John Dusek Orchestra Polka
        The Casuals / Ray Zalokar Polka
        Wayne Tomsic Orchestra Polka
        Joey Tomsick Polka/Waltz

        Billy Kaye Orchestra Plays Polka, different kinds of music – no heavy metal

        These groups play Old Jazz (like Nat King Cole, Count Bassie):
        The Swing Era Band
        Mike Jacobs Orchestra

        Soul’d OUT – Black Group
        City Heat – White Group w 1 blk drummer – 60’s/ 70’s/ Motown

        Logan Wells – Country Music

        Accordion player – Ralph Szubski


  24. The blog is called the “Maple Heights African American Gazette”.

    Our city is 70% African American, but it is run and controlled by the 30%. African Americans are disrespected, and pretty much dismissed (friends have said “we’re invisible” to the 30%).

    When African Americans won lawsuits which stopped redlining in Maple Heights (over 25 years ago), African Americans moved in, whites moved out (white flight); unfortunately, they still wanted to keep their government jobs in Maple Heights, and to keep running things, and they have succeeded (even though African Americans are in the majority, and pretty much pay their government salaries and benefits).

    In last year’s mayoral race, the incumbant mayor (who is white), smeared his African American female opponent.

    In addition, the person who won the council seat in my district, died before being sworn into office. The law director (who is white) decided to declare the council seat vacant even before the African American female person serving at that time, still had 3 or 4 days left in her term. The city council (predominantly white) decided that they would choose my next council person for the next 2 yrs (the entire term) and that there would be no special election held. Ladies from my district collected signatures asking for a special election, and I created several online petitions to put pressure on the mayor, law director, and city council, and to alert the DOJ, etc (see the gazette, Dec. 28, 2011) We were still denied a special election.

    Maple Heights city council eventually chose an African American male to fill the position (they had been accused of racism). Unfortunately, the person they chose had close ties with the mayor (yeah, the mayor who had allowed us to be disenfranchised – using a 1924 case law, and an ambiguous charter).


    Complaints of racial profiling, and the police being disrespectful and dismissive have continued through the years.

    The police department (with 1 exception), fire department, mayor’s administration, etc. … those positions are filled by whites. All major department positions are filled by whites. High salaried positions and most full time positions in Maple Heights government, are filled by whites (who for the most part, don’t live in Maple Heights)

    Call city hall, the Maple Heights school, the library, and nine times out of 10, a white person will most likely answer the phone. My online publisher friend of mine said the word “apartheid” comes to mind when she thinks of Maple Heights.

    Anyway, last October I published a blog for our African American residents to post events, etc.

    Since that time, I’ve added to the blog (just to try to keep it interesting).

    I don’t have a lot of time to devote to the blog, but I had to do something to wake folks up. I want to let the African American community in Maple Heights know the gazette belongs to them …. to represent them, to be an advocate for them, to address issues and topics relevant to the African American community (as a whole), and to be their voice.


    I also created a facebook page for the gazette.


    1. Wow Elaine, you’ve done a lot of work getting the word out about your town. Are you getting much feedback from people in your town?

      In terms of your layout, I believe that WordPress has better layouts (templates) than the site you are using now. Although I must say, for what you are reporting on, less distraction is better. 🙂


  25. I love your blog. Your content, research and writing is well done. Additionally… I really love the layout of your site! Is this a standard theme? Or did you upgrade and tweak the CSS style sheet?


    1. I love your blog. Your content, research and writing is well done.

      Thanks for that She Speaks. I really appreciate your words.

      Additionally… I really love the layout of your site! Is this a standard theme? Or did you upgrade and tweak the CSS style sheet?

      It’s a regular WordPress theme called: FUSION. I’m not yet familiar with CSS style sheets. I intend to learn though. 🙂


  26. My opinion: The polarization of the country gets worse every year. “Moderate” is a dirty word in the Republican camp. Newt can care less if we are PO’d, as a matter of fact he wears it as a badge of honor. Reminds me of people I know who calls it a good day when they’ve made someone mad… i.e. “set them straight”

    Everyone KNOWS what game he’s playing, and this who are on his side are going to push him over the top in SC. He has built his career on attack politics. I don’t know if you know about the infamous pamphlet he published, so forgive if I’m saying what you already know. But check into it. Basically it’s a list of words to use when describing “liberals.” Every sentence he utters contains some of those words the most common being “liberal welfare state.”

    Newt’s strategy is to try to bully the press, who most conservatives absolutely hate. Much of the punditry I’ve been reading this week includes not a few people declaring they’ll vote for him to stick it to the press. Folks are salivating for the chance for him to “put Obama in his place.” Speaking of that, I have no sympathy for Juan Williams. He was embraced by Fox after he got in trouble for stating he felt nervous (paraphrasing here) flying with young arab looking passengers. I’m flashing back to old arguments with co-workers talking about being nervous around young Black men.

    I’ve replied to several media Tweets this week begging the posters to follow up on the “put in place” remark, and wanted that to be a question he had to answer during the debate. I absolutely DIED when John King basically led with his chin last night. EVERYBODY knew Newt was going to fight back. Why give him a platform? Gee John, why didn’t you ask him “Hollywood doesn’t like you, what is your response?” I’d ask Newt to respond to James Dodson’s remarks about his wife not being a good role-model for a First lady. That’d put him on the spot with the socon guys who backed Santorum.

    I could go on. Bottom line to me, Newt’s built his rep on what he’s doing now. Got him all the way up to the Speaker’s job before, but as well documented, he’s his own worst enemy. He’s already talking about cabinet positions. I am 99% certain he’s not going to be elected President. I’m from South Carolina, I know that crowd. So did Perry with his “at war with the government” talk. I was about to call my friends back there and ask to them to check to see if they saw any activity at Fort Sumter. I’d really start to worry if Newt wins outside the south.

    BTW, like your blog!


    1. Speaking of that, I have no sympathy for Juan Williams. He was embraced by Fox after he got in trouble for stating he felt nervous (paraphrasing here) flying with young arab looking passengers. I’m flashing back to old arguments with co-workers talking about being nervous around young Black men.

      Hi Dennis…

      I’ve heard the same from my sons over the years about being nervous around young black men.

      I agree with everything you wrote and usually I have issues with new folks who write comments.

      Thanks for stopping by and I hope you stop again and often.


  27. I came back to see if you had the courage to publish my post, since you did not, this is for you personally.

    The Core Principles of Libertarianism

    I’m happy to say that while FEE’s core principles have never wavered in our 65 years, we are placing a greater emphasis these days on the personal character component. We believe that for a free society to flourish, it’s not enough to understand economics. Practicing the virtues of character in our individual lives is just as indispensable. Any bum can live down to the standards of socialism; all that is required is that you demand something that doesn’t belong to you and be willing to support the use of force to get it. Our challenge, if we want to be free, is to live up to the lofty standards that liberty requires. That means we must be people of character, people who put a premium on honesty, patience, humility (in the sense that there will always be a universe of information we don’t yet know or understand), courage, responsibility, self-discipline, optimism and self-reliance.
    Our major economic problems of today, including reckless government spending and debt, stem not just from the practice of bad economics but fundamentally from the erosion of character. Socialism appeals to the worst in us (envy, laziness, stupidity, short-term gratification and dependence), whereas liberty appeals to our best and highest motives. Socialism relies on force; liberty rests upon voluntarism and respect for life, property, contract and civil society. These are the stark, essential choices people must make and their decisions will ultimately decide whether we live in freedom or serfdom.


    1. Sir, it was not about “courage” in publishing your post, it was about my ability to do so after more important matters were taken care of. I am sorry it took so long to publish your post but I don’t live on my computer. I’m a grandmother with obligations at home to my grandsons and other such matters.


  28. Taking care of the sick, the homeless, those who throw their life away on drugs, whether black, white, or any other color, are all admirable qualities that have been the hallmark of a free society. However, when you or anyone else insists that the government should be used to force these obligations on me, or anyone else, you have crossed the line of sanity, and good will. You have been brainwashed by the education and media whores to the point of making yourselves enemies of freedom. America was not founded on democracy; it was surreptitiously implanted in your minds at an early age and festered there until you would make yourselves and everyone else responsible for all of humanities shortcomings. When you use government force, you create the very thing you hate, and are sadden by. CAN TWO WALK TOGETHER, IF THEY ARE NOT AGREED?


    1. This post ABOUT KSTREET607 simply laid out MY principles and political ideology. It was not intended to look down on anyone else’s. I simply don’t understand how you interpreted my statement about me as an attack on YOUR principles. I just don’t see it.


  29. Hi Linda…

    Thanks for stopping by…Yeah, I see your point about politics and science co-mingling. I guess my myopic view of some of the POTUS’ policies was in full force when I wrote that.

    I’m still a staunch supporter of Barack Obama and agree with about 80% of his policies.


  30. Your profile is of a person I want to know.

    Unfortunately your item about the President removing politics from science decisions was belied last month by the White House’s ratification of the decision by Secy Sebelius to ignore the recommendation of the science panel and continue to require teenagers to get prescriptions for Plan B. it is hard for teenagers to see physicians because it requires money. And there isn’t a lot of time to act


  31. Hi,
    Loved the 244 posting, am copying it, breaking it up a bit, and posting to my site as well. I will link back each time. This is an amazingly accurate and thorough list, and I applaud your work and dedication. Love the rest of the site as well.
    See you soon, as I have the follow!


  32. Hello!!! Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying the exposure to your wonderfully informative blog. Look forward to following you in the future as we enter into an election year that certainly needs a vehicle such as your impressive work. Congrats!!!!!!!! Daryl&DeVon


  33. I really like your blog. I just started my own for different reasons, but towards the same goal. To inform people about the crazies out there and to set them straight with a firm tongue lashing. I hope as time goes on I will get better at those tongue lashings and my blog gets better looking. I will deffinatly keep eyeing yours. check mine out sometime if you want.


  34. I have never felt such diviseness between what use to be a beautiful free country with loving family values and a feeling of being proud to be Americans, for the first time in my life (not even during the Vietnam era) have I felt we are not going to make it.

    Joann, I would agree that this country is thoroughly divided along idealogical and party lines.

    I was born in 1946 in NYC. My first recollection of something being “not quite right” in our country were the horrific scenes on television in the 50’s and 60’s. Images of lynched men and women (even children). Images of dogs and sheriffs weilding water hoses at people who were protesting against Jim Crow laws.

    Then, when I was about 10 yrs old, I started reading some of my mom’s books which gave me an insight into southern life for the Black man and his family. Such authors as James Baldwin, Langston Hughes, Ralph Ellison and others who’s own experiences dealing with “Jim Crow” in the south was heart wrenching and spell binding all at once.

    Cutting to the chase, Joann, apparently you and I have two different views of what this country used to be like.

    Today, for the first time in history we have a Black president. Something that would have been impossible during those “wonderful years” you speak of.

    Today, there’s no more lynching of men, women and children over the most mundane reason.

    Today, there are people who care about minorities; gay & lesbian issues; illegal immigrants (especially children who were brought here through no fault of their own); Women’s reproductive issues (Joann, why does your side want less government intrusion on so many issues and yet are all for intruding into the privacy of a woman’s body?)

    Anyway this response has gone on way too long.

    Bottom line, I love my country as well, but I love the achievements we have made from where we were to where we are (financial crisis not withstanding…we’re still the greatest country in the world, in my opinion.)

    So when I hear folks say they want their country back, my response is progression is better than regression.

    Liked by 3 people

  35. Thanks for being civil to me, I appreciate your kindness even though we do not agree politically or on social issues. I am what most progressives would consider a right wing,teabagging,racist,homophobe (which I do not feel is true) What I think is I am scared for our country. I have never felt such diviseness between what use to be a beautiful free country with loving family values and a feeling of being proud to be Americans, for the first time in my life (not even during the Vietnam era) have I felt we are not going to make it . This country has faced many problems in the past and we survived because in the end we are all Americans. Now I am not so sure. God Bless you and your family.


  36. We have a President who makes stupid mistakes also, such as calling corpsmans (corps/ man) Saying he gave the Medal of Honor to a soldier who was alive, when in fact he died in the service of his country. Saying things like: If we spend 700 Billion dollars it would keep unemployment from going above 8% (imagine where we would be if we only spent 600 Billion). Telling us Obama care would cut cost ( I do not know any one who has had a reduction in their health insurance premiums, unless you count all the new medicaid recepients who will never find a Doctor who will treat them. Good Luck, God Bless America!!!!


    1. Hi,
      I am an African living in Sweden. Obama,s rise to the White House, is a big inspiration to all minority groups all over the world. However, when I comes to the war in Libya, I totally disagree with Obama,s support for the war in Libya. Honestly speaking, I can tell you that, Obama is a peace-loving person who deos not want or like war(unlike George Bush senior and Junior) but he is being pushed by the wealthy American multinational oil compnaies to join the war in order to have acess to Libya,s vast oil and ntaural gas reserves. I´f Obama does agree then he is destroying his roots and the roots of all African Americans (ie the African roots). For more information about the “Lies behind the West,s war on Libya”, I refer you to http://www.rightsmonitoring.org where you read more about the unfair global political and economic attrocities being metted upon African countries and other developing countries of the world. Spread this messge in order to support justuce for the developing countries of Africa and other parts of the world.


      1. Welcome Goddy. I’m what is known in the country as “African American” although, like many, if not most, of us here, my ethnic origins include Native Americans and early European Americans. I guess that’s why I feel so “ultra” American and have such an abiding belief in and hope for all that America has professed and promised.

        I, too, oppose this country’s war on Libya. Even though I do not support any dictatorship in any country, much less in Libya where a dictator has been in control for more than 40 years, dictatorships and repression are a fact of life in many countries around the world. What makes Libya so unique that the U.S. should have instigated an open ended war? Easy answer – oil.

        BTW, how do you like Sweden? What’s the weather like today? What’s the temperature? Just curious.


  37. Uh, notalemming, did you forget to take your meds today? Or is it just fun to go trolling on the internet under the cover of anonymity and verbally assault and or insult people who don’t look like you or have a different political point of view than you?

    My advice: get a life and stop forgetting to take your meds.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hello again sista! He stated a NEW war on the people of Libya. He is NOW Commander In Chief, AND President; dont tell me he does NOT have the power to STOP them ALL. He DOES. He IS the Head Cheese, A-Number One, The Man… Yup, its HIS ball.


  38. You think we got the history of progressives and liberals wrong? THEY were EVIL THEN and THEY are EVIL now. This includes anyone that likes those enslaving policies of the democrats, better said DECEPTOCRATS.

    Since when is your race dependent on Government. Are you blacks to stupid to take care of themselves? REJECT government aid and stand up. Reject progressive polices that are killing babies everyday. Most dangerous place for a black person today… in the mothers womb. Just under 50% are MURDERED by your peaceful humain loving PROGRESSIVE policies…. thats EVIL. Thank a PROGRESSIVE SOCIALIST are MURDERERs.


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