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Georgia Race Heads to Runoff

Democratic Candidate For Georgia's 6th District Leading In Polls On Election Day

Joe Raedle—Getty Images


A Georgia congressional election is headed to a runoff that will ratchet up the already significant national attention — and campaign cash — on a race that poses an early measure for President Donald Trump and both major parties ahead of the 2018 midterm elections

Democrats Hope for a Win in Georgia Special Election
Outside Money Dwarfs Local Spending in Georgia Special Election

3 thoughts on “Georgia Race Heads to Runoff

  1. While I remain hopeful for June’s runoff, the Dems missed a great opportunity if they plan to make any inroads against Repubs. In that district they will follow lock-step with Ms Handel. Grrr. Tom Perez needs to craft a vision, not just excitement. They lost gaining 50% by less than 5000 votes. Seriously, you couldn’t find 5000 people to get out and vote for Jon? Ugh


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