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Intel Committee Member: ‘Innocent People Don’t Ask For Immunity’ (VIDEO)

Intel Committee Member: ‘Innocent People Don’t Ask For Immunity’ (VIDEO)

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Michael Flynn drove another nail into the coffin of Donald Trump’s presidency on Thursday when he agreed to testify about Russia in exchange for immunity. This prompted one member of the House Intelligence Committee to state the obvious: “Innocent people don’t ask for immunity.”

Speaking to MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) said what we have all been thinking since the announcement was made that Flynn was willing to testify in exchange for immunity. If you didn’t do anything wrong, then you don’t need immunity. The only reason to seek immunity is to protect yourself from prosecution from the illegal crap you’ve done.

“Innocent people don’t ask for immunity, but that’s not something that I’m familiar with in our investigation.”

“If he has something to say and he’s not worried about what he did, he should just come forward and testify in a public setting,” Swalwell added.

Hayes argued that there might be some scenarios where an innocent person would ask for immunity. The MSNBC host said that asking for immunity doesn’t automatically mean you are guilty of something. What if they are worried about perjury? Or concerned that maybe their words could somehow be used against them in some other way? Hey, it’s possible, right?

Swalwell wasn’t having it. He said that prosecutors don’t run around seeking perjury charges because somebody had a lapse of memory. But this isn’t the case when it comes to Flynn, he explained. “What we have here is a pattern of deceit with Michael Flynn. It’s not forgetfulness,” the congressman replied.

April Hamlin

2 thoughts on “Intel Committee Member: ‘Innocent People Don’t Ask For Immunity’ (VIDEO)

  1. Let’s look at this one more time…

    “Innocent people don’t ask for immunity.”

    Yep, I thought so. Although Swalwell is no doubt right, that is one of the most obvious and unnecessary statements I have ever seen or heard.
    In his defense, though, he IS a congressman…


  2. Well you can’t disagree with this rationale. Perhaps they give him immunity so they can get more and bigger fish that would not be revealed otherwise. How can such a talented man with so much experienced let himself get caught up in the stuff ?

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