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Contradicts Testimony Under Oath…  PELOSI: RESIGN…WSJ: FBI Probing The AG!…


  1. He met with Russian ambassador . The pundits said “spies” and “individuals known to the CIA”. That really points to evil which is inaccurate as he also met with ambassadors of 24 other countries during the same time period. He says he met as part of his committee duties not as a Trump campaign official. It would not be unusual for pre election officials of a party to meet with the officials of other nations to get foreign policy experience. Obama made trips to other countries during the first campaign and so did other presidents and congressional and senatorial candidates as well. Seems the law is vague on this or at least vulnerable to conflicting interpretations. Sessions says he did not disclose meeting with the Russian ambassador because he was not asked the specific question. More artful lawyer talk.

    I don’t accept that answer. Since the issue was raised during the campaign and after inauguration he should have eliminated any doubt that impropriety existed by meeting Russian ambassador in a meeting by his own admission. Now he can be accused of impropriety, He certainty should have revealed the meeting in his opening statement before the panel of senators to at least present himself as forthcoming.

    He certainly should recluse himself from investigation and certainly any AG should be above reproach with stellar integrity so we will see how it plays out.You’d never catch Miami Dade County’s beloved Janet Reno ( AG under Clinton) in such a bind.

    On the other had , Obama’s two AG’s probably the biggest AG liars and wigglers swimming evasively from truth in history.

    If Sessions goes it is tragic and embarrassing that two cabinet members resigned. Besides the particulars of this matter I wonder even if the most outwardly spotless people in the public arena are clean enough to pass such intense scrutiny.However, he intense scrutiny must prevail. I remember Ben Carson saying in the campaign “Please don’t bring up what I did in the 10th grade.”


  2. Dear Sheila,

    Those close to DT keep getting exposed regarding playing footsie games with Russians. And Jeff Sessions was with DT from the start. This is like a contagious disease.

    Now you have top republicans U.S. Congressman Chaffetz, and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy both going on the record saying that he has to recuse himself from any investigations regarding DT, any of his associates with any ties to Russia.

    The plot thickens…

    Hugs, Gronda


    1. I don’t think he lied. He was not asked the questions . In all court and deposition examination it is procedural to answer the question without offering anything else. I may be wrong and must read more if he did indeed lie and perjure himself before the panel , however. If so, I agree with you. If so he must resign. The general was caught in lying to Pence but that is an internal executive branch matter not a matter of criminal offense.



    Another honest, upright, patriotic, Bible-quoting, conservative Republican politician gets his dirty laundry hung up in public!
    OK, Donnie Boy, who’s your next pick for Attorney General?

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