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Priebus contacting intel officials about Russia investigation is the first stage of ‘a cover-up’: analyst

Jonathan Capehart, Malcom Nance, Sarah Kendzior, Naveed Jamali — (MSNBC screen grab)


Appearing on MSNBC, an intelligence analyst hammered White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus for contacting intelligence officials about their investigations into Russian involvement in the Trump Administration, calling it, “the first stage of a cover-up.”

Friday it was revealed that Priebus had been in contact with top FBI officials — including Director James Comey and assistant director Andrew McCabe — asking that they help push back at stories linking Trump administration officials to Russian intelligence agents.

According to terrorism analyst Malcom Nance, the failed attempt by Priebus to bully intelligence officials is a sign that something is up.

Joining guest host Jonathan Capehart on AM Joy, Nance excoriated the White House efforts, saying they are trying to deflect attention away from Russian influence.

“This is just trying to get your eye off the ball,” Nance explained. “Russia conducted a full scale national cyber warfare operation against the United States and it appears there was some level of coordination. Roger Stone seemed to have advanced information about leaks that were coming out. Rudy Giuliani was coming out and saying this. Donald Trump was an active participant on July 27 when he said, ‘Russia, if you’re listening, please release these hacked e-mails.’ He knew an operation was going on.”

“The question is: what did they know, when did they know it and were they in collusion?” Nance continued. “What’s happening with Reince Priebus now is, he is trying to divert the message by going and playing the very people who should not be talking to him about ‘simmer this down, tamp this down.’”

“They’re very worried and, and to tell you the truth, I think they’re preparing for stage one of their cover-up,” Nance concluded.

Watch the You Tube video below via MSNBC:

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