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The Department Of Justice Just Announced It Will Start Using Private Prisons Again



The Obama DOJ vowed to stop using them last summer.

Last summer, the Obama Department of Justice announced it would no longer use private prisons. Shortly after the DOJ announcement, the Department of Homeland Security also said it would reevaluate its use of private prisons. The stocks of companies like Corrections Corporation of America (CCA, now CoreCivic) and GEO Group promptly tanked. But then in November this thing no one thought would happen actually happened, and suddenly the private prison industry turned that frown upside down.

If the presidency of Donald Trump was an unexpected gift to the private prison industry, and Jeff Sessions confirmation as attorney general was a bow on the box, then today is Christmas morning for for-proft corrections companies:

Shane Bauer spent four months in a private prison working as a guard, and his article detailing that experience in the pages of Mother Jones should be read by anyone who has ever wondered what hell might actually look like.

2 thoughts on “The Department Of Justice Just Announced It Will Start Using Private Prisons Again

  1. I spent 20 years as an engineer in – and retired from – the U.S. Justice Department (Bureau of Prisons) during the 1970s and 80s.

    I have seen BOTH Government and Private prisons, their security, living (and working) conditions and wasted U.S.Taxpayers’ money.

    Private prisons are unfair to the employees [low pay and no contractor contribution to retirement], unfair to the prisoners [conditions are often unsanitary, food contaminated and medical help unavailable], and to the U.S. taxpayers [costs far exceed that of government prisons, and waste and overcharging are ‘normal.’]

    The only REASONS for private prisons is PROFIT to the ‘security companies,” and KICKBACKS, PAYOFFS, and ‘HUSH_MONEY’ to GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS…


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