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Who is (“Herr”) Steven Miller?

I am in shock!!!!

5 thoughts on “Who is (“Herr”) Steven Miller?

  1. Does Bannon have ant official position? I don’t know but if just a White House buddy there is no way to get him legally kicked out if just a president’s poker buddy. Do you know more ? I don’t know.


  2. We now know that Mr. Miller was the architect of the debacle of the travel ban roll out. He was also the top aid to our new Attorney General, the former Senator, Jeff Sessions. Now he is sycophant in chief to Steve Bannon. It is not just Mike Flynn who has to go, Steve Bannon, Mike Miller need to join him to the exit door.

    It is no wonder, Mr. Miller was furious with the 9th circuit justices, because his creation was summarily shut down.

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    1. Oh Gronda…thank you for that info. I usually focus on the “top dogs” in the WH but this guy is aiming to push everyone out the way so ONLY he can have Trump’s ear…

      Trump actually glowed with praise for this guy. (sighs)

      I should have known he would bring total TV style drama to the WH!. (Grrrrr!)

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