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Democratic Senator Voted To Confirm Career Racist Sessions And What Happened Next Is PERFECT (SCREENSHOTS/TWEETS)

Democratic Senator Voted To Confirm Career Racist Sessions And What Happened Next Is PERFECT (SCREENSHOTS/TWEETS)


Apparently, West Virginia Democrat — not to be confused with real Democrats — Joe Manchin effectively told voter he doesn’t want his job anymore when he was the only person supposedly on “our side” who voted to confirm lifetime racist and embarrassment to humanity Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.

Manchin, who reportedly considered switching to Republican just after the 2016 election (though he denies it), has been on the wrong side of history many times in his career. Not only did he vote with Republicans to terminate funding for Planned Parenthood after right-wing “activists” produced heavily-edited propaganda videos that claimed the women’s health organization sells “baby parts,” but he is so deep in the pockets of the coal industry that the lint is jealous. On top of that, Manchin has been endorsed by the NRA and has supported legislation that sought to prevent the EPA from regulating greenhouse gas. While Manchin has been criticized for all of that in the past, his decision to support a career racist for Attorney General is bringing a sh*tstorm his way that he seems to have failed to anticipate.

Shortly after the vote, Manchin’s Wikipedia page underwent some…renovations — most notably the word “traitor” above his head and a note that he voted with republicans “on the horrible Jeff Sessions”:

Manchin’s decision to betray his party, his country and everything decent in the world is not going over well on social media, where pretty much everyone seems to want to set him adrift:

According to Fortune, Trump and Manchin “call each other directly on their cell phones, have met at Trump Tower and even flirted with the idea of a Cabinet post.” His chumminess with our dictator-in-chief alone is enough for Democrats to tell him to hit the bricks in 2018. Everything else is just “extra.”

John Prager

5 thoughts on “Democratic Senator Voted To Confirm Career Racist Sessions And What Happened Next Is PERFECT (SCREENSHOTS/TWEETS)

  1. Here’s some tough love–If the Democratic Party is going to make headway in the southern states, it has to figure out a way to appeal to white Christian voters. When we say “racist” the other side calls that “identity politics.” While we are correct to point out racism, the other side doesn’t see it that way, they only see it as an attack and their base rallies. We have to figure out how to appeal and get that demographic to vote for us, and not lose the metropolitan voter base. Any ideas on how to build a rural-metropolitan coalition?

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  2. People who call Manchin a traitor seem to forget that he is a Democrat who was able to get elected in West Virginia, the state that gave Trump a margin of 43% over Clinton. It pretty much doesn’t get any redder than that – WY was the only state with a higher margin.
    So WV simply isn’t the kind of state where you can get another Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders elected – so we need to accept that we either get a Manchin who’ll vote with the rest of the party around 70% of the time, or a someone like Ted Cruz or Mitch McConnell who’ll vote with the Democrats maybe 10% of the time.


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