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Politicus USA News 1-28-17


Trump Suffers First His Major Defeat As Judge Blocks Part Of His Muslim Ban

The ACLU sued President Trump and won in court, as a judge has blocked the Trump administration from deporting Muslim immigrants who are currently stranded at US airports.

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Trump aides divided over policy shielding ‘dreamer’ immigrants: sources

Divisions have emerged among advisers to President Donald Trump over whether to rescind a signature policy of his predecessor, President Barack Obama, that shields young immigrants from deportation, according to congressional sources and Republicans close to the White House.

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Trump’s Politics of Repression Promise to Exacerbate Domestic and Global Problems

Trump’s presidency, with its emphasis on law and order, is trying to sell us the idea that a repressive society is a free society.

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Opinion: The Opinion of Leading Psychologists Is That Trump Is Mentally Deranged

Trump’s narcissistic mental defect puts him in the same category as infamous tyrannical dictators like Muammar Gaddafi, Adolf Hitler, and Saddam Hussein.

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Tensions simmer below surface as Trump, Republicans map strategy

But barely visible in Philadelphia, there are potential flashpoints of disagreement within the Republican rank-and-file in Congress as well as between Republican lawmakers and the unorthodox new president.

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Republican Rep. Charlie Dent Calls on Trump to Halt Enforcement of Muslim Ban

“I urge the admin to halt enforcement of this order until a more thoughtful and deliberate policy can be instated”

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Iraqis with U.S. ties are first to sue over Trump immigration order

An initial volley in a potential barrage of legal challenges to President Donald Trump’s new restrictions on immigration came on Saturday on behalf of two Iraqis with ties to U.S. security forces who were detained at New York’s JFK Airport.

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Two House Democrats March on JFK Airport to Fight for Detained Iraqis

“This should not happen in America…We must fight this executive order in the streets, in the courts, anywhere, anytime. We must resist.”

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Connecticut Democrat Chris Murphy Schools Republicans on Trump Muslim Ban

“There is no moral equivalence between Obama’s reluctance to militarily intervene in Syria and the #MuslimBan.”

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J.K. Rowling Condemns British PM for ‘Standing Simpering Next to Powerful Racist’ Trump

“May making her “strong statement about the role of women” there, by standing simpering next to a powerful racist.”

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Iran Responds to Trump’s Muslim Ban by Banning US Citizens

“The Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran…will take reciprocal measures in order to safeguard the rights of its citizens”

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It Took Obama 922 Days to Drop to 42% Disapproval – It Took Trump Just 8

Donald Trump has proved that it is not always true that the only place you can go is up. He has gone down instead.

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Paul Ryan Gets Added to Wikipedia Page on Spineless Animals (Invertebrates)

The addition by an anonymous hero is certainly accurate, as Ryan has shown himself to be completely spineless when it comes to Donald Trump

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University Of Michigan Defies Trump By Refusing To Release Immigration Status Of Students

While some major universities are advising their students that they are studying Trump’s Muslim ban, the University of Michigan released a statement on Saturdaythat flatly refused to release the immigration status of their students. The Maize and Blue isn’t playing along with Trump’s Muslim prejudice.

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ACLU And Other Organizations Immediately Sue Trump Over Illegal Muslim Ban

The ACLU has announced an immediate lawsuit filed against the Trump administration for their illegal executive order banning Muslims from 7 countries from entering the United States.

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Malia Obama Takes a Stand Against Trump and for Standing Rock at #NoDAPL Protest

“It was amazing to see Malia…to witness…a woman coming into her own outside of her family and outside of the attachments that this country has on her”

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