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This is happening.

This is real.

Chris Kleponis-Pool/Getty Images


  • So, um, Donald Trump is going to be president of the United States tomorrow.
  • According to some reports, he’s ready to hit the ground running, signing major executive orders in his first day or two in office (though there’s a lot of disagreement about when, and what, the orders will actually be). [Reuters / Ayesha Rascoe and Julia Edwards Ainsley]
  • But his government may not be in much of a position to implement his desires. There are 650 positions in the federal government that require Senate confirmation; Trump has named nominees for 30 (and only two are likely to be confirmed tomorrow). [Washington Post and Partnership for Public Service]
  • At least Trump has filled out his Cabinet. On Thursday, his transition team named Sonny Perdue as secretary of agriculture (making his Cabinet officially the first since 1989 to not have a Latino in it, which press secretary Sean Spicer attributed to Trump’s desire to find the “best and brightest”).  [Huffington Post / Elise Foley]
  • Below the Cabinet level, it gets real empty real fast. As late as Wednesday, several senior Obama administration national security officials weren’t sure whether they were supposed to stay in their jobs temporarily or whether Trump would just leave those positions empty. [Foreign Policy / Dan De Luce and John Hudson]
  • The Trump administration has asked some of them to stay on at the last minute. And they maintain that its “beachhead” staff of senior civil servants are going to come in and do the rest. [The Daily Beast / Kimberly Dozier]
  • But since there’s been a lot less communication than usual between the Obama people staying in government and the Trump people coming in (largely because neither side trusts the other not to leak to press), it might take a bit of time to adjust. [Politico / Josh Dawsey and Andrew Restuccia]
  • These aren’t just growing pains. They’re indications that Trump’s plan for running the federal government (giving Cabinet secretaries and departments a lot of latitude while he busies himself Making America Great Again) is not going to work any better than the past several times it’s been tried. [Vox / Andrew Prokop]



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