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Teachers union chief says Betsy DeVos as Trump’s education pick “is a trainwreck waiting to happen”

Teachers union chief says Betsy DeVos as Trump's education pick

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To hear Lily Eskelsen Garcia — president of the National Education Association — tell it, the American education system stands at a crossroads. President-elect Donald Trump has proposed a vision that would ruin public schools, Garcia said, instead of investing in the schools where the National Education Association’s 3 million members work.

Shortly before Betsy DeVos began her testimony in front of the U.S. Senate at her confirmation hearing, Garcia said in an interview that Trump’s nominee to lead the Department of Education is unqualified and has the wrong vision for the nation’s schools.

“I don’t think you will find one human being who could actually point to something who could say, ‘Because she did this, it really improved those traditional, neighborhood public schools,” Garcia said. “What you’re seeing here is a trainwreck waiting to happen.”

Garcia blasted DeVos’ decades-long devotion to “school choice,” the belief that giving parents and children alternatives to public education will produce better educational results. DeVos applied this method in Michigan, where she spent part of her multibillion-dollar fortune to influence state education policy.

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – DECEMBER 9: (L to R) President-elect Donald Trump looks on as Betsy DeVos, his nominee for Secretary of Education, speaks at the DeltaPlex Arena, December 9, 2016 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. President-elect Donald Trump is continuing his victory tour across the country | (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

7 thoughts on “Teachers union chief says Betsy DeVos as Trump’s education pick “is a trainwreck waiting to happen”

  1. Teacher unions are the only protection teachers have and most are not very strong.

    Merit pay, loss of tenure: If a principal wants to get rid of a teacher for any number of reasons(not including performance) he can give the teacher the 17 year old 9th graders who have repeatedly failed grades, far below grade level reading and discipline problems. These kids will never graduate or pass state tests. How about class of students where English is not primary language – these kids have problems learning even with very best teachers. The classroom evaluation may be done on the day before spring break or Christmas break where there is less than half the students present and no kids are going to do anything let alone listen to teacher. Teacher written up and nailed. There are so many categories in teacher evaluation form that no one could ever get A rating on everything, administrator can always find a deficiency if out to get a teacher. Teacher is canned for a replacement from principal’s friends. In Miami Dade County Schools, over 80% minority, black principals may discredit teachers of other race/ethnicity to make room for more black staff. Hispanics do the same.It has to be one of the most racially discriminating system in America and the irony is that white teachers are not doing the discrimination as there are so few of them now. In a minority led system white teachers and administrators are evaporating. My old high school is 95% Haitian and staff is mostly Haitian as well. I got harassed until I transferred because woman principal wanted a woman social studies dept chair. Hiring / promotion is often based on cronyism, nepotism, and sex for job. I know . Taught 33 years Miami Dade Public Schools.

    Now as far as DeVos goes, I would never approve anyone without some classroom teaching experience, despite degrees and part of university academia. I support public schools 100%. One thing about charter schools and success is that they can expel disruptive kids while public school are stuck with all kids . Charter schools have very active parent participation, a big advantage over public schools. I have seen kids arrive at 8 AM when state tests start at 7:30, kids dead asleep during testing and kids smoking pot and crack on way to school. Many just bubble in anything, never read the tests and are done and asleep in 10 minutes. It’s not teachers and failing schools that are the problem. It is corrupt nature of staff hiring and kids who refuse to be part of their own education.

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  2. DeVos is one of the least qualified people to be Secretary of Education. She has no background in teaching. She does not have a degree in education. It is like asking someone who is not a surgeon to do surgery on patients. To be a teacher one must learn how to teach. Young lives are at risk here. Across the board, the majority of Charter Schools do not meet federal standards in education and they are failing. One of the reasons for this failure is a compounded problem including hiring people without teaching certificates, very low salaries, no federal educational standards employed and they are for profit schools. Their bottom line “Trumps” children’s education. Period!

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