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Pro-Trump pastor goes ballistic on CNN: ‘Since when did Russia become a threat?’

Pastor Dr. Darrell Scott speaks to CNN's Fredricka Whitfield (screen grab)

Pastor Dr. Darrell Scott speaks to CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield (screen grab)


Cleveland Pastor Dr. Darrell Scott argued on Sunday that Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) deserves to have his legacy attacked by by President-elect Donald Trump.

During a Sunday interview with Scott, CNN host Fredricka Whitfield explained that Trump had made his disagreement with Lewis personal when the president-elect criticized the civil rights icon for not doing enough to help his constituents.

“He’s not talking about 50 years ago, he’s talking about now,” Scott said in defense of Trump. “Because he was a civil rights icon from the past doesn’t immunize you from any criticism going forward. He’s talking about what’s going on in Atlanta right now.”

Tharon Johnson, a former Obama campaign official, pointed out that Lewis had questioned the legitimacy of Trump’s presidency “because of Russia’s involvement in this election.”

“Now, you as a very educated pastor cannot deny that you’ve seen that,” Johnson said. “Whether it’s confirmed or not confirmed, there was interference by Russia.”

“Since when did Russia become this threat to American society!” Scott exclaimed. “You’re talking about Russia when we’re talking about ISIS.”

Whitfield interrupted: “That has historically been the case. We’re not arguing whether it is or it isn’t because it is.”

“If Donald Trump is an illegitimate president then Hillary Clinton was an illegitimate candidate!” Scott declared. “Because the DNC was hacked and it revealed how they conspired against Bernie Sanders!”

“You’re trying to make something racial,” the pastor insisted. “The Democratic Party keeps throwing stuff up against the wall hoping it will stick. First it was the popular vote, then the Electoral College, then it’s WikiLeaks, now it’s Russia! It’s the FBI, it’s James Comey! Your candidate lost! She lost!”

“I think the hope we had for this conversation is the hope that we could look forward,” the CNN host lamented, concluding the interview as Scott continued ranting.

“Get over it,” Scott said. “If Trump goes low, you go high!”

Watch the video below from CNN, broadcast Jan. 15 2017.

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