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China Blasts Trump

Donald Trump Holds Meetings At Trump Tower

Drew Angerer—Getty Images


China’s state-run media has described the U.S. President-elect’s suggested use of Taiwan as a bargaining chip as “despicable,” and warned Donald Trump that “Beijing will have no choice but to take off the gloves” if he continues his present course

One thought on “China Blasts Trump

  1. Bush and Cheney started a war in the Middle East which the USA worn handly. Our troops were welcome like liberation forces just like in Europe after the WW11. Those wimpy democrates came, never welded American might, see where they got us now. Luckily the macho men are back, this time we might just take on China, 1.5 billion people, a standing arm of over one million, nuclear power, and without NATO this time. We might just avoid paying the money they claim we owe them. The Brits may have over extended during WW11 but that is them, their is no lesson there. I cannot wait for President Trump to start teaching these people who the USA is.


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