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Trump Falsely Accuses NBC Of Misquoting Him And Gets Blown To Smithereens On Twitter

Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

 Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images


Donald Trump must be feeling pretty damn humiliated right about now.

 It’s one thing to call out the media for getting something wrong, but it’s another when you are accusing them of misquoting you simply because you didn’t bother to read an article all the way through.

On Thursday, Trump frightened the world by declaring his intention to expand America’s already over-bloated nuclear weapons capabilities.

Apparently, Trump is so narcissistic that he reads about himself when something he says makes the news. But as he was reading an article written for NBC about his remarks, Trump became enraged because NBC allegedly only printed part of the quote. And, of course, he whined about it on Twitter.

Except that NBC didn’t misquote Trump at all. In fact, it turns out Trump misread the article, assuming he read it at all. Had he read the third paragraph slowly, he would have found his full quote.

In other words, NBC was being the opposite of “dishonest” while Trump lied. And he was apparently so outraged that his misspelled the word “quote.” This is the danger of Trump. He just got busted smearing the media for something that didn’t happen. He lied about NBC and sullied their reputation on purpose, which frankly should result in a defamation lawsuit against Trump.

But Twitter quickly stomped him for it.

Donald trump seriously needs to surrender his phone and start focusing on the presidency instead of tweeting out petty bullshit every day. It’s embarrassing and only makes the United States look foolish.

Stephen D Foster Jr

4 thoughts on “Trump Falsely Accuses NBC Of Misquoting Him And Gets Blown To Smithereens On Twitter

  1. Anyone who has had formal training in nuclear reactions (fission or fusion), and the consequences of a “Nuclear War,” understands that the heating of the atmosphere caused by nuclear explosions is nothing to fear.
    After a ‘real’ nuclear was, however, the truly fearful — and horrible — result would be the world-wide spread of nuclear radiation contamination by upper atmospheric winds. Witbin a few months, or years at the longest, all water, and food products from both plant and animals, will be contaminated. People, and OTHER animals, will get a buildup over time of radiation within their bodies causing agonizing death. Options will be to die of radiation sickness, thirst and hunger, or other means such as food wars — or, perhaps, suicide.
    Do I sound like a harbinger of global disaster? I am only predicting global destruction of living animal life IF THE “RED BUTTON” GETS PUSHED.
    Except, possibly, ROACHES….


  2. Who needs fake news if you can’t read the real ones correctly?
    Seriously, I do hope that NBC sues him for libel. After all, Trump was the one who wanted to open the libel laws.


  3. Is anyone surprised that trump would make a snap appraisal or that he could read?… wait, UNTIL he retracks the ” ”oh I didnt mean NUKES, I MEANT PUKES”, EH?…. ”can we put them back”?… HIS ‘AIDES’ immed gathered, like his phony surrogates, to ‘CLEAN UP THE BOSS’S MESS”…..AGAIN… to explain what he really meant by that tweet…. guess everyone felt comfortable with Bannon, the poster boy for the NATL SUPREMACIST MOVEMENT, was trump’s teleprompter BRAIN & could put words together that appealed to the dumbfounded…. BUT NOW…… who controls the tweeter troll, in the tower?

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