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Bush Speechwriter BRUTALLY Attacks Media For Pro-Trump Lies

David Frum | Donald Trump


You know lies have gotten out of control when a man who helped orchestrate the Iraq wars, a man who coined the term “axis of evil” and who helped push the lie of weapons of mass destruction, calls Trump propaganda what it is. Former George W. Bush speech writer David Frum has been one of the ironic voices of reason when it comes to the President Elect and the media that’s fawning all over him.

Frum took to Twitter on Sunday with a series of tweets that’s guaranteed to piss Trump off. Frum warned that “Trump’s lying about the popular vote has dangerous real-world consequences.” He called Trump a “narcissist” who will surround himself with sycophants (my word) and convince true believers “to act en masse as if the lies were truth.”

According to Frum, another consequence of Trump’s lies will be to encourage Congress to be reckless.

Even more surprisingly, Frum, an old school Republican, admitted that Republicans have lost the popular vote in every single election but one over the last 28 years. That, to Frum, means that Republicans should rule with caution, since they don’t have a mandate.

Frum is right and he knows a thing or two about propaganda. Trump has taken his fake news cues directly from the Kremlin and his supporters are believing the lies. Polls show that the majority of Americans don’t believe the news media. More than half of Republicans think Trump won the popular vote. He didn’t. He lost by almost 3 million votes.

We are entering a very dangerous time. While people lose confidence in all our institutions, a demagogue who’s plagued with strong foreign influences and too many conflicts of interest to count has taken over the presidency, all without the permission of vast majority of the American people. That’s all we really need to know about the incoming Trump administration.

Wendy Gittleson

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