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Trump voter regrets vote: He is not draining swamp but filling it with alligators


MSNBC screen-capture


The Trump voter revolt may be starting. Maybe that is why he is starting one of the largest disinforming set of rallies around the country to tell his supporters not to believe their eyes or the crooked media.

A Trump voter who was foreclosed on by a corrupt banker, Steven Mnuchin is upset that he is the pick for Treasury Secretary. The AP reported the following recently.

WASHINGTON (AP) — When Donald Trump named his Treasury secretary, Teena Colebrook felt her heart sink.

She had voted for the president-elect on the belief that he would knock the moneyed elites from their perch in Washington. And she knew Trump’s pick for Treasury — Steven Mnuchin — all too well.

OneWest, a bank formerly owned by a group of investors headed by Mnuchin, had foreclosed on her Los Angeles-area home in the aftermath of the Great Recession, stripping her of the two units she rented as a primary source of income.

“I just wish that I had not voted,” said Colebrook, 59. “I have no faith in our government anymore at all. They all promise you the world at the end of a stick and take it away once they get in.”

Teena Colebrook appeared on Chris Hayes recently and was decidedly adamant that she wants Donald Trump to keep his word. Watch the video here. She said Trump promised to drain the swamp. Teena believed him. She felt the government needed a shake up. Trump hoodwinked her like he is doing to most of his voters.

“We believe Trump would be an outsider for the first time who would work for the people like his campaign promised,” Teena Colebrook said. “He said he would, ah, my only interest he is quoted as saying is to you the American people, not major donors, or parties, or corporations. Now we want him to prove it. He said he was going to drain the swamp. Now he is filling it with alligators like Mnuchin. We want him to prove he will drain the swamp.”

Teena will have a long wait as her prior alligator statement is the reality she must live with. Chris Hayes asked Teena if she felt she was played and hoodwinked. She said in some instances she does.

Let the revolt begin.

By Egberto Willies

2 thoughts on “Trump voter regrets vote: He is not draining swamp but filling it with alligators

  1. If you are going to upgrade the economy you need money people that know megacorp and megabank ins and outs if a worker based economy is the goal. The democrat answer in more welfare and debt and no concern for evaporating middle class. That’s why they lost that group’s votes. Unions becoming pro republican is an astonishing realignment.


  2. The info was always out there, re trump’s ‘inner circle’ of advisers.. his economic ‘advisers’ were all, save ONE, HEDGE FUND CEO’S.. Mnuchin traveled to Scotland with his buddy trump, to ck the world class SPRINKLERS…trump, the ‘self funder’, HAD several HEDGE FUND ONLY CEO’S, FUND RAISERS….. His other ‘adviser’ Carter PAGE, of GLOBAL INVESTMENTS, returned from Russia, JUST IN TIME to have trump & Manafort, remove the UKRAINE PLANK from the RNC PLATFORM…WHICH they both denied…. anyone who doesnt believe that high stakes real estate mogul, has no connections to WALL ST, pls raise your hand… NOW the guy who OWES NOTHING TO ANYONE, Just paid off Mnuchin, with the charge of trump’s TREASURY DEPT….. here’s a CLUE……..WE WERE ALL WARNED…


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