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Maddow Goes on a Tear Over Trump Call: ‘This Conceivably Is the Way Wars Start’


Rachel Maddow last night had a pretty bewildered reaction to President-elect Donald Trump‘s call with the president of Taiwan.

She walked through the history of U.S. relations with China and Taiwan before saying that Trump may have “torn up” the relationship with China the U.S. has worked decades on.

“We don’t know if he did it on purpose or if he just bumbled into it,” she said. “Either way, this conceivably is the way wars start.”

Maddow seemed to genuinely not know if this was planned or just “a huge screw-up,” though she did say it seems “likely that he has no idea what he just stumbled into.”

Either way, she concluded, this is a pretty abrupt and “radical” shift in policy “without anybody having any warning at all that it was happening.”

Maddow also brought on Senator Chris Murphy to break down the issue after he basically echoed the same sentiments as her on Twitter:

You can watch above, via MSNBC.


3 thoughts on “Maddow Goes on a Tear Over Trump Call: ‘This Conceivably Is the Way Wars Start’

  1. This dopey broad is so far to the left it is astonishing. She’s also stupid. How in the Sam Hill can a war start between super powers ? China owns all our debt and does not want to get stuck and US buys all their cheap low quality manufactured crap and they need us for that as well. Russia buys wheat from US and we buy rare industrial metals from them and since they also have a huge Islamic population they will need US cooperation on terrorism policing.


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