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Carrier To Employees: Donald Trump Lied, We’re Still Sending 1,300 Jobs To Mexico

Carrier To Employees: Donald Trump Lied, We’re Still Sending 1,300 Jobs To Mexico

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In a deal that even stalwart Trump supporter calls a “hallmark of corruption” and “crony capitalism,” Trump and Pence offered the company $7 million to keep a small portion of the jobs they planned to move across the border in Indiana. The problem is that the company will still be moving 1,300 jobs Trump and his crew refuse to speak about. But Carrier was forthright with employees in a companywide letter explaining The Donald’s attempt to deceive the American public into thinking he was doing some actual good.

“While this announcement is good news for many, we recognize it is not good news for everyone,” the letter tells employees. Carrier explains that regardless of any deal with Trump they intend to “move forward with previously unannounced plans” to relocate 1,300 jobs to Mexico by the end of the year.

“We recognize that this has been very difficult for your families,” the letter says, praising employees for continuing to work even knowing the company intended to f*ck them over with or without Donald Trump’s input. “We greatly appreciate this and sincerely thank you for all your efforts.”

Trump’s dangerous decision to show companies that he will give them special favors if they merely threaten to take jobs elsewhere will have far-reaching impact, but the Wall Street Journal says that another aspect of the deal — Trump’s threats against the company if they didn’t comply — is far more dangerous than the bribe:

Mr. Trump’s Carrier squeeze might even cost more U.S. jobs if it makes CEOs more reluctant to build plants in the U.S. because it would be politically difficult to close them.

Yes, more jobs were lost than were saved and yes, Trump just set a precedent for providing financial gifts to companies who threaten to take jobs elsewhere, but Trump has managed to make it dangerous for companies to bring jobs here while he is President — something that we can expect will cause a lot of damage down the road.

By John Prager

3 thoughts on “Carrier To Employees: Donald Trump Lied, We’re Still Sending 1,300 Jobs To Mexico

  1. More to come boys & girls… just the beginning of a incompetent, unqualified, no filter, no impulse controlled mega fool…..yeah…. the JOBS pres… The business leader… STEPS out of his realm, of real estate closings, to run the most powerful, burden filled, decision making county, world consequences THAT results from his decisions.. The OUTRAGE, to dip his toe into yet another of his failed business ventures….. He ran 20+ of his own businesses, to the ground, WITH HIS BAD DECISIONS….so why not give him a chance at RUNNING my country… should be a piece of cake for him.eh? he bankrupted a CASINO, for cripes sake… BECAUSE HE WOULDNT LISTEN TO THE OTHER OWNERS, STILL IN BUSINESS, WHO TRIED TO TELL, BLOCK HEAD, what he was doing wrong….. when pigs fly… eh, mr trump….


  2. “We recognize that this has been very difficult for your families,” Oh so kind and caring. The businesses and even congress treat unemployment as though it is some mere inconvenience. This is why I rage when I hear politicians say “the American people this” or “the American people that”. They have no clue as to who and how American people want and how they are not living but surviving. The $7 million give away will pay for itself many times over as people will pay into soc sec and med instead of taking from in welfare and an influx of just 1,000 people with salaries stimulates growth and jobs throughout that community and state. I think companies will get the message that they will be rewarded for staying here and punished for exporting jobs, a message from Trump just as his recent connect with Taiwan sends a message to China: No more business as usual.


    1. While something like 800 to 1000 workers will keep their jobs and it’s certainly a good thing for them, there is no influx of 1000 jobs because not a single job was added in Indiana and 1300 would be lost – unless you’re talking about Mexico, that is.
      And since Carrier is still outsourcing 1300 jobs even after getting the tax incentives, the message the big business is going to get is that is that not only they are not being punished for exporting jobs, they will be rewarded for it. That’s much better than “business as usual”, although it’s certainly not the change what Trump voters were hoping for.


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