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Here’s Donald Trump’s tweet where he says if he were President he would screw everyone but himself

I guess you’re my “friend.” – Getty Images

Let me be perfectly clear here, IMO this TWISTED, DEMENTED, SOCIOPATH has no business holding the highest office in the land. (ks)


Donald Trump has not even been given the electoral votes that would officially make him our next President yet but he is already going about using his new position to pressure foreign leaders to enrich his personal business interests. Considering that this is a man who has a voting base impervious to “facts” or “evidence” or “reality,” it is hard to imagine that they care much about anything but lighting the world on fire. Back in 2014, when Donald Trump was still more joke than nightmare human being, he responded as he loves to do to someone asking him not to run for President.

It  was probably the positive responses from his followers that gave him the idea that he didn’t need to compromise he could just be the enormous narcissistic dick all the way through until election day. One thing to note here: Donald Trump doesn’t actually have “friends.” This means everybody is screwed.

By Walter Einenkel

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