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‘What a Pack of Losers’: Kellyanne Conway Blasts Clinton Campaign For Joining Recount


Wait?  What?  Those “losers” are exercising their Democratic rights guaranteed them via the Constitution of the United States of America. (ks)


Earlier today, a lawyer for Hillary Clinton’s campaign stated that they will join in on the recount efforts initiated by Green party presidential candidate Jill Stein in Wisconsin. While Marc Elias stated in his Medium post that the campaign “had not uncovered any actionable evidence of hacking,” they would take “the same approach” if Stein follows through on her promises of recounts in Pennsylvania and Michigan, along with participating in the one already scheduled in Wisconsin.

Until now, President-elect Donald Trump and his team have remained quiet about Stein’s recount efforts. However, now that the Clinton camp is jumping into the fray, that is no longer the case.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway slammed the Clinton campaign, essentially labeling them hypocrites while calling them “sore losers.”

“What a pack of sore losers,” Conway said in a statement to Bloomberg. “After asking Mr. Trump and his team a million times on the trail, ‘Will HE accept the election results?’ it turns out Team Hillary and their new BFF Jill Stein can’t accept reality.”

“Rather than adhere to the tradition of graciously conceding and wishing the winner well, they’ve opted to waste millions of dollars and dismiss the democratic process. The people have spoken. Time to listen up. #YesYourPresident,” Conway said.

Conway was obviously referring to the concerns over Trump saying that he would leave the country in suspense on whether he’d accept the election results. He continually harped about the election system being rigged on the campaign trail.

While the margin of victory in the three states that will be recounted is relatively tight — a combined 107,000 — it is still highly unlikely that any of the three will flip on a simple recount, something Elias himself conceded in his post.

Meanwhile, Clinton national popular vote lead continues to rise. As of today, Clinton now leads by over 2.2 million votes and it appears that when it is all said and done, Hillary will win the popular vote by two points and nearly 3 million.


Regarding funding for the recount efforts, Stein has raised over $5 million in just a few days and has now set her target for $7 million. This has raised a number of questions over her intents with the fundraising, as initially she said she would need $2.5 million and is now claiming any unused money will go to other efforts.


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4 thoughts on “‘What a Pack of Losers’: Kellyanne Conway Blasts Clinton Campaign For Joining Recount

  1. Counting, recounting will not bring change, only more division and riots. It is completely irrelevant if Hillary won the popular vote or not. The author of this article should do a better research. In the 1st place if you got objection to the electoral vote winning you should brought that up BEFORE ELECTION not after. You people start sounding like the idiots. Please, accept and maybe things will work out for better. Hillary was horrible candidate. I left democrats, because of her and Obama. NEVER HILLARY -that’s me. By the way
    Obama won primary election in 2008 in spite that Hillary won popular vote. There is more. Four times in the U.S. history we had presidents that LOST POPULAR BUT WON ELECTORAL. With the popular vote the problem is that there are too many chances that people unqualified like illegals would end up voting etc…like Hillary stole from Bernie… the death people were voting.


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