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Kids in Michigan have no right to be educated in state’s schools

You know how you sometimes have those blah days and it seems like nothing is going right for you?  THEN…you read this headline and subsequently the content of the article, then you admonish yourself for feeling bad about what amounts to trivial nonsense in comparison to the following?…ks

WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 17:  Gov. Rick Snyder, (R-MI), listens to members comments during a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing, about the Flint, Michigan water crisis, on Capitol Hill March 17, 2016 in Washington, DC. The committee is examining how lead ended up in the public drinking water in Flint, Michigan.  (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Rick Snyder. Governor of Michigan. Water Poisoner in Chief. Non-Educator-In-Command

Let me say this: All local Heads of State as well as Presidential candidates should have a complete and thorough psych evaluation…BEFORE taking office…by an independent licensed psychiatrist. (ks)


It’s pretty hard to top poisoning the water system of a whole town of people. Anything you do after that just doesn’t quite seem to measure up. So, the fact that students in Detroit cannot read and are not being educated is no big thing to “Slick” Rick Snyder. The students “have no fundamental right to literacy,” so, that’s that. According to lawyers for the State of Michigan, that is.

A California public interest law firm is representing seven Detroit public school students who believe the education they are getting is substandard and essentially want the courts to rule that literacy is a fundamental constitutional right reports WWJ legal analyst Charlie Langton.

The suit looks to establish that literacy is a U.S. constitutional right.

“Decades of State disinvestment in and deliberate indifference to Detroit schools have denied Plaintiff schoolchildren access to the most basic building block of education: literacy,” the suit claims at its start.

The lawsuit says the schools are in “slum-like conditions” and “functionally incapable of delivering access to literacy.” The case, filed in federal court, directly accuses Gov. Rick Snyder, the state school board and others of violating the civil rights of low-income students.

The lawsuit could face some challenges says Langton, adding that while there are some difficulties with Detroit public schools, the judge could say that the solution may be better addressed by the elected school board, or through the political process.

Basically, the suit is claiming that Michigan is supposed to comply with U.S. constitutional mandates in education, especially since children are required by law to attend school in Michigan.

Five years ago—as in, 5—a report from the Detroit Regional Workforce Fund found that 47% of Detroiters were functionally illiterate:

“Not able to fill out basic forms, for getting a job — those types of basic everyday (things). Reading a prescription; what’s on the bottle, how many you should take… just your basic everyday tasks,” [acccording to Director Karen Tyler-Ruiz].


Some of the Detroit suburbs also have high numbers of functionally illiterate: 34 percent in Pontiac and 24 percent in Southfield.

A hearing on the lawsuit is scheduled for this February. The governor’s office has made no further comments.


4 thoughts on “Kids in Michigan have no right to be educated in state’s schools

  1. I think that the government has a duty to provide free education, but literacy is not something that the government can guarantee unless the students and parents expend some amount of effort to acquire it.
    Hopefully the suit can make Michigan to properly fund its schools, but even the best schools have some who are functionally illiterate.


  2. 1. If Jeff is late 3 of 5 days and little first period attendance – forget it.
    2. Charlene misses the day before her period, 2 days during and 1 day after=40 absences – forget it.
    3 Terry and Pablo come high every day, Meggy and Telly asleep have been up gaming all night – forget it.
    4. Emelio’s parents are drunk and on the pipe, no food in the house – forget it.
    5. A quarter of the school does not return after lunch – forget it.
    6. Darryl misses 1 day every month reporting to parole officer, 1 day reporting to judge and 1 day for status hearing and then he’s too tired and depressed to attend – forget it.
    7. Tammy is pregnant, Billy off his meds again, Amy oldest child and misses 2-3 days a week caring for younger siblings as both parents work, Della has lupus, Taleka’s uncle molests her every night – forget it.
    8. 90% never do homework and half of what is turned in is copied. – forget it.
    9. 2/3 never bring a book to class – forget it.
    10. Assemblies, 12 testing days a year, early release for band and football students, teacher work days, students sick absences – forget it.
    11. 40% drop out rate at 10th grade – forget it. ALL of these have no skills for a job and yes all illiterate.

    The pundits and educators and even parents have no right to condemn schools and teachers. Schools that are failing our kids ? Bull sh*t.

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    1. Carl, you do make some valid points. Today’s world is much different than it was way back in MY “Good Old Days.”
      Even so, literacy is certainly desirable, if not necessary. We need MORE ACTIVE school boards and law enforcement, not LESS ACTIVE ones!

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