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Cop Shares Racist Meme About Michelle Obama; Now That Cop Is Having A VERY Bad Day (IMAGES)

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After the election of Donald Trump many folks seem to see it as a permission slip to be as racist and vile as possible. However, here’s the thing, you’re still going to get called out as racist and vile. And one Alabama police officer just found this out the hard way.

According to the Washington Post:

“Talladega Police Officer Joel Husk was terminated Wednesday for violating the department’s social media and code of conduct policies, City Manager Patrick Bryant said.”

What did he do? So glad you asked:

“Husk had posted several memes on his Facebook page, including one showing Obama and Melania Trump. “Fluent in Slovenian, English, French, Serbian, and German,” it said over Trump’s photo. Over Obama’s, it read: “Fluent in Ghetto.””

Not only that, he posted several extraordinarily racist memes:

via Washington Post

via Washington Post

According to the City Manager, the statements were “deemed to be biased or racially insensitive or derogatory” and because of that, they “have to take action to correct it.”

If you’re going to be a police officer and serve all the public, you can’t assume black people standing up for their rights are equivalent to the KKK. That’s about the most horrific equivalence imaginable.

Also, according to WaPo:

“Husk, 37, who had been with the department for about two and a half years, had also shared a meme showing President Obama with the words: “Was Dallas a terrorist attack? Yes! Carried out by Obama’s own homegrown terrorist group!””

Which is a blatant lie and anyone who were to feel that way belongs nowhere near law enforcement. The city took the proper action letting this racist cop go, and hopefully it will be an example to police departments all over the country that this sort of behavior simply cannot be tolerated.

Trump’s election must not be allowed to serve as a permission slip to bigots everywhere that it’s fine to be as awful as possible, because here in the land of the free and the home of the brave, everyone is protected. Everyone, regardless of color, class, gender, sexual orientation, or creed.

By Sarah

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