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‘You’re gonna do everything, right?’: Alec Baldwin returns to SNL as terrified Trump handing reins to Mike Pence

Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump (Screen capture)

Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump (Screen capture)


Alec Baldwin returned to Saturday Night Live as Donald Trump with Kate McKinnon playing a slightly shell-shocked version of campaign manager Kellyanne Conway.

The sketch featured Trump frantically trying to come to terms with the demands of the job.

“Google…what is ISIS?” he says after a meeting with the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. “Oh, my 59 million results.”

“Big beautiful boobs and buildings,” he repeated as a mantra. “Big beautiful boobs and buildings…Kellyanne, what do you need?”

“A time machine,” Conway replied before introducing a visitor from West Virginia who reminded Trump that he promised to bring back every single coal mining job in the state.

Finally, Mike Pence arrived.

“I love you, Mike,” Trump said. “You’re the reason I’m never going to get impeached.”

The two exchanged pleasantries before Trump nervously asked, “You’re gonna do everything, right?”

Watch the video, embedded below:


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