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Friends who may have political differences than you…

My note to a dear reader of this blog who may be a bit weary of all the Trump coverage:

:::he basically asks if he needs to take another vacation::::

My answer:

No, XXXXX,  not necessarily but that question is up to you.  
It may be my obsession with what’s going on with the “President-elect”.  
His cabinet choices, his laissez faire attitude about who gets hurt when he begins to govern…and so much more.  I’ve never lived in scarier times.  Perhaps if you need to take a vacation from TFC, it would be understandable.
For liberals, foreigners, minorities…these are scary times XXXXX.  You are not a part of any of those listed – (although I’m sure I left out a few…).  So you are safe from the coming onslaught of “virtual torture” via Trump surrogates around the country, Trump legislation and Trump surrogates within the government. 
People like me, my family,  my gay friends, my hispanic and Middle-eastern friends are all targets of an upcoming SEVERE white supremacist backlash.
My mom and aunt spoke of these types of politics when I was very little.  I never witnessed it living in NYC (although the 60’s and 70’s had their issues, there was still the Civil Rights era to balance things out.
Again, you have nothing to fear…so whether you stay or go, you will be fine.
My suggestion though:  Take a break XXXXX, because I will not relent on my reports about this tyrant.  Sorry
Take a break from TFC, XXXXX  (I recommend it because I will not hold back my disdain for Trump, et al during his time in office.)


6 thoughts on “Friends who may have political differences than you…

  1. THANK YOU, Dr. Rex, Judith, List of X, Phil and Xena! Thank you for all those who frequent this blog whether you politically agree with me or not. My friend will be okay and I look forward to seeing him back again in the future.


  2. I thank you!! Indeed your voice is needed … I’m on ‘your list’ of targets more than once. I’m scared, weary, exhausted … mostly deflated. Don’t know how to get the wind back in my sails. Being selfish … I need your voice and I’m sure many others do. ! And I thank you truly for all your efforts … this isn’t normal! Can’t be normalized! He’s not deserving of that office! 😡

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