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Elizabeth Warren Eviscerates Trump’s Crooked, Racist Transition Team


Elizabeth Warren | attribution: none


Warren slams Trump’s decision to surround himself with the “kind of people he ran against”

Elizabeth Warren laid bare Trump’s hypocrisy and bigotry on Tuesday, slamming him for not only installing Steve Bannon as his new Chief Strategist, but also for having far too many lobbyists on his transition team.

While speaking at The Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council event, Warren pointed out that the political climate that allowed Trump to win also demands that he keep corporate executives out of Washington.

“I think that the clearest point that comes out of this election is that the American people do not want Wall Street to run their government,” she said. “They do not want corporate executives to be the ones who are calling the shots in Washington”

“What Donald Trump is doing is that he’s putting together a transition team that’s full of lobbyists — the kind of people he actually ran against.”

During his campaign, Donald Trump set up vivid verbal images like, “Draining the Swamp,” to instill in his voters the message that he would get the corruption and career politicians out of Washington. He promised bans on executive branch politicians becoming lobbyists and intimated that his opponent, Hillary Clinton was a Wall Street politician. He even went so far as to suggest that global elites (a well-worn anti-Semitic trope) were rigging the election for her.

Yet, the Wall Street Journal reports that Trump’s team includes:

A half-dozen prominent Washington lobbyists are involved in the transition team, including consultants who represent energy companies and agriculture interests. Other business leaders have been mentioned for prominent posts, including Wall Street executive Anthony Scaramucci, tech entrepreneur Peter Thiel and former Goldman Sachs banker Steve Mnuchin.

Warren also called out Trump’s decision to put a white nationalist on his staff. She made it clear that the kind of man Steve Bannon is makes it look like a Trump White House will “embrace bigotry.” Bigotry that, she reminded the corporate professionals she was speaking to, would “cause a real problem” in the long run.

“I just want to underline something that every one of you know: bigotry is bad for business. Bigotry is not what your employees expect. Bigotry is not what your customers expect,” she said. “And if that’s the direction that this administration goes, that creates a real problem for everyone.”

That very real problem isn’t the only one shaping up with this administration. Trump has shown that he doesn’t care about his promises to end corruption. In fact, because of what he is doing now, we expect not just corruption, but historic corruption with a healthy dose of legislated bigotry as well.

Elizabeth Warren, one of the most liberal politicians in the country, is now appealing to the greed of Corporate America because Trump is going to hurt their bottom line. These are strange times indeed.

One thought on “Elizabeth Warren Eviscerates Trump’s Crooked, Racist Transition Team

  1. The Media, some of which, are banned FROM his spokesperso’s updates…. ”control of the message”..JUST THE BEGINNING….. why didnt they, the Media, see this coming?…one of the few things he PROMISED, that Bannon, will make sure he carries out.. STOP THE FREE ‘rigged’ PRESS….at the last min the Media decreased the wall to wall, review of his rallies, his surrogates LYING almost as well, as he does, before the public, daily, on networks that NEVER CONFRONTED their lies, just let them be absorbed …….HIS supporters, who I doubt, ever read his RNC Platform, should have been blasted with his 11 TRILLION TAX increase, in 10 yrs…. his view on PRIVATIZATION SOC SEC, the little grey hairs, waving their trump/pence signs, believing, hoping, IN the WORLD CLASS LIAR, are now getting the headlines, FROM different sources, of his INTENT……and its not for their well being….REMOVING safety nets, was never appealing to the citizens, but apparently, in the message of trump & team…. it sounded promising… acceptable…or blinded by the ”CHANGE” he promised, while at the same time, surroundng himself with the VERY PEOPLE, he was DEMEANING & TARNISHING, as the ‘others’.. HE sold his soul a long time ago….and America is his Reward..””PRAY FOR OUR COUNTRY””


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