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I just can’t stay quiet about this mess!

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Thank you Kellyanne Conway.  You have really pissed  me off enough to come back to my blog and use every bit of my right as a United States citizen to bring you and your ilk within the Trump “administration” to task on your threats of lawsuits or worse(?) if one continuously speaks out about Trump’s distasteful choices while formulating his cabinet.  Or perhaps his inexcusable silence about the horrible bullying tactics that his supporters have perpetrated around the country toward immigrants, Blacks, women and gay and lesbian communities.

I never liked Conway once I saw her pattern of shutting people down who dare to question her about Trump’s policies, court cases and lawsuits, among other things.  

Apparently she’s taking her prospective job as head of Trump’s ministry of propaganda (my words) to heart.

Anxious to see how this entire Trump “cabinet” formulates and then tries its best not to look as totalitarian as it most likely will be.

Well TFC readers it didn’t take long for me to cease with the “hopelessness and despair” over a Trump win.

I will welcome any and all comments or reactions to my posts (without threatening to sue you if you don’t agree with me.) 

Wednesday’s blog will be published at the usual time.


19 thoughts on “I just can’t stay quiet about this mess!

  1. I’m with you, KStreet! My new moto is FU2016 with an upside down flying flag. I am trying to design a t-shirt with that image so people don’t forget. These reprehensible buffoons must be challenged at every turn to counter the lies, fear and bigotry of which they only seem to be aware. Viva La Résistance!


  2. Dear Sheila. Thank you for being another voice v the DT’S surrogates pushing for some KUMBAYA time. We can’t afford this luxury. Donald Trump may not be ideology bound but those surrounding him are. Let’s start with Steve Bannon, former chairman, of Breitbart, an Alt-right news outlet which traffics in hate rhetoric and White nationalism.

    Are we going to be gas-lighted into denying our own truth, as in there is no such phenomenon as climate change, despite all the science countering otherwise? And that assigning Myron Ebell, the climate denier in chief, as head of the EPA means nothing? Or are we going to face up to reality by rising up in overwhelming numbers and solidarity to counter any actions by Donald Trump’s administration which is not consistent with making life better for the peoples, DT claims to champion.

    Hugs, Gronda


  3. I am by no means a Trump fan, I voted Green Party US for Stein/Baraka byt my issue with all those who are so hell bent against a Trump Presidency is simple: ALL you who hate Trump in the White House but wanted a Clinton Presidency instead, are full of shit. Hillary Clinton is a racist, evil, murderous, BITCH, who is responsible for Mass Incarceration of People Of Color, per the 1994 Crime Bill she and her husband, then POTUS William “Rapists” Jefferson Clinton shoved thru Congress. Clinton is responsible, along with her hubby, for establishing the Private Prison Industrial Complex, via same said Crime Bill of 1994, which funded the Private Prison Business by allocating $12.3 BILLION for construction, staffing of said Private Prison Business.

    Next we have Hillary’s actions as Secretary Of State, where she personally started numerous wars as a representative of Barack Hussein Obama, and his private drone wars. Hillary is directly responsible for millions of causalities in foreign lands. Next is her remarks that ALL Negro children, aka Tamir Rice, are “super predators.”

    Lastly, there is absolutely no difference in a Donald Trump Presidency from a Hillary Clinton Presidency, NONE whatsoever. Both are racists evil humans in the pockets of Big Oil, Big Banks and Corporations who wish to make America a place for the wealthy elitist who get all the tax breaks they desire. BOTH are the same side of the exact same coin.

    So why are citizens u in arms over Donald Trump in The White House….really it’s just sour grapes he beat the shit out of Hillary’s worthless ass….AND her husband.


    1. Mr. Militant Negro…politics is a passionate “sport”. We all have our preferences and as a citizen of these “United States” (now there’s an oxymoron for sure) we ARE indeed allowed to make our choice. It’s called a “democracy”. I understand your passion and your choice, fine. But to actually put others down because they don’t think like you is just wrong. Hillary Clinton didn’t win so your tirade is an effort in futility. I can’t think about what coulda, shoulda, woulda been had she or Bernie won. My soul focus is on exposing Trump for the slime that he is. Once again, your passion has been seen by whomever it was intended to on this blog. But everything you say is a moot issue right now. Neither Hillary nor Bill is running and for all intent and purposes, their careers are dead. My soul focus is exposing Trump. THE CLINTONS HAVE NO POLITICAL POWER. YELLING OVER SPILLED MILK DOES NOTHING TO RECTIFY THE ISSUES WE FACE TODAY AND TOMORROW with a TRUMP presidency.

      Your passion is duly noted. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m focusing on bigger fish at the moment.

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      1. My “Tirade” was not about coulda, woudla, shoulda, but instead about facts. I never comment on your blog but since you solicited responses, thats what I did. As I told Ms. Gronda, I’m never interested in opinions, feelings or emotional responses such as passion.

        Trump id an asswipe but my point was and still is, so are the Clintons, whom you appear to adore. As a Citizen of the USA as well as other nations, I deal in facts, as I stated, and not emotions. Have no fear, I shall not be leaving comments on The Fifth Column again. Namaste.


    2. Oh and for the record, Mr. Militant Negro, actually Hillary kicked Trump’s ass with the POPULAR VOTE. The electoral college system is what made Trump the winner. I’m done with this conversation. I’m not an exhibitionist on social media. I write a blog, sometimes I get tired of the bull crap in politics and just want to give up but it appears that won’t be happening any time soon. Instead of me going on someone else’s blog and having a hissy fit over “spilled milk” and ex politicians, I GET ON MY OWN BLOG AND RANT TO MY HEART’S CONTENT.. Please use better judgment when getting on your soap box on someone else’s blog. I truly believe that the best place for your foul-mouthed tirade was on your own blog. I respect everyone who visits this blog but when I am disrespected via a post on my blog then I must say that you are not welcomed to “rag my blog” like that so please use some restraint. Oh and your misogynistic rant is very offensive as well. Suffice it to say I will not be upset if you decide not to visit this blog again because the insults and disrespect to women was actually FUCKED UP!

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      1. Dear Sheila, To say, I was disrespected on this blog would be an understatement. I feel saddened that anyone would feel comfortable in treating anyone with this level of crudeness and vulgarity. Please don’t deIete it as JB’s words says it all. I will not apologize for putting in my two cents in this debate. Truly saddened, Gronda


    3. Dear Jueseppi,

      You and I have had our differences in the past which I have kept private. I finally came to terms that what you write on your own blog is your right to “free speech” and that I simply can skip blogs that I strongly don’t agree with and that it is not my job to be critical on your blog.

      This time you have gone too far! I am in shock and I cannot support you in this tirade on someone else’s blog. Please man up on this one, Gronda


      1. I never need nor ask for yours or anyone else’s support, Ms. Gronda, on my blog or anywhere else. The Fifth Column, Ms. Kstreet, asked for replies to her post, and since this is NOT your blog, you can kiss my Negro ass. How’s that for a tirade?

        Matter of point of interest to you and other dumbasses like you, Ms. Gronda, point to one thing in my “Tirade” that is not a fact or a truth. The problem with dumbasses such as yourself, Ms. Gronda, is you operate on emotions and opinions, my “tirade” was fact based. Have a nice day, Ms. Gronda.


    1. You’ll get there Dr. Rex. Somewhere in those 5 stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance/) for some, the anger overpowers the other elements. Let’s just say I’m there now, Dr. Rex.

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