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I just can’t stay quiet about this mess!

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Thank you Kellyanne Conway.  You have really pissed  me off enough to come back to my blog and use every bit of my right as a United States citizen to bring you and your ilk within the Trump “administration” to task on your threats of lawsuits or worse(?) if one continuously speaks out about Trump’s distasteful choices while formulating his cabinet.  Or perhaps his inexcusable silence about the horrible bullying tactics that his supporters have perpetrated around the country toward immigrants, Blacks, women and gay and lesbian communities.

I never liked Conway once I saw her pattern of shutting people down who dare to question her about Trump’s policies, court cases and lawsuits, among other things.  

Apparently she’s taking her prospective job as head of Trump’s ministry of propaganda (my words) to heart.

Anxious to see how this entire Trump “cabinet” formulates and then tries its best not to look as totalitarian as it most likely will be.

Well TFC readers it didn’t take long for me to cease with the “hopelessness and despair” over a Trump win.

I will welcome any and all comments or reactions to my posts (without threatening to sue you if you don’t agree with me.) 

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