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TFC Friends…

I’m suspending my normal Sunday thru Saturday news reporting until further notice…ks

Here are a few links…

Donald Trump has the power to rip Barack Obama’s legacy out by its roots

Reports: Clinton Tells Donors Comey Letter Contributed To Her Loss

‘CUCKS CUCKS CUCKS!’: Silicon Valley Star Describes Being Harassed By Trump Voters at Bar

‘Whitelash Against a Black President’: Van Jones Blows Up Over Election Results

Trump team rivalries spark infighting

7 thoughts on “TFC Friends…

      1. I haven’t been able to blog in my usual style or pace. I’m numb. I wake up every morning from a nightmare, hoping it’ll be gone … it’s always there. The news that come out for the day don’t make it any better. That ‘smug face’ …. tells all. All of them have ‘smug faces’!! Arrgghhh … I’m in pain!

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