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A Running List Of Reported Racist Incidents After Donald Trump’s Victory


A “Make America White Again” sign with a swastika was graffitied on a softball dugout wall in a park in Wellsville, New York.


Wellsville Village Police Chief Tim O’Grady told the Wellsville Daily that no one had filed a complaint about the graffiti, which was spotted on Nov. 9. He said the wall was on a privately owned field. “Unless somebody makes a complaint, we don’t have any cause for action,” O’Grady said. “It’s vandalism, we’ll look into it.”

Sixty-seven percent of votes in Allegany County, where Wellsville is located, went to Trump–Pence.


A black baby doll was hung in an elevator in Canisius College in New York on the night of Nov. 8.



The Tuesday-night incident prompted Canisius President John Hurley to send a campus wide letter strongly condemning the act, which he called “extremely troubling on several levels,” the Buffalo News reported.

He said the incident was being investigated and the perpetrators of “this despicable act” would be held responsible.



It wasn’t clear whether the woman was attacked because of her hijab, and the university said the case was under investigation.

“We are of course very concerned that this has occurred on our campus,” a spokeswoman told the Mercury News. “No one should experience this kind of behavior at San Jose State.”

Doaa Abdelrahman, the president of the Muslim Student Association at San Jose State, told the Mercury News that she knew the victim and believed the attack was related to Trump’s campaign on election night.

“I’ve experienced racism for my religion since age 9,” Abdelrahman said. “I think Trump is the cause of a lot of segregation and division between people.”


“Trump” was scrawled on the door of a Muslim prayer room at New York University on Nov. 9.

This morning at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering, Muslim students found “Trump” scrawled on the door of their prayer room, realizing that our campus is not immune to the bigotry that grips America.

We awoke on November 9th to a chilling wakeup call. And as we open our eyes and start to move and organize in the face of these new realities, we ask for your support.

If you would like to join us in, in power and in ally-ship, please fill out this google form: https://goo.gl

The incident at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering was reported by the NYU Muslim Students Association (MSA).

The day after Trump was elected president, a Muslim student making his way to the prayer room found “Trump” scribbled across the front of prayer space door, Afraz Khan, the president of NYU MSA, told BuzzFeed News.

“Our campus is not immune to the bigotry that grips America,” the MSA said in a Facebook post.

The incident was reported to university officials, whom Khan said were doing a “wonderful job in supporting us.”

In the wake of the vandalism, the MSA organized a rally and called on fellow students “to show support that fear and intimidation have no place on our campus.”

Within 24 hours, more than 1,000 people signed up as supporters “to denounce this hate,” Khan said.

“Nothing like this has happened before at NYU and we pray this is the first and last incident,” he said.



One thought on “A Running List Of Reported Racist Incidents After Donald Trump’s Victory

  1. It is all so heart breaking and repugnant. I think Hillary has some responsibility for hammering Trump with the racist accusations as a collect the minority vote ploy and calling birth certificate ? racist but Trump brought most of it on himself with inane and disrespectful remarks and mimicking the disabled guy was the ultimate display of crudeness.


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