3 thoughts on “The Terrorists Have Won: Donald Trump is the New President | The Closer with Keith Olbermann | GQ

  1. Like everyone who voted for Mrs. Clinton, I am appalled, saddened and openly grieving for America. Yesterday I hung my flag upside down as a sign of protest to the abomination that won the electoral college but not the popular vote. We must stay focused and hold ALL elected officials to the agenda that America should follow and set for the rest of the world. To do less diminishes Hilary’s efforts.


  2. Hey Sheila….not up to even reading today, but sending a hug…took the day off (pre-planned), knowing I would be up late. I’m sort of numb, but what can you do? Do the best for the most people out there you can and accept reality. Not very proud right now…not proud at all, honestly, but I’m grateful to know you…and I’m sort of going around and hugging my net friends today. With Love, Ruthie

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