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America Elected A Man Who Said ‘Grab Them By The P***y’ Over The First Female President

FRED PROUSER/REUTERS | Donald Trump won.


It really happened.

Donald Trump openly bragged about using his celebrity status to sexually assault women. And multiple women accused him of actually doing so.

He said he was in favor of banning people from entering the United States based on their religion.

He believes that women he finds physically unattractive or overweight are lesser people.

He thinks that many Mexican immigrants are rapists.

He mocked people with disabilities.

He encouraged violence against protesters at his political rallies.

For years, he was the most notable person pushing the conspiracy theory that the first black president was illegitimate because he was supposedly not born in the United States.

And now, he will be America’s 45th president ― a position of power and prestige, meant to be the role model for children all over the country and offer the best of the best to the rest of the world.

Democrats and the Republicans who couldn’t stomach the idea of Trump were not prepared for this outcome. Even as the polls tightened, Democrats were confident in public and private that they had this. There was no way Trump was going to get elected.

Trump’s win also means that America lost a chance to make history by electing the first female president. Hillary Clinton has been in the public eye as a Hill staffer, an activist, a first lady, a U.S. senator and secretary of state. She’s been on the cover of Time magazine 30 times and has been named America’s most-admired woman a record 20 times in Gallup polls.

As it became clearer that Clinton wasn’t going to win, some of her supporters began crying and leaving what was supposed to be a victory party at the Javits Center in New York City.

“I brought my 12-year-old daughter here to witness history,” Sarah Alexander said, walking out of the Javits Center looking stunned. Her daughter Natalie was in tears. They came up to New York from Washington, where Alexander had been working on the Clinton campaign for the past 14 months.

“We’re in total shock. … Everything he stands for is something I disagree with,” Alexander said, as her daughter listened with sad wet eyes.

There was a similar scene at a nearby block party for Clinton supporters, with a steady stream of people leaving the bars, holding hands, with tears in their eyes and American flags in their pockets. Many of them said they were too distraught to give their thoughts on what was happening.

“I don’t understand what [Clinton] projects that people find so hateful,” said Benjamin Morse, 45, as he teared up.

Over the years, Clinton has, in many ways, been the case study for sexism in politics and a reflection of the changing role of women in modern society. She has faced intense scrutiny over what kind of a woman she is: her hairstyles, her clothes, her lifestyle choices, the sound of her voice, whether she’s likable enough.

Her candidacy became a rallying cry for many women, both Democratic and Republican, who had faced their own glass ceilings.

For her supporters, she’s always had to work harder and live up to standards that her male counterparts didn’t. And so it was particularly infuriating for them that she went down against a man who had made so many sexist comments over the years and that so much of the campaign focused on these issues.

But as a presidential candidate, she failed to excite many voters who said they just didn’t quite trust her.

Trump is now the face of the GOP, whether establishment Republicans like it or not. Many Republican lawmakers didn’t want to get too close to him, but most of them stuck by their endorsement of him nevertheless. That stance alienated many Republican women, who said they spent years defending their party against Democrats’ accusations of a “war against women” only to see those accusations come true.

Trump broke every rule in the book: He didn’t release his tax returns, he lied all the time, he suggested he would jail his opponent and he encouraged a foreign country to interfere in the election process.

Because he won, more candidates will now be willing to break these rules as well. And they may come to the conclusion that alienating large swaths of the population works just fine.

“The reason I’m so upset because I’m aware of the implications of a presidency like this to people like us who are minorities,” said Moani, 25, who was also at the Clinton block party and started to cry while speaking. “We thought we were on the rise with Obama but now we’re just being pushed eight years back. It’s hard to see.”

Emma Gray, Emily Peck and Alanna Vagianos contributed reporting from New York.

11 thoughts on “America Elected A Man Who Said ‘Grab Them By The P***y’ Over The First Female President

  1. Oh , I am not insulted at all and appreciate your very thorough comment. Yes it is true that perhaps ugly factions of Islam do not represent Islam just as ugly factions that claim to be Christians do not represent Christianity. Yes, of course one would not use WIKI or any encyclopedia as a source in an academic paper but I have found to read such first on a topic helps me see some basics from which to proceed to real research. I don’t feel you were rude. We can all get passionate about these issues. What is your opinion on this : Trump said he loves the uneducated but I don’t think that meant stupid ignorant people. The high school grad blue collar families were characterized by the pundits, pollsters and Hillary as the uneducated and perhaps Trump meant he loved this disrespected class of people that feel left out of the current American milieu. Just because they did not have the opportunity to go to college does not mean they are stupid and perhaps Trump embraced them for this reason.


  2. @Josephurban, thank you! There is a lot of hate towards other religions and cultures in the US and the world and the Nazi party is getting stronger poisoning people’s minds. But they will never win as long as people like you exists.

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  3. I might not say this had the election not been so close (well, sort of).
    Hillary gave the election to Trump when she called half of his supporters “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic and deplorable.”
    You don’t need a doctorate degree in psychology to understand that calling people undesirable names alienates them.
    Maybe Hillary’s mother never said to her, “You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.”

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  4. I am not ashamed to admit I do not know very much about Islam. However, just a statement from Wiki(which is no theological wonder compared to primary source study):
    “As a universal religion, Islam envisages a global political order in which all humankind will live under Muslim rule as either believers or subject communities. In order to achieve this goal it is incumbent on all free, male, adult Muslims to carry out an uncompromising struggle “in the path of Allah”, or jihad. This in turn makes those parts of the world that have not yet been conquered by the House of Islam an abode of permanent conflict (Dar al-Harb, the “house of war”) which will only end with Islam’s eventual triumph.”

    This a standard quick paragraph provided by many sources and text books. The terrorist want to make the Middle East countries a caliphate now and expand eliminating all national borders and are not ashamed of terror and war to accomplish that against their own people but that may not be true Islam’s way but the above paragraph does sum it up for Islam in general. All Islam wants the one world caliphate and all non believers are agents of Satan. There are over 100 verses in the Koran that say it is OK to lie to infidel, rob and cheat infidel. Some say make and keep a treaty with infidel and break it when it suits one’s needs, that it is OK to murder an infidel and some say murder infidel is obligation of faith. What don’t people get about that ?

    “Simply mouthing what Fox or Breitbert tells you.”

    No J, I am much smarter than that and never heard of Breitbert I have: ( BA history major, education minor, BA Religious Studies, Am and BR lit minor, MA religious studies, MA Certified Holistic Addiction Professional and 33 years public school teacher. Now that does not make my opinions any better than yours or more qualified and most certainly you know much more than me on many things as evidenced in your blog posts but I ain’t stupid or uneducated and no fan of Trump’s antics either.


    1. I apologize for my comments about your intelligence. They were uncalled for. However, if you have an MA Religious Studies I do not see how you could have not studied Islam in some depth.
      I have a BA and MA in Anthropology and like yourself taught high school for 33 years. Social Studies , including African-Asian Studies, Government, World History and many other courses in that general subject area. As college student , long ago, I took two courses on Islam and Islamic beliefs and history, and graduate courses on the role of Islam in Iran and the rising Islamic fundamentalism in the Middle East. That does not make me an expert, but probably has given me a deeper understanding of Islam than most people.
      (I would never allow my high school students to use Wiki as a “source” , for obvious reasons.)
      The passage you quote is not from the Qu’ran. It is from a book by Ephraim Karsh. It is HIS interpretation of one line taken out of context from the Hadith, not the Qu’ran. It involves the concept of Jihad, which refers to “fighting” the infidels. And it refers to one school of thought. Just as Christians and Buddhists spread their religious views to “non-believers”, so have Muslims. All three groups have done so by peaceful means and by the sword. So, to single out Islam in that regard is not being objective.
      This is not to minimize the threat of a few thousand terrorists who use Islam as an excuse for their own desire for political power. ISIS is real. But the suggestion that the 1.3 billion Muslims on earth follow this ideology is not born out by experience. In fact, most of the violence of the terrorists in the name of Islam has been perpetrated on other Muslims.
      It is very easy to use make (wrong) generalizations about Christianity. The genocide of the Native Americans was aided and abetted by European priests and ministers. The Inquisition was a unique Christian series of events. The burning of witches in Salem comes to mind. There is the Protestant “religious foundation” movement called the Ku Klux Klan which raped, burned and hanged blacks, Catholics and immigrants right here in the USA. And even in modern times the “Army of God” has attacked and killed doctors in the USA. All in the name of Christian teachings.
      To suggest that these ideas or groups represent Christianity in its entirety would be wrong. But they DO represent elements of Christianity, as interpreted by terrorists. The same is true of Islam. There are terrorists who choose to “pick and choose” specific elements of the Qu’ran and Hadith for their own vile purposes. But they represent a fraction of Muslims, not even close to a majority.
      Again, I apologize for the previous insults. Trump has that effect on me but that is no excuse for rudeness.

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  5. “He said he was in favor of banning people from entering the United States based on their religion.”

    Huh ? Islam a religion? The end game of Islam is to establish a one world Islamic caliphate. All other people, religions, nations, and cultures will ultimately be exterminated to bring about that goal. Not about freedom of religion. This is not a religion of God. It is an elitist theocratic fascist militarism . What is a moderate Muslim ? One that says we’ll kill only one million Jews and Christians as opposed to the radicals that will kill all of them? Of course I cannot approve any of Trumps disparaging remarks about people.

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    1. I think your statement about Isalm shows why Trump won. His people know nothing. You obviously know nothing about Islam. Simply mouthing what Fox or Breitbert tells you. No point in even trying to educate some folks. Can’t be bothered with facts. Trump’s entire campaign was based on lies and deception. He was never able to articulate a single coherent issue or plan . He didn’t have to. He knew his constituency. Sad, really.
      But, as Trump said: I LOVE the uneducated.
      And they gave him the most powerful position on earth.

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