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CNN Panel On Melania’s Cyberbullying Stance: ‘Talk To Your Husband’ (VIDEO)

CNN Panel On Melania’s Cyberbullying Stance: ‘Talk To Your Husband’ (VIDEO)

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The wife of a cyberbully spoke today about what she would take on as First Lady if her husband is elected. Melania Trump wants to take on Internet bullies because “our culture has gotten too mean and too rough,” she said. “We must treat each other with respect and kindness, even when we disagree,” she added.

It was as if Mrs. Trump has never seen Mr. Trump’s Twitter timeline or heard his disparaging remarks about women, Mexicans, Muslims, blacks, people with disabilities and prisoners of war.

On Twitter, the racist Alt-Right movement which backs Trump has coordinated to bully people off of the social site. Anyone who is active on that site, especially females, knows this is true.

A CNN panel reacted to Melania’s big speech today in disbelief. The irony in Mrs. Trump’s speech was as thick as her husband’s head.

Brooke Baldwin noted that Donald Trump has attacked a lot of people and just not on Twitter. He has disparaged Heidi Cruz’s appearance.

Dana Bash said, “Actually hearing the words out of her mouth, all I kept thinking was ‘Have you met Donald Trump?’”

“Maybe you should talk to your husband,” Bash said, “about the example that he has set on this issue.”


We remember when Donald mocked a reporter’s physical disability. When he mocked Sen. John McCain for being a prisoner of war while in captivity for 5½ years in North Vietnam. McCain’s captors slammed a rifle butt into his right shoulder and after being moved to a camp, he was tortured.

By the way, Donald Trump received multiple deferments to avoid the Vietnam War. As a bit of irony, McCain supports Trump’s bid for the White House. It’s almost as if he’s in captivity again.

So does Ted Cruz, who lost his spine and conscience recently. After insulting Ted Cruz’s wife, the Texas Senator also joined Team Trump.

Hey guys, we know you’ve “met Donald Trump.” And so has Melania. What we’re saying here is that Melania is so full of shit, we’re going to have to put a toilet flush on her jaw.

Conover Kennard

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