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CNN Panel Laughs When Trump Backer Says No Evidence To Call Him Racist (VIDEO)

CNN Screen capture


A CNN panel failed to maintain composure on Friday when Donald Trump supporter Gina Loudon insisted there was no evidence to back up claims that the Republican nominee has engaged in racist and misogynistic behavior.

“Words matter,” panelist Symone Sanders told Loudon during a discussion on CNN Tonight. “Donald Trump is running for president of the United States, okay? So, his words are extremely important because as president, your words — I mean we can talk about the fact he’s discriminated against African-Americans, Latinos in this country, Muslims –”

“He has when?” Loudon asked.

CNN analyst Bakari Sellers launched into a summary of Trump’s past treatment of black Americans, citing the housing discrimination lawsuits his family was forced to settle for refusing to rent to black tenants and the full-page New York Times Trump took out calling for the wrongfully incarcerated Central Park Five to be executed.

“Donald Trump had nothing do with that!” Loudon said.

“Wait, wait wait,” host Don Lemon cut in. “You said Donald Trump had nothing do for taking out ads on the Central Park Five?”

“Donald Trump himself,” she answered. “It was not Donald Trump himself.”

Lemon later showed Loudon a photograph of the ad, which bore Trump’s signature.

Things really dissolved when Sellers asked Loudon to name senior black staffers advising Trump’s campaign.

“You named Katrina Pierson. I bet you can’t name two,” he challenged.

“I could go on all day,” Loudon replied. “Omorosa. I mean I could go on all day. I’m not going to play into your little tester—”

Lemon and the rest of the four-person panel burst into laughter, and apparently some CNN staffers did as well.

“Stop. Stop it y’all. People in the studio are even laughing,” Lemon said.


Watch the clip below:

5 thoughts on “CNN Panel Laughs When Trump Backer Says No Evidence To Call Him Racist (VIDEO)

  1. Why does Trump and his camp continuously misrepresent the case involving Hillary’s legal representation of the man charged with rape? She didn’t “get him off. ” He plead guilty!!!


    1. Media outlets and the Trump surrogates are making use of the illusory truth effect. People will mistake repetition for truth, and politicians, media, and companies have utilized this to sway public opinion and even change behavior.

      Though this panelist is also attempting to pivot conversation away from Trump and onto a topic the other panelists will try to defend. Given segment times, this makes it difficult to return to the original topic which has proven to be a successful derailment strategy. Burdon of proof is another strategy surrogates employ to prevent the opposition from using given information to drive home a salient argument.

      Loudon comes off as foolish, but I saw a skillful execution of her duties. Conversation was derailed and stalled; the audience no longer has the opportunity to reflect on how Trump’s behavior would reflect on the office of the President.


  2. Reblogged this on Art by Rob Goldstein and commented:
    Excellent post and the video is intense.

    When the Trump surrogate can no longer squirm out of the truth she repeats the lie that Hillary Clinton laughed about freeing a child rapist.

    The video is at the bottom of the page.

    After you watch the video go to snopes.com. where the lie the Trump surrogate tells is debunked.



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