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“F**k it, I’m out”: Josh Barro quits GOP, joins Democrats


Josh Barro is facing left these days.


Josh Barro is a columnist and political analyst for the New York Times (in particular The Upshot, their political commentary venture) and Bloomberg’s Business Insider magazine where he is currently Senior Editor. He is also a Mitt Romney Republican (i.e., not from the crazy wing).

Today he has finally had it with the party he was born into.


And no, it wasn’t Trump who led him there, at least not directly. It was the GOP’s craven, spineless reaction to Trump that drove him over the edge.  In particular he calls out Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Paul Ryan for “taking an action that risks the destruction of the American republic to advance their personal interests.”

I can only conclude from the available evidence that they love their careers more than they love America. And they are why I quit the Republican Party this week.

But why join the Dems instead of becoming an independent, his editor wanted to know?

I did that because I believe political parties are key vehicles for policy-making, and choosing not to join one is choosing to give up influence.

Go read. It’s worth your time.

Keith Pickering

2 thoughts on ““F**k it, I’m out”: Josh Barro quits GOP, joins Democrats

  1. What I don’t understand is why he quit the NYTimes. For “crying out loud”, they endorsed Hillary & have given her preferential treatment the entire campaign! I think Barro is “blowing in the wind”.


  2. I can empathize with Josh Barro. I was a Republican until about halfway thru Richard Nixon’s second term.
    I quit the Party before Nixon quit the Presidency!


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