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Republicans Say Trump MUST Stop Pushing This Conspiracy Theory Or People Will Get Hurt

Republicans Say Trump MUST Stop Pushing This Conspiracy Theory Or People Will Get Hurt

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The Republican civil war is heating up as members of the party have begun an all-out campaign to stop their own presidential nominee from causing harm to the country. That (probably futile) battle is taking shape as Republicans are now asking Trump to stop claiming that the election is “rigged.”

“Somebody claiming in the election, ‘I was defrauded’, that isn’t going to cut it,” said former Sen. Kit Bond, a Missouri Republican who earlier in the campaign had endorsed Jeb Bush and then Marco Rubio. “They’re going to have to say how, where, why, when.”

“I don’t think leading candidates for the presidency should undercut the process unless you have a really good reason,” Sen. Lindsey Graham, the South Carolina Republican who gained little support for his own 2016 White House run, told POLITICO.

Like the Trump campaign itself, this is another case of Republicans now being forced to reap what they have sown. For years they have pushed the idea that voter fraud is rampant, when in reality it is almost nonexistent.

Now Trump is using those fears – especially of black voters in urban areas – to scare his supporters and set up a reason to wail and cry if he loses the election.

In fact, the current polling indicates that Hillary Clinton is favored to win, and in all the swing states key to an election victory she has a far bigger and better funded operation to get out the vote. Trump has tried to create a national political operation on the cheap, preferring to spend money on his own companies rather than invest in a “ground game.”

As a result, Trump is heavily relying on state parties, who tend to prioritize House and Senate races over the presidential contest, and do not have the kind of money on hand to properly equip a presidential campaign.

Author: Oliver Willis

One thought on “Republicans Say Trump MUST Stop Pushing This Conspiracy Theory Or People Will Get Hurt

  1. But it was rigged when bush was elected… open your eyes. It’s rigged. The DNC shafted sanders and when questioned about it, all they could say was “but the Russians hacked us”. Never mind the contents of the emails the Russians supposedly hacked. Anyone who believes we have a fair system is either severely misinformed or just a liar.


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