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Clinton On Trump Looming Over Her In Debate: ‘He Was Very Present’

ABC News Screenshot


Was Donald Trump attempting to assert his dominance by invading Hillary Clinton’s personal space on stage during the St. Louis debate Sunday?

Viewers noticed several camera shots of Clinton during the debate seemed to show Trump looming behind her.

When Clinton made herself available to reporters on her campaign plane after the debate, she was asked if she could tell that Donald Trump “was standing right behind her,” during her answer to a question about Obamacare. Clinton responded that she could, and that Trump “was very present.”

“It was a very small space,” Clinton said of Trump’s proximity. “And I tried to give him space whenever he was talking to people. I would go back and you know, lean up against my stool. But he was very present.”

Social media users seemed to notice, as well:


2 thoughts on “Clinton On Trump Looming Over Her In Debate: ‘He Was Very Present’

  1. racerrodig: Really? Anyone on the ball? Insults are always good for people who have nothing else to contribute to the conversation! I am no Trump fan and would never vote for him (seems I have written this before!). However, the “camera man is the ones who showed where Trump was standing, not Trump! Hillary is exactly right. It was a very small space. Calm down!


  2. Anyone on the ball knows he’s a bully and his posture is a dead giveaway. Standing behind Hillary is the exclamation point. What the hel was he sniffing all night ??? Did he have some substance stored in his nose ?? What was up with that ?

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