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CNN Anchor Needles Pence For Failing To Condemn Trump’s Racism

CNN Screen-capture (Video below)


CNN’s New Day Chris Cuomo quizzed Gov. Mike Pence’s debate performance and asked him why he didn’t stick to his “own truths” on many of Trump’s odious positions that he refuted in the past.

Gov. Pence didn’t answer the question and then made believe the Trump positions on his Muslim ban never happened. Pence said, “I’m not — I’m not frustrated at all about it, Chris. Donald Trump and I have been very, very clear about the issue of suspending immigration from countries that have been compromised by terrorism, or some of these other issues.”

Cuomo cut and and replied, “But governor that’s not what he said…What he’s said…”

Pence interjected, “Our position is we’re going to suspend immigration from countries compromised by terrorists.

Cuomo begged to differ. “But Governor that is a finessed position. We both know that where he started was saying there is a problem with Islam, that Muslims should be kept out of the country.

“You condemned those comments, and you did so strongly as the governor of Indiana when you were backing Ted Cruz. You said we can’t say that when he said what he said about the judge not making it about the case about his ethnicity you condemned those comments. Why do you not condemn them now,” he pressed.

Pence replied, “Well, because it’s not Donald Trump’s position now.’

Chris didn’t let him get away with that. “But what he has said about women, about Mexicans, about Muslims matters and I know that you have said you don’t share those positions. And now, tacitly, you are accepting those positions because you won’t speak out against them. You understand that?”

Pence refused to answer and replied by bringing up Hillary Clinton’s “deplorables” comment, as if that’s supposed to wash away every despicable thing Trump has said in the entire campaign.

Cuomo responded by saying, The next she said she went too far” and then he went where everybody wants to go but were afraid to go there.

Cuomo said, “And you know that very unsavory negative and hateful components have attached themselves to the [Trump] campaign.”

Pence responded by still attacking Clinton’s remarks, saying Hillary never really apologized and then moved on.

Tim Kaine may have not been as cool and level headed as Pence during their debate, but the aftermath has put Pence and the Trump campaign in a bind.

By John Amato


3 thoughts on “CNN Anchor Needles Pence For Failing To Condemn Trump’s Racism

  1. Is Chris Cuomo related to the Cuomo who helped Chris Cristie cover up his involvement in the “Bridgegate” scandal? I don’t recall him doing any “grilling of that Cuomo”?


  2. It was unnerving how he didn’t answer questions. What is he trying to hide? If you don’t like or agree with statements made by the person you’re RUNNING FOR OFFICE WITH… it behooves you to ask yourself why you’re there. It certainly cannot be for reasons of good ethics.


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