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Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

Republicans Dismayed By Disastrous Week… ‘Can This Thing Just End — Please?’… Trump’s ‘Sex Tape’ Smear Backfires… ‘It’s Hard To See How It Helps Grow Our Vote’… 3 A.M. MOMENT: The Man Who Seethes On Twitter While America Sleeps… Don Goes There: Attacks Clinton’s Marriage…Backpedals On Respecting Election Outcome: ‘We’re Going To Have To See’…


  1. Carl, I wonder if the Trunp ‘grassroots’ portion of the GOP has adequate cohesion to function as an actual party. There seems to have been so many differing ‘specific reasons’ that motivated Trump’s supporters that I can’t help but wonder if they can effectively work together….


  2. The party hacks are no longer the republican party. Who are they? Maybe 2,000 big shots and elected ?The new republican party is the 18 million that voted for Trump in the primaries and the millions that will vote for him in general,. The new republican party really is a grass roots phenomena.


    1. Carl, I can understand you enthusiasm about the “NEW” Republican party. The grass-roots nature of Trump’s campaign, (seems to some)…to be a far better exchange from the “establishments hacks” as you mentioned.

      “CHANGE” IS GOOD. Obama showed his supporters and doubters that “change” can be a positive. If it were any other candidate …other than a misogynistic, blustering, “full of himself” bufoon, I would agree with your assessment.

      It puzzles me that half the country supports his racist, mysoginistic views. Also, not to mention the types of people and groups he attracts. Perhaps not really a basket of “deplorables” but a cheeky group nonetheless. At least 50% of his supporters advocate hate, ignorance, racial superiority and a rabid desire to lead this country into (my term) an abyss. The thing is, this is a democracy and it’s allowed. However, when the person they are cheering on has more than a few unresolved skeletons in his closet and new revelations of political and finacial debauchery almost daily, all I can say is, it looks awfully bad for that candidate.

      Investigations and records also show that Trump has many dark and dirty secrets (Cuba?) that can undermine this country tremendously.

      Why does he love Putin/Russia so much. Also…doing business with Cuba during the embargo to build casinos? HUUUUGE!

      Where is Trump’s patriotism and loyalty to defend and preserve this country? from “all enemies, foreign and domestic”?

      Oh wait…he is in fact one of the “enemies” if he is truly doing business with Russia and has done business with Cuba before the embargo was lifted.


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